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11 Replies to “Product Launch Workshop”

  1. Hi Jeff

    Love watching your videos and thrilled that you are having so much success! I have been working on a project for 18 months now and am no where near launching product! I would love to be included in your training that you speak of

  2. Hi Jeff,
    As usual I am inspired by your business model of giving to receive. You have an amazing and generous spirit as well as an incredible formula. I always look forward to learning from you.
    Happy day:)

  3. Daaiyah Dawan-Newborn


    Hi Jeff

    I love watching your videos and I think I’m have a break through. You deliver at top speed and you inspire me to keeping trying.
    Thank You!

  4. Cheryl Athey


    Hi Jeff! You have come along at a very important time in my life as I work to take my health coaching business online. And further, as I am trying to weave more of my authentic self into my work. I am inspired by your spirit and, this morning after watching your videos, feel myself becoming more invigorated about my “possibilities”. I am revamping my brand and content to reflect more of what I want to “give” to the world vs. what I think the world is looking for. Hopefully it will resonate.

    I look forward to watching more of your videos and… who knows, maybe you’ll see me in your PLF program.

    All the best!

  5. Jeff,

    Keep giving it away for free. Your videos, and your energy, and your work are raising the vibration of the planet for everyone.


  6. Jeff,
    Great info. I just signed up for Launch Club, at LA Launch Con.
    Recommend to everyone to join, he will change your life.
    Keep up the good work Jeff.
    Bir (Los Angeles)

  7. Congratulations on all your success. I’m prepping another launch in the next month. You are an inspiration for getting things done and what you can achieve!

  8. Hi Jeff,I’m at the very beginning of my journey, I don’t even have a business idea yet, I just know this what I’m meant to do you know, but I happened to come across your videos an was so inspired I have a great deal of work ahead of me but nothing pushes you better than wanting better for your family, maybe I’ll c u in the future sometime who knows
    Respectfully and thankfully

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