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This week’s video comes to you from the stage of “PLF Live Brazil” – in front of 2,500 raving fans (which was crazy – if only my 34-year-old self could have seen this when I started my business!)…

In any case, when I was on stage, I shot this video for you. It's all about learning to think bigger:

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.


When you keep moving forward, there’s no limit to what you can create in the world. (Click to tweet.)

No matter how big your thinking, you’re probably not thinking big enough. (Click to tweet.)

When you make your first sale, you realize you can do it again. (Click to tweet.)

20 years of baby steps and look where you end up… (Click to tweet.)

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20 Replies to “2,500 Raving Fans in Brazil (Craziness!)”

  1. Oh Jeff.
    Thank you thank you. It’s 5:30 am and a thunder storm has awoken me this morning and I’ve just watched you PLF Brazil clip. Last night I spent hours seting up my first video shoot so I can film my first product today. Thank you for the inspiration and the gentle encouragement to take the baby steps. It’s not easy but with your help and wisdom I plow forward. Mo

  2. People use the example of ‘compunding’ to describe the leverage of doing small things repeatedly to generate a large result – You remember when ‘Chaos Theory’ was all the rage, and the scientists working in that area referred to complexity being made up of simplicity endlessly repeated, and a Fern leaf was used, Fractal images. It is true isn’t it, if you persist and hold the faith, make small incremental steps you achieve big results. I loved seeing this Jeff, and it really does prove the point!

  3. That’s amazingly incredible! The audience created by Erico is getting bigger and bigger.

    As far as far I’m concerned, the Internet Marketing strategies and tools are becoming a reality in Brazil.

    I am prepared for something huge for my own business as well.


  4. Jeff
    Love the success. I’m on my front porch drinking coffee discourage. Wow. The feeling that I can do it is starting to re kindle in my heart. Thanks for your leadership

  5. Kris Kelbrants


    Great encouraging video, thanks. I’m only getting started, with a blog website and FB page to market my book. Publish date Nov 1. Do you have a recommendation for book cover/back cover design and publishing 101 for a beginner?

    Thanks for being so real!

  6. Congratulations Jeff! Thank you for all you do. I bought PLF in the fall of 2014 and worked hard for a year and a half developing an on line platform. I started from scratch and tomorrow I “close cart” and get my program started. People are buying and now I get to help transform lives!! Thank you Jeff, I will be forever grateful.

  7. Brilliant Jeff, it is so true we are only limited by our thinking, every day is an opportunity to take those incremental steps you are talking about. I am with you on this and my mission like yours is to help others. I love you phrase ” No matter how big you’re thinking you are probably not thinking big enough!” I have my own one which I feel fits perfectly with yours ” You are not on this planet to make up the numbers, you are here to make a difference” Keep up the amazing work Jeff!

  8. Kerryn Wayow


    As always, great message, but this one was crazy inspiring! Thanks Jeff

  9. Jeff!!! Thank you!!! I needed some inspiration today.
    So grateful for the awesome community you have created!!!

    Launch Club is stretching me in so many ways!
    What a ride!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you,
    Elaine Williams

  10. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Its a wonderful video. Great mentor Jeff thank you for sharing your book LAUNCH with me. It has helped me build massive list during the pre launch of my web design service and now I’m working on building a new list for my up coming Live Seminar on Build A website In 15 Minutes and Make SALES in 5 Steps here in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. I watch all of your videos weekly and I’ve read your book LAUNCH over 100 times since I bought it. It is my Internet Bible and I’m glad I did it… One day… I’ll travel to attend your Live Events.

  11. There is nothing but good about this video, this reality. 2,500 people in Brazil? Are they all interested in launching products and services? Trying to wrap my brain around that… Very cool, Jeff. Going to 4x my thinking this week. Thank you.

  12. Hi Jeff:

    I have seen a lot of your videos and I love them all.
    Here is the thing with me: I have made more than a couple of business plans that I have shown to people, specially to 4 of my children and their spouses. They always find that those ideas are not going to work, that all I will do is lose the little money I have or living expenses, and/or the break even on them is years away.
    I end up not starting anything. All those ideas for projects remain on paper. I feel so inadequate and so useless that it will take me 3 weeks to get my spirits and hopes high again. It is true that I have no business experience but I still think my ideas are great. I don’t know how to do a financial plan I have to say.
    I don’t know what to do, really.
    Thank you, for the encouragement from your videos.

    • David Crabill


      Your family is right… all of your paper plans won’t work. As Jeff likes quoting, “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

      I understand your predicament. Most people work day jobs and they have trouble seeing beyond their own experiences. They think that the way to make money is to get a job, which is another way of saying that the way to make money is to have someone else tell you what to do. But the truth is that you don’t need a boss to tell you how to be valuable to other people.

      It is through starting, through trying something, through launching something, that you get feedback from the world and you start to learn what will work. As Steve Blank says, business plans are just business guesses. Your job is to start talking to your potential customers and figure out what they want and would be willing to pay for. You can start talking with them and building your fanbase through publishing emails and launching small products.

      The nice thing about PLF is that you don’t have to have the business plan figured out in the beginning. You just start by giving awesome stuff away for free and then use the feedback to determine what people would buy.

      It’s important to note that your business plans may very well not work. Many inexperienced entrepreneurs try to build something cool, but ultimately, something that people don’t want badly enough to pay for. This usually happens when someone tries to create a product (or offer) without listening to their community and getting feedback first.

      Start building an email list, start sending a newsletter, start talking to people, build momentum, and have a bigger vision for your life than what it is currently. If you start this month and continue to increment little-by-little over time, you ultimately cannot fail.

  13. Wow, how inspiring, I could feel the energy of the group from here. Just get started, one small step at a time and who knows where you might end up. Just what I needed to hear today. Thanks for the encouragement Jeff.

  14. David Crabill


    Although I’ve heard your story many times, there’s something truly encapsulating and inspiring about this video.

    I agree with both of your statements: that we need to think bigger, and that we need to take baby steps. I have interacted with many entrepreneurs who have struggled with failure (myself included), and many times I see them trying to jump directly to the “bigger” without the baby steps. They try to start by building to scale, or they talk about how their startup is going to “blow up” an industry… in fact I think they can dream so big that they lose sight of their next step. Great entrepreneurs know how to maintain a big vision while dealing with small, seemingly insignificant tasks.

    There’s no doubt that Jeff’s focused, persistent, incremental effort over the past two decades is a big part of what you see above. A business is a long-term project… enjoy the journey. 🙂

  15. Extremely inspirational. Make it much more reachable and real for me to make with my online business goals.

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