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A quick follow up to my last video – which was an update to the “Food Stamps to Six Figures” Case Study… in this one I dig deeper into how John was able to make that incredible transformation in his life and build a successful business (and I share the surprising and weird parallels to the transformation in MY life!)

I would love to hear about what you think… please leave a comment below (and please like my Facebook page here)

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41 Replies to “Product Launch Success (Weird Parallel Universe)”

  1. Hi Jeff I love your videos …

    Been following you for a few months saw ur interview with tony robbins..
    I love that you talked about mindset as i think my mindset stoping from doing what I need to do which is build a list using a squeeze page then directing traffic to it via ppc but worried my ppc will go wild and I getba massive bill ..that might not convert..

    Do I just take the plunge and see what happens or isbthere quicker way to get targeted traffic to squeeze page??

    Kind regards
    Matt uk

  2. Hi Jeff!
    Always love hearing your insight and encouragement. Because of you and the Seed Launch class I have been taking my first steps towards my dreams and goals. They are not perfect but I remember one thing you said to me about getting my gifts out there to the word….”it’s not about the camera!”

    Here is to another awesome week.

  3. As usual… excellent message! “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” (Zig Ziglar) Just get out there, get your feet wet, get started, start with one vision, but be open to where it takes you long term (the “end game”). I’ve tried a few launches in one market in the past that went kind of so-so… recently launched in a different market, it’s been amazing. START somewhere, and adjust your “path” according to what you meet along the way.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    i love your vids, you know what’s funny…you’re always smiling ;-), that’s a good thing!

    I did a product launch last year and made a total of $17.000 , now i’m almost ready for my second launch, this one is better and bigger… I want to do a product launch each month though… It’s so much FUN!

    I’m concetrating also on programs with a residual income like the New Power Leads System,

    So, GREAT videos Jeff, i like to see more of them…

    To your success


  5. Jeff,

    THANKYOU. I was getting stuck, and every time I hear your story of the start of it all it reminds me to take baby steps and keep building the list. It has been slower than I expected, but then what do I know I have never done this before. Keep taking baby steps. Thanks

    OH yes my launch…September for my seed lauch or earlier when the list gets above 150 (currently 86).

    Thanks again Adrian

  6. Scott Pooch


    That elusive first step…great reminder (and, quite honestly, painfully convicting). So here’s a public deadline – I’ll have my blog “live” by Aug 31 and my squeeze page / “bribe” by Sept. 21. Thank you for the examples of just getting started, putting out good content, and letting the end-game take care of itself.

  7. Thank you, Jeff, that’s really inspiring. What I like about you is that you can combine “holy cow, someone wants to pay me for what I know” with “six figures” in one short video so smoothly, and make it sound easy and achievable, as long as someone’s committed and knows how. And you make it sound like fun, like a process that brings a lot of peace, joy, and happiness.

    I agree that it’s a baby steps process, and if it doesn’t work at first you have to tweak it until it works. Unless of course, you doing something you hate just to make money (there’s no way I would sell secrets to winning in casinos or some dog training crap).

    I can relate to the food stamps thing; we don’t have them here in Australia but I know how it feels when you can’t pay your rent, and get an eviction letter. Food is not a priority then, you can’t even eat anyway you so stressed.

    I’m working on my stuff, and my life looks much better now, I paid most of my debts off, and I want to have my own perfect house as well – with a guest house, too – so I better go back to my articles 🙂

    Thanks again, Jeff, I’m grateful that the Universe puts people like you on my way.

  8. Great, inspiring video Jeff. I remember the first time I put something out. It was hard getting all of the parts together but the results were amazing. Not only have the results been financially rewarding, but I’d like to think that we’ve helped a lot of people too. So thanks for all that you do. You are making a big difference in people’s lives, Jeff, certainly in mine.

  9. Great video Jeff. Absolutely spot-on. By taking action and getting results that got me noticed, my mindset went from wishful thinking to a much stronger belief in myself and what I can achieve. I think this would be the case for most people.

  10. Although market training is essential to success it seems to be secondary to personal development.

    I know I am a little too obsessive with detail at the best of times but, I obsess that much more because I simply do not harbour the self-belief necessary to let go and, ‘start moving.’

    I guess it is, as you said, ‘about taking baby steps’ and building it all as I go.

    I am finalising a few details as I write this comment and will be publishing my book and embarking on my first launch this week.

    Still, it’s a fucking scary step to take, not knowing how I will be received.


  11. Hey Jeff, I think the work you’re doing is great and I really admire the path you’ve taken.

    I think the biggest challenge I have is actually believing in the knowledge I have can help someone and trusting that that the offer I put out there is good enough. Is it worth creating inexpensive quality info products to help build a list and build trust as well as get feedback on the products you create so you can improve them?



  12. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the video! My problem is, I have a membership website which hovers around providing about $1000/month in income for the past year. Which is not terrible. But I’m having trouble really growing the website and figuring out how to go from mediocre income to breaking through to the next level. Is there another change in mindset that has to happen? Or is it just about plugging away and slowly growing until you get there? (part of the reason for a lack of growth is that I’ve been doing more traveling and less blogging. And the blogging is what I think made the first launch a success)

  13. Real life stories about struggle and failure transformed into success and wealth always inspire. It must be an awesome feeling for you Jeff to look back now and see how much positive change you realized for your own family and for others.
    You had the courage to jump off the cliff. Then you spread your wings and learnt how to fly along the way..

  14. Joey Osborne


    I read that a new PLF is about to launch. That’s great and I will probably buy it like I have most of Jeff’s other products. Did I understand correctly that the current PLF will be taken down and no longer available? I hope that I misunderstood. It seems wrong and unethical to take away access to a product that was bought without a disclosure that it would only be available for a limited time. I write this with positive intent. Jeff’s material is great and he gives away enough stuff to justify 100x the cost. It just seems out of character to do something like taking away a product in what seems to be an attempt to sell an update. Hope I’m wrong…wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

  15. Jeff,
    I like this video. It was from the heart. What was your first product? When did you know that it was time to shift into teaching people how to product launch?

    • @Pat: my first product was a newsletter about the stock market. I started a free version in 1996, and launched a paid newsletter in January 1997. I didn’t really start teaching about product launches (other than privately to a few friends) until 2005.

  16. Fabio Campos


    I really like very much your comments. I am just starting this week in the “new game”. Your words are, for me, like an extra power motivation for my begining point. That’s all.
    Thanks, go ahead because this videos will help and encourage many people…
    (from Brazil)

  17. allo, Jeff, I am a french women, sorry if I don’t write well, I want to know
    if you think in French world I have the same potentiel for lauching product and
    what product from you I have to buy if I want to begin.

    thank you

    from Québec

    • @Martine: I can tell that you can absolutely do a launch in French… we’ve seen lots of great launches in French, including some very large ones.

  18. Great video Jeff, love the possibility thinking you are sharing with everyone. And, everything you said was true. All businesses start with one sale – the key is to generate the momentum to keep it going. Discipline and Persistence are help the entrepreneur to make it happen.
    The mind is the main blocker to progress. In my business I have seen the negative influence of mindset flaws keeping people and teams from the success they should have had. And, as you stated – when one on a team sees the possibility, executes on the possibility and finds the success from taking the actions – well there is a higher probability then with others taking the big “baby” steps toward their success in life.
    Jeff, Keep up the Great Work.

  19. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the video. I’ve been a follower since the first EIA conference with Brendon in Santa Clara. Great job with a great product.

  20. Thanks for the reply, Jeff! Did you have a background in the stock market or did you choose it because of interest and filling a niche? My dilemma is what to provide as a product. I have several things I feel comfortable choosing yet don’t know how to go about narrowing it.

    • @Pat: it was an area that I had a strong interest in, and I had studied quite a bit. But I had no professional background in it.

  21. Love your teachings and ever since I was at PLF live I understand what it really takes to be successful is yes getting the wonderful tools but really making the mind-set shift on working on myself.

    I have been to many medical and fitness conferences learning the how to. But until I went to my first non-medical conference (PLF) I realized what it truly takes to be a success.

    A million thanks and more to come.


  22. Hey Jeff, as always you deliver great info without all the hype and fluff. Thanks so much for putting your very best out there for all of us!

  23. Susan Forster


    Love the encouragement to take that first baby step!!!!!!! Keep up the support, with the frequency you have been doing.

  24. Hi Jeff !

    Just want to drop some thoughts. First of all I appreciate the kind of presenting your stuff in a
    very natural manner. It doesn’t sound that you want to “sell” a product; my impression is, that
    you’re driven by your inner conviction to deliver and help. I’m not a customer yet but I follow your blog from time to time. Keep on going and good luck.


  25. Jeff i have been on your list for awhile i can remember when You Tube was in the incubator and you were telling me about it and we waited and waited for it to finish and comes out.Anyway someday soon i would like for you to help with my site launch .An till then i am here with you,

  26. Jeff,

    How refreshing! You have a natural, easy going nature in front of the camera which is friendly in conversational education. Thank you, great watching, great information.

    As a Personal Development Coach your tip on mindset was spot on and great advice.

    Look forward to learning more about your work and programs.

    Kind Regards,
    Margit Borbas
    Perth, Western Australia

  27. Mind-set! I noticed if I attempt to think about the entire process, I’m not moving. I have learned to compartmentalize my thought process. The part of the process I don’t understand, ie.. creating, launching, taking payments, etc… I stop, and study it until I get clarity on that blank spot in my mind. I have 6 products I’m about to launch. Still building the list! Jeff, I need a favor, no money(lol), where can I get a greater understanding of advertising online social media. How to set a budget, so that I will know what I’m doing while advertising my products. Thank you so much.

  28. Hannah Rose


    This is a good reminder…other people’s real stories are motivational and inspirational…if you can see how it unfolded for them, it gives you hope that you, too,can do it. I would love to see it written up, in bullet form, maybe: tried this, didn’t work, tried that–sold X amount of units, tried a month later by changing how I did ______ and got these results. Most of us are unsure what makes people buy one thing or one time, and what makes them buy another thing, or another time, so when you’re new to the game, you can get frustrated very quickly over what you don’t know. At that point, there are always internet marketing coaches ready to teach you what you don’t know–for a price. When do you know enough to start? And there is usually always the issue that if you get it wrong, you won’t be eating that month. Anyone else feel like that? Thanks Jeff for continung on this topic. Maybe a step by step Word document with highlights?

  29. Hi Jeff awesome video.

    I’ve been watching videos on your blog for the last month and a half and your content is amazing. I will continue watching always.

    I’m doing my first launch tomorrow to a tiny list of 120 restaurants in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean and I’m very excited. The launch is not up to 2013 standards but I believe it’s good enough to start and it’s the first online launch on the island, since usually for business to business services we are used to sending sales people to go to these 120 restaurants and do a presentation. Of course an Internet Marketing fanatic like me I want to do the sales without visiting the restaurants sitting behind my laptop, so I’ve been planning to do this since September 2012.

    I got busy opening my own restaurant. So I never did the launch. I actually abandoned my office work since last year and just last week sat behinds a desk again and implemented this launch since I need some cash to invest in my restaurant. Great news is now, 11 months after having the idea to sell a service to restaurant here, I have proof that my service works since I did installed it for a friends restaurant last September, so I have a Testimonial and exact numbers of how much sales he generated from my service.

    Every one at the office is excited to see what’s going to happen after I mail out the restaurants. We called them of course to get the name and email of the person in charge of marketing. And we’ll call them even visit them if we have to but we wonder how much people will just sign up online.

    We are not even accepting payments since most restaurant owners here are not big on credit cards but are more used to invoicing so when they fill out the form I managed to make the system to automatically make an invoice and email it automatically.

    Just wanted to share the story with you before it unfolds and will keep you posted afterwards

    I love your content it’s always inspiring and useful. I’m not on food-stamps but it’s been 45 days into low season and 15 more days to go and you know how easy restaurant can drain you so I am at the edge right now of being able to loose everything.

    And I’m happy this pressured me to do the launch since I believe 100% in Internet Marketing

    I’ll leave it at this since I could keep typing all night,

    An Awesome day to you, your family and all your fans.


    • @Eugene: wow… I’m intrigued. Please keep us updated on how it goes… you can send and email to our support desk (support @ and they’ll forward it to me.

  30. Hey Jeff,

    Great video (as always). I like how you shared the parallels between your experience and John’s.

    I’d love to get to the stage of launching a product of my own but at the moment, with a mini list of 60 odd people….I’m still in the list building phase.

    One day, one day 🙂


  31. Enjoyed the video, Jeff. Good information. You always know how to inspire.

    Won’t deny—have some failures behind me. All blogs. Which brings me to a main question I’ve had for a few years now, since deciding to get into the internet marketing arena: With all the products and niches out there, is it truly possible to come up with something new, regardless of how passionate I am about it? And yes—I get discouraged, though I am still trying.

    Curious if you have any videos concerning this problem.
    And thank you, sir, for all of your work in trying to help all of us out here.

  32. Hello Jeff,
    Always good reminders…

    In baby steps, I’m building my list, asking prospects about what keeps them up at night. I’m now participating every two weeks to a local radio show to test things out. I’m not quite ready in my mind to step into a launch, but I’m getting there! Each time, your teachings are helping me to get closer to the edge to jump forward.

    Thank you!

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