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Can you use Product Launch Formula to do an online launch for a bricks-and-mortar yarn store? That's exactly what Shelley Brander did… with pretty spectacular results! Check out this new PLF Case Study…

Please leave a comment below and tell Shelley what you think…

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111 Replies to “Product Launch Formula Case Study: The Yarn Store Launch”

  1. WOW!!! What an incredibly INSPIRING story!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing this one – I absolutely loved it! It helped to encourage me for my upcoming first launch! What-Ta-Go Shelley!!! Congratulations!!!

    • Your words are my words, Rhonda!!!
      I wood love to understand EVERYTHING Shelley said… but my english is not so good.
      I am reading Jeff’s book!
      Thank you!

      Manuela Mota Ribeiro

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Jeff! It’s really cool to see how to use PLF for a brick & mortar business! I love the mail out program idea! Very creative!

  3. Thank you for an insightful approach to business through a passionate hobby. Both have applied creativity.

    Some of the video showed what seems to be 100% cotton yarn in soft texture, supply bought years ago from a limited import. It’s the best for those of us who have become allergic to all other yarns.

    Making a visible soft texture practical item was always the introductory activity of choice before completing written assignments while studying. Congrats on achieving a beautiful business. Thanks for sharing the possibility and interpretation of Jeff’s teaching.

  4. Hello Shelley and Jeff,
    Lovely and insightful story – am so glad (but not surprised!) at your success.
    But, Shelley, please tell me one thing – did I mishear you? Did you say you were in branding for thirty years? That means you started when you were two years old.
    Whatever, I wish you all well – much success and creative adventures in the future.

      • Thank you both, you’re too kind! I think it was the great lighting and camerawork 😉 I’m 47 and I started doing ad agency internships while still in high school. And I learned to knit when I was 16.

    • Yes, I thought the same thing! Shelley great story, terrific success and you look not but two days over 32!!

      Glad the kids got mom back!!

  5. I love Shelley’s store! Very inspiring story. Can the PLF work for a service that doesn’t yet sell a product? Maybe I should develop a simple product to help sell the service? Thank you Jeff.

    • @Susan: in general, Product Launch Formula works very well for services. However, depending on the nature of the service, with a successful launch you might run out of capacity to deliver the service (if, for example, you are personally involved in delivering the service).

      • @Susan, what Jeff just said is well worth noting. When I first got the Product Launch Formula training, my “product” was me writing sales copy for clients. Personal services. I did my first launch over Superbowl weekend (!), and had so many clients piled up I was really stressed for the next 2-3 weeks. But it was a GOOD stress. Lesson learned: price high enough that you can take on fewer clients, if you’re launching a service. Render enormous value to a few people. OR… find a way to productize your service and then you can scale up as big as you want. Jeff teaches all this in the course.

      • Thank you Jeff for your response. Currently I’m interviewing people to perform the service so I can focus on building the business. I have an eco home cleaning business and have also launched into cleaning small offices due to a referral. I have sort of put my marketing efforts on hold since I’m to capacity in what I can do myself. I still get requests though so I know I provide a type of service that is in demand. I’m excited to hire so I can move faster in the growth of my company. I look forward to working with you in the near future!

      • Hey Jeff, I’m a previous realtor student of Dean Jackson’s teachings. Thank you for all you do. Would you mind giving me your quick thoughts on how realtors can (or if they even should) do launches to build their list? I have trouble getting homeowners to opt in for things, even great content. Thanks for your help Jeff!

      • Hi Jeff-

        I am finished with your book and have begun my website. Throughout the reading of your book, following your blog, watching this recent video, I have repeatedly tried to find the link to get in on PLF course. Don’t laugh, but is all this content and current ‘hype’ recently preparing myself and others with a PLF course launch? I am ready to make the investment to do a business launch right, for the first time in 10 years. The many mediocre business launches, struggles to reach their full potentials and eventual closures have left me with doubt, skepticism and FIRE! I have all the FREE information from you I can possibly get, now I’m ready for the meat. Thanks Jeff.

        • @Susan: you won’t have to wait much longer… we’re just about to start our big yearly launch in just a few days. Just make sure you’re following along with my emails. 🙂

    • Thanks Susan! In the beginning I was actually wondering how to use PLF for something OTHER THAN a service! I am actually planning another launch soon for a service business and can’t wait to see how it goes.

  6. Just what I needed to get myself motivated this morning. Thank you! She makes me want to start knitting too. 🙂

  7. I love these case studies, it gives us all such great hope and insight into the possibilities. Who would have throught a knitting store could use PLF but it makes perfect sense.
    What I do wish, as part of these case studies, was more detail on how they acquired a list or how they found a JV partner, and how that portion of the equation came together. It’s one thing to have a product and a way to launch it, but it’s life changing when you can find that list or that perfect partner who is ready and willing to work with you. This part is even more important than the launch itself since a truly successful launch won’t happen without it. I know the list builds over time but we all know that there needs to be an injection of contacts to truly ‘launch it” into a viable venture.
    Please share more information like that so we can see the workings behind these wonderful case study features. Jeff, you are the best and I hope you’ll touch on this aspect so we can all learn from it.

    • @David: Obviously, in the format we publish here on the blog, we’re pretty limited in the amount of ground we can cover. But doing larger, more in-depth Case Studies is something that we’re planning on doing more of in the next year. Where and how we’ll publish them is unclear right now – but that’s the direction I want to go in.

    • David – that is one of the many details taught in PLF. And it’s taught in great detail. I’m not sure how much sense it makes to go into that in a case study. It’s really just one of the small details of a launch.

    • I agree! Case studies show how and where the rubber meets the road!!

      Applicable learning is awesome. Applicable knowledge is power.

      Keep on sharing these, please.

  8. Wow! That was an excellent case study and personal story. Very inspirational, congratulations to Shelly and Jeff!
    Tom & Darcy

  9. I love it Shelly Congrats! I share Shelly’s excitement, I remember how excited I was when applied Jeff’s PLF principles and made $30,000 in one week and a few months later $42,000 with another launch, Just following PLF. If you looking closely at PLF just do it!
    Thank you Jeff Walker your a great instructor.

  10. Wow, Shelly – congratulations. You had an idea. You had a vision. You found the right teacher. Then you did the extraordinary – you actually DID IT! Good work, and thanks for sharing your inspirational story.

    And Jeff… these are the best case study videos. Ever. Bar raiser!

    • @Ray: Agree 100% about Shelley… congratulations are well deserved!

      And thanks for the kind words about the Case Study… obviously Shelley’s story and accomplishments gave us amazing material to work, and I turned my team loose on it – and this is what happened. I’m especially proud of my son Daniel for all the video work – he has a true artist’s vision. And for Paul (one of our newest team members), who was also instrumental with Daniel on location.

  11. Awesome video, thank you for the inspiration! I know, nothing worse than a fear/stress mommy walking around. It effects our families so much. I feel even more inspired about the launch i am about ready to do. THank you so much for your story!

  12. Thanks for sharing Shelly! It is great to have a direction! It shows that you and your family are benefiting from taking the time and investment to work on your business.
    We all need these type of stories to keep us motivated and uplifted!
    People like Jeff are truly making a difference in peoples lives.
    Thanks jeff!

  13. Incredible…Shelly and Jeff! Gave me a lift to come back with renewed belief and make it happen. Beautiful story and beautifully told.

  14. One of the most inspiring case studies you’ve ever posted – thank you! Really answers the ‘but my business is different ‘ crowd. Loved it.

  15. HOW can this help me with my banjo-comedy show?
    I really have a passion for entertaining, and the show is complete now.
    I have seen Jeff’s work for years, but can’t see how this can help my show make engagements with the correct venues?

  16. wow, I loved this. I have your program and I started to study it then stopped for whatever reason. I’m about to jump on it. It is definitely the way to go!!

  17. Loved it! I love knitting myself, so the story hit me in on a weak spot. It also shows that PLF can really work in any field. I’ll try out soon myself when I create my own. The more case studies I see the closer I come to mine. Thank you so much for posting them!
    BTW: Just had to sign up for her newsletter… 🙂

  18. What a great case study! It shows what PLF and some creativity can do. Way to go Shelley!

  19. Wonderful job! So happy for her and it’s great to see women making a great living at their passion.

  20. Always always great to see people achieve the ‘Ah Ha’ moment and ALSO take action on it.

    Great job for her to see it through and stick to her passion instead of ‘settling’ for just money.

    And then sticking it through to make the course.

    I’ve been working hard in identifying my passion and have found it – but still working out the kinks in terms of how to really deliver it online to both health professionals and lay persons.

    Like Shelley – I am doing too much. Father of three boys, married, supplement company growing fast, real estate holdings company and teaching around the world.

    However – my true passion is the teaching.

    I’ve read ‘Essentialism’ which is a great book – but it is not always easy to stop the other things when diversity is important to maintain in case one aspect of your money flow dries up.

    Perhaps it is the fear of one failing that is driving me to create all – but I wouldn’t call it fear. I’d just call it being careful in the marketplace and with mother nature. Never know when something will blow.

    In short, I’m loving these case studies and also working on trying how to implement PLF into my online teaching programs. There is absolutely a fit.

    Just how to create the time and focus to implement.

    Great work Jeff.

    BTW – I met you at 10X last March – I sat in the back row. Was an honor sitting next to you. We didn’t speak much as we were both focused to the task at hand.

  21. Wonderful story and inspiration. It’s been a bit of a financial challenge transitioning from providing a profitable services business to selling specialty products online (due to medical issues). This shows that it may be time for me to get specific help in restructuring. 🙂

  22. Wish I had the vision to see how I might use this product to boost my real estate business. Something totally creative and exceptional.

  23. Thanks…….Exceptional inspiring story of how to use passion along with Jeff’s PLF to achieve success. From someone who knows a little about quality video, your son has a great eye and a bright future ahead of him.

  24. I was actually hand knitting when watching, so YES, Jeff, actually, I have been waiting for this one! (raverly: kipcat)
    It’s inspired me to go log in again to PLF Coaching and get inspired again. It’s funny how we can get so beaten down with day to day and just need to go back to the basics.

  25. Very inspiring Shelly. And thank you Jeff for bringing this to us.

    I’m a PLF owner, and have used it with success in launching a membership site that helps business owners in the party rental industry. We’re just starting out, but one thing that I think would be huge is to figure out how to apply PLF specifically to a party rental business. The vast majority of these businesses are seasonal (Apr-Oct), like you were commenting on Shelly, and it’s very hard on the business owners. I’m wondering whether an approach similar to what you did would work in my industry. However it’s a higher price point – anywhere from $150-$600 to rent a commercial bouncer to huge water slides. Just curious if you have any advice on how to apply PLF in this industry.

    Shelly, not to be too bold, but you never know if you don’t ask… would you be open to having a consultation call with me? I’m totally willing to pay for your time and experience.

    • Hi Mike! Here’s a thought: I recently bought Jeff’s book “Launch” and have gotten re-inspired – there is a lot of value packed in there and in many cases, it’s framed in a different way than in the PLF videos. So that is my first suggestion.

      Secondly, the reason I read the book is that I am about to do a seed launch for another business called Store Branders. I plan to offer webinars to craft stores, other retailers and wholesalers to help them with branding, merchandising, e-marketing and social media. If you are interested in being a part of that seed launch, email me at

  26. What a fantastic case study – thank you Jeff and Shelley. Shelley, I completely connected with you when you said you were ‘binge’ watching all the Jeff Walker free content… I’ve been doing that too, and, bought the book! I can’t wait to get on the PLF programme when it opens again (BTW Jeff, when will that be??)… Thanks again! Lisa

  27. Wow…now that’s how you do a case study!!! Jeff, you are really setting the bar high! As a former student and longtime follower I know how you think and how everything is carefully orchestrated, so my self-imposed homework assignment is to rewind and carefully observe a master at work (what was said…?, why it was said…?, what is the emotion being conveyed…?, what objections are being overcome…?, what’s going on in the background, what is this triggering [psychological triggers] in the viewer’s mind…?). There is gold to be mined here for those willing to pick up the shovel!

    Very inspiring Shelley…you’ve given me some ideas for our quilting business. If you don’t mind saying…what price point is your recurring membership hitting at?

    • Hi Tim! Membership is $49.99 a month with special bonuses for paying 6 months upfront. You can learn more and (and join our email list to be notified when we open more spaces) at

  28. Congratulations Shelly, nothing is better than running a business through a passionate hobby that keeps our creative muscle exercised. And thanks for the video Jeff, you are a great guru.

  29. Brilliant! So happy your passion is so clear and that PLF helped illuminate your path! Thank you for sharing the fullness of your experience!

  30. That’s so cool! I love it.
    I’d love to see a success story re: selling 1:1 coaching spots. I can put together my own ideas and/or look back into the course – maybe I missed it. I’m curious how others have leveraged the power of PLF while still giving that individual attention of a 1:1 sales call.

  31. Shelley, when are you releasing the full version of Loop Club? My mom wants to join!

    • Hi Ciara! That would be awesome! We will be re-opening signups for LoopsClub3 in the next month. You can sign up for email notifications at

  32. Hi Shelley,
    wow you are an inspiration! thank you for sharing I love it when you talked about not having the fear anymore and it enabling you to have more enjoyable family time that is fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing this Jeff I am going to look into your program.

    • Sophie, you should absolutely join! I promise you won’t regret it. Even now, when I go back and re-watch one of the many videos in the module, I learn more each time.

  33. Jeff
    Will you share a case study from a consulting services company? Trying hard to bridge the gap between an online sale vs non online sale using PLF. This case was good as it showed how she used online sales to boost her brick and mortar sales. Please help!

  34. My mom just passed away, she loved knitting, and crocheting, and teaching both. In her home were rooms full of wool. a couple thousand dollars worth. If she were still here, i’d help her start or launch something like this.

  35. Fabulous story Shelley! Thanks for sharing it with us and thank you Jeff for sharing Shelley and her inspiring story with us. Perhaps my favourite part was her reconnection with her kids!

  36. Great case study! I especially loved the part about the flow on benefits to her family life in addition to the business benefits.

  37. Congratulations, Shelley! This was just so completely inspirational. What a creative mix of your passions and business sense. My wall of PLF notes looked very similar to yours during my launch. Keep going – the success looks great on you.

  38. Wow I knew you can use the PLF model for a brick and mortar business. But her results are fantastic. I’m absolutely happy for her and her family. I’m about less than 30 days away from my first launch. Real nitty -gritty, but I’m going for it. Thank you for the weekly inspirations and look forward to jumping back into PLF full steam.

  39. So happy for you Shelley…takes me back to my first few launches…!

    So happy… 🙂

    Thanks Jeff…

  40. Great ideas, Shelley! Congratulations on your successful launch and your very creative approach to using PLF in your business. Well done. Thank you for sharing this story, Jeff! Really appreciate it.

  41. Hello Jeff,

    great video! Please publish some more brick and mortar case studies and how they applied PLF.
    Regards from Germany

  42. Beautiful! Hits on three great things points: 1) expect fun AND profit, don’t settle for less; 2) yes product programs and content marketing works for products; and 3) answers the conversation I have with clients well: “does this work?” “You tell me, ever buy anything after enjoying the amazing free content?” “Got it!”

    Look forward to your me t launch and proud to be an affiliate eager to share!

  43. Thank you Jeff!!! Yesterday I was wondering just how to go about promoting the physical products we sell through your Product Launch Formula . . . Our amazing natural soaps, Choice Laundry Powder and other incredible products for our families, pets and homes. Well, this video has been most helpful and is inline with the direction I’ve been headed. Thank you so much for sharing Shelley’s story!

  44. Lee Ewen Stitches


    So many gurus on the internet these days, some spinning yarns, others telling ripping yarns. But this one transparent and genuine is not trying to pull the wool over the eyes of it’s numerous dyed-in-the-wool viewers.

    But seriously, thanks for this.


  45. Hi Shelley and Jeff, great job indeed. As the creator of 7 “brick and mortar” businesses I can certainly relate to the “should I keep going”.
    With overhead costs, employee’s, product costs, taxes, ect…
    It can be overwhelming and lets face it most won’t get rich in retail. This was a super idea for getting capital for your future of the business and also for giving your customers some real, “Value”.

    Reading your book now Jeff, “Launch” is great!

  46. Honestly, inspiring. Never give up on your dreams because, GOD never gives up on you. He may not be there when you want him to, but he’s always on time when you least expect it. Be Blessed.

  47. Can an individual with no product or experience and $400 per month to spend, really become successful with PLF?

  48. The money is in the list. So where did she get her (obviously not small) list that allowed her to make 75K on first launch,
    being a bricks and mortar store? Ads? . It wasn’t addressed. I am interested in PLF, but it appears to be for those who already have a list to work.

  49. John O. Michael


    Wow! Really inspiring. Thanks Jeff for sharing this video .
    Shelley you’re so sincere in sharing your PLF experience! Thank you very much.

  50. Jeff & Shelley, Had to take the time to say thanks for this lateral jump in thinking. Jeff, I get a sense of what your thinking process is on this and, man-alive, you did it again. I had been really racking my brains to think of how to apply the PLF to my wife’s real-world local fitness class business (a year old, nicely branded and good original concept, great KPI’s and retention rates, so doing well, but….). How to scale it, how to ‘seed launch’ it. I had thoughts, but hadn’t been able to nail it. It all seemed huge and distant and undoable (training trainers in our methods seemed like teaching Grandma to suck eggs etc). I was inspired by Susan’s previous weight loss case study, in that she wasn’t business to business, but of course, her PLF model all lives in the digital world, and my wife Debi does not live there, so it was so hard to talk to her about it. BUT!…. The non-digital world of a yarn shop – then the addition of a monthly club to steer through the slow season, was something that I could talk to Debi about. Result:- we did the maths and it is not too great a leap to say that to start a ‘home club’ subscription for our clients (those who can only attend class once or twice per week (for them to do fresh lessons weekly at home via video, so as to get up to their 150 minutes per week) could, without much of a leap of imagination, result in a $30,000 launch just with our current clients) – which we could roll out pretty quickly. Obviously, it’s scaleable too. Jeff, if this works out like I think it could with the right seed launch strategy and tactics, how dy’a fancy a case study in the fitness niche in England, that goes worldwide? He He!

    Genuinely, thank you both.

    Pete & Debi
    p.s. Definition of mentor:- someone who guides another to greater success.

  51. I can totally relate to this story after struggling for 7 years to make it in our small niche industry I read Jeff’s book and it literally changed our business and life. We (my biz partner and I) followed the product launch and had a few mistakes on our first launch but it was the most amazing thing to still see it actually work. In 2015 we hosted the first ever virtual polymer clay retreat called Polymer Clay Adventure and I am happy to say it is the biggest event that has ever happened in the polymer clay industry with over 1000 people attending from over 42 countries. My business partner was able to finally quit her full time job and is now designing some of the products we dreamed of for many years. It has been so successful that we are adding 2 more virtual art retreats in 2016 for a total of 3 events. We will be launching all 3 events next month and we are prepared for another huge launch that we know with be successful because we plan to follow Jeff’s product launch again. Thanks Jeff for all you do! Loved this inspirational story.

    • @llysa: That’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing… and congratulations!

      Would you be interested in possibly being featured in a Case Study similar to the one we did with Shelley?

  52. Jeff, Thanks so much for all the fantastic information! This would certainly be do able for an Internet business as well.

    Shelley, congratulations on your thriving business that allows you to be more worry and stress free! Awesome!

  53. This video really surprised me. I was wondering how this brick and mortar store was going to launch, and she was so resourceful in choosing what she did to make an evergreen system. I’m TOTALLY going to add an element of that to my own service business. Plus, how adorable and articulate was she. No flies on her: branding, yarn, tennis, family. Great find, and great example. Thanks again

  54. Thank you so much for sharing. I am a shamanic energy healer and I still don’t know how I will apply Product Launch Formula to my practice, but I am encouraged by this story!

  55. Nice hearing from a real person in business – I am in the process of launching a health and wellness business and everything I see people making money doing is selling the “how to” business side not actually a product or service. In my field of health coaching right now more people are making money by selling business solutions for their business not actual health coaching services.

    It’s nice hearing from real service businesses – the struggles and the rewards.


  56. Hi, Jeff and Shelley!
    I was so engaged by your case study, probably because we have so much in common. Such an impressive array of trophies. Congratulations!

    Like you, my husband Dennis and I are a creative team, and we’ve invented over 50 consumer retail products over the last 40 years. During 18 years out of the 40 we’ve been together, I followed my passion to be an elementary teacher, so I had to find time to devote to delivering my best to my students, to be there for my husband and our growing business as well as being a step-mom to our teen-aged son and giving him the attention he deserved. I really related to those late nights. And it’s worth it all!

    I have always been a “between knitter.” I knit between things whenever I can fit it in. I keep projects in my purse or in my car. I find the time because I need to do it. It’s my meditation, my art, and my unique way of giving.. I feel connected to you through our shared passion, Shelley. It shows in the beautiful scarf you wear in the video (How can I buy the pattern from you and what kind of yarn did you use?), the elegant and open design of your store, and in your great Mini-Cooper with your Loops logo.

    Your store is beautiful. You have created my dream store where I can walk in and quickly find a project when I don’t have a lot of time to wade through yarn and pattern books. You’ve created a fast lane for knitters like me who may only have 30 minutes to spare to shop for a new project.

    Your solution to getting your lease was brilliant. It got me to thinking differently about how my knitting might combine with our current project even though the two wouldn’t seem to go together on the surface. Luke’s Club is a great solution to evening out your year-round cash flow, and I am going to head on over and join! I am also going to share your site with our membership at the Knitting Guild of the Desert here in the Palm Springs, CA area. I’m sure there will others as excited to learn about you as I am.

    As I looked at your notes on your bulletin board, I had an idea for you that would also benefit me and all the rest of Jeff’s PLF followers. If you would just photograph your notes and put them together in a pdf for downloading or an e-book, it would be a great supplement to Jeff’s books and videos and give you something else to use for an offer for your business model.

    Thanks to both of you for your inspiration. Dennis and I are building our product and getting feedback from customers about what they would like to have. We are planning on doing a PLF launch in February of 2016. I bookmarked this video to watch whenever it’s late at night, and I want a shot of passion, fun, and determination to get it done!

    Sending smiles,
    Mary Lou

  57. Congrats on the product launch Shelley! I am considering a product launch myself for a membership club and was wondering how you got such a huge response for your first launch and then the second. Did you already have an email list or did you market it to people who had no idea you existed yet? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  58. Hi Jeff & Shelley,
    A wonderful creative and innovative approach.
    I am convinced PLF will work for the right tangible product and Shelley has proven all is possible.

  59. Wow Shelley – when Jeff sent this email a few weeks ago, I actually laughed out loud (which is REALLY rare for me), because it was something I was completely interested in! I am a passionate knitter, and couldn’t wait to see how this helped launch your store! Now of course I’m checking out your club and joined your rav group! While my product is a service, it was really great to see something else I am completely passionate about! Good luck!
    @realaddcrafter – IG
    ps – I LOVE the wrap on the car. I want to open a store for just that reason!

  60. Super cool store Shelley and I don’t even knit! I can see and feel your passion, thanks for inspiring the rest of us.

  61. That was such a great story. Very inspiring. Felt like I was looking at myself when she was talking about the fear of not having enough money to pay the bills. And her children getting their Mum back

  62. Susan Howell



    Hi, what an inspiring story! LOOPS is an incredible concept. I love how you held onto your dream and pivoted to make it work. I left a long-term career also and am following my passion of bringing financial literacy and financial freedom, in particular for women and young people, out into the world through my company MoneyMaestra. I celebrate you – your resiliency and your success! Brava!

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