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Well, it’s over.

Nearly 15 hours of live training and 20,000+ comments later… the curtain has fallen on this year’s Launch Masterclass.

The Masterclass is a crazy amount of work for me and my team to put together. And while we definitely WILL be celebrating with high fives and tacos (and by catching up on sleep!)… 

We’ll also make time for a special post-launch tradition that will give us 50… maybe even 100 different ways we can improve next time around.

Start doing this after your launches and it will do the same for you.

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19 Replies to “My Post Launch Routine”

  1. John Maguire


    Looking forward to going through the PLF again my second year. Applying the strategies last year I got 100x return on my investment. What’s great is not just the money, but the number of lives I am effecting to make a difference in the world. Money is a sure card of how bid of an impact you are making. Implementation even the simplest ideas from Jeff is the key to success, so put the formula into action and create miracles.

    • I really appreciate your valuable sharing in the Masterclass. I absolutely agree with your view. Thank you.

  2. What will I do better in my next launch?
    I will get my words right! And I’ll put them in the right place!

  3. Sticking with it, before, during, after – with spirit: Jeff’s big secret.

  4. Loved this video, and I love the post launch passion & glow you all have. It’s inspiring!

  5. Bill Kendrick


    Incredible value!! What a service. This was my first introduction to Jeff and PLP, but it won’t be my last. Time is our most valuable asset, and him giving away 25 years of hard earned knowledge is priceless!

  6. I run a law firm and time is money to me. Your free presentations were too wordy and nonsubtantive for me. Also, your enthusiasm in presentation almost seemed inauthentic to me. I almost didn’t join for these two reasons. However, I respect and trust Hay House, so their email pushed me into the yes column because I just finished writing a book with which I want to launch my life work. Now, that I have joined and perused my dashboard and read some of the transcripts, I am very grateful for your program. I know I may be a dinosaur, but there is no way you are anybody can talk as fast as I read. Time is money and success. So, your providing the transcripts means a lot to me. I will find time to review some of the important content that is not transcribed. Thank you.

    • Barry Friedman


      The videos have a small gear in the lower right corner and you can set them to play as fast as you read. Glad you’re here, Hertha.

  7. Dean, thanks for reminding me that 1) I need to make videos weekly and 2) it’s okay to be myself. Those are probably the most important things I need to remember.

  8. I really want to feel confortable bringing my messages in the world, that means practice, practice, practice….thanks for the kind reminder! Thanks for the positive energy, can’t wait to start!

  9. Thank you so much for the work you do and I hope you had some sound sleep, which I found takes some time for me to find after such an enormous event and with all the adrenalin rushing through our bodies.
    I like the emphasis on repetition and consistency and I have a debrief document, my previous mentor shared with me, to use after every encounter, presentation etc. It´s so helpful to quiet the ctitical voices and do better next time.
    I have put up a one-pager recently for a new venture and this morning, the first person signed up with her email to recieve my lead magnet. YAY! It feels so precious to me and I hope I will be able to serve her (and many more) well. can´t wait for tomorrow when the course officialy starts! 🙂

  10. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you very much for this masterclass which I must say opened my eyes a little on the fact that I tend to take the “problem upside down”;-)
    From a practical point of view, I found the sessions a bit long (they started a little late for me, 22 pm) and not having English as a mother tongue there was a lot to “digest” especially during the first intervention (lesson 1). As I read in a previous comment I very much enjoyed the written transcription which allowed me to grasp some words that I did not understand. you also spoke a bit fast, surely the excitement of the moment;-) And I liked the chat too;-)

    I liked that the masterclass serves as an example and that it is assumed yet I had a little trouble to transcribe it in my world where digital does not have a big place and where I do not wish to give it more.
    I find “the concierge page” quite essential:-) and I hope to be able to come back to it in a while because the period is very busy.
    I watch the videos carefully and I took notes. I find it essential to be able to go back to the basics.
    I was present live and I also took over some of the replay.
    I finally couldn’t attend the last live “Emergency” and I regret it.
    Thank you again for this energetic masterclass.

  11. Kristena West


    Thanks Jeff so much for the recharge- I am in pivot and going forward with PLF


  12. Did I just miss something ?:( I hope more
    Jumping from a training to a training , getting the best of all worlds ! Life is such enormous potential magic !!!

  13. Lindsay Cressey


    Excited to be here – inspired by your generosity of sharing behind the scenes and all the small steps that you take that add up over time to greatness . Enjoy your sleep !

  14. Key or take away: if marketing and sales are the means to a successful product/service business experience, why would we focus on other things that cannot deliver it? especially when its an online business!

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