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I’m back this week with the second video in my “Getting Unstuck” series. And one thing I see people get stuck on a lot is publishing… they know it’s important, but they just don’t know what to publish. 

It happens to both newbies and experienced business owners. And it reminds me of that awkward feeling I get sometimes about approaching strangers at a party. 

The good news is, there’s an easy fix for both…

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79 Replies to “What to Publish? (or Getting Unstuck pt. 2)”

  1. Great concept it’s something I need to try. The biggest challenge I have is I’m weak. I give up too easy when things get difficult and if I try and push through I get bad anxiety. I get so disappointed with myself.

  2. Thank you for this I think it might just have finally moved me off my ass,

  3. Thank you for this vídeo.
    I just get started and I already did 5 posts.
    But I have a doubt..should I speak about One subject only or can I mix ?

  4. What frequency do you think is appropriate to engage people with my publishing? Tkanks in advance.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this video. I guess the thing that I need to ‘ignore’ is that for everything I know, I have friends who know at least double what I do. I love passing on information. When I learn something new – I’m not happy until I’ve taught that to someone else. When I think of teaching people who don’t know a thing, I’m positive and energised, but when I think of people looking at that/reading that – that know so much more, I’ve cringed and stopped moving forward.

    I’m just about to publish something. I know there are some people out there who know more, but in reality, there are many more people for whom my ‘bit’ would be helpful. So, here I go!!!!

  6. Hi Jeff, I really enjoy your humour and messaging. Thank you for being so generous with your resources.

    Best wishes, Lill
    Melbourne, Australia

    • I’m gust getting started an I really don’t have audience yet and sometimes I get stuck in thinking what should I deliver first or shouldn’t . Thing is I’m getting frustrated after publishing in my fb page and getting nothing back.

      • Mike Gorman


        This is incredibly common, expecting results from your first efforts: it takes time and much more effort than you realise, people will not respond until you reach them. One Facebook page? do you have your own Blog, your own web HQ? You have to publish widely, and consistently, and if you are not getting a response, look at the quality of what you are putting out: would you be interested in your own content?

  7. As a fellow introvert wallflower I appreciate your call to action. Baby steps 🙂

  8. Thank You, Jeff. This time You were very relaxed. And straightforward – as usual, appreciated.

    Is there a specific time of the day when my audience will most probably look at the video?

  9. Mariella van Mackelenbergh


    So comforting. After struggling with the idea that there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way to go about my business, this is all so comforting (and validating) !

  10. I have my own cheerleader! Or at least it felt that way as I watched your video, Jeff. This morning it was easy to start a list of subjects for publishing. Yay! Thank you!!!

  11. Annabel Marriott


    Hello Jeff, just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much for your positive and open hearted approach. I really appreciate you putting this out there!

  12. Jeff, how does one name a product or (what I find even more challenging) a company? Totally gets me stuck. Thanks.

  13. I’m preparing to send out my first newsletter for my business this week. This was timely and helpful. Just getting going, starting a conversation, and engaging in something my clients are interested in–I can handle that!

  14. Bill Morrow


    Hi Jeff I suffer from the other problem.
    Going too fast.
    I offer a little information, when I get no replys, then I believe
    I am talking to myself again.
    Mad and sad people do that.
    So I am off again trying to offer Information and help to others.
    But end up talking to myself.

    Thank you.

  15. I am so grateful for your insight Jeff, overwhelm is a major stumbling block for me. So I’ve stepped back, unsubscribed from sooo many people (except you and one other). Took step one this week and refused to think and worry about step ten! I’m using your seed launch formula and so far so great. Thank you!

  16. Totally get the dinner party example

    Until I discovered the ultimate icebreaker, that works with any crowd. Actually in any situation.

    With 100% success

    And when someone told me I felt so dumb.

    It was simply “hi – I’m Jamie – nice to meet you”



    Tanks Jeff,
    It is true, the first step is always the hardest one, but once it is done the next steps will naturally follow.

  18. Thank you for being able to get into our minds and share your solutions. I’ve been stuck for months not knowing how to deal with the publishing beast. But you made it very clear, so now I know what to start with.
    Thank you

  19. Bob Carpenter


    Jeff, I hope you have at least a small grasp on how valuable these nuggets are – for us not-so-young newbies walking into this digital “cocktail party” without knowing anyone or how to start that conversation. Absolute gold! It’s like you take us to the river, do the panning for us, and show us the gold :-). Now it’s our turn to grab a pan and dip into that river that’s been flowing past us all along.
    Having just interviewed a panful of prime prospects for my business this week, I discovered my own nuggets and can now enter their conversation with confidence, so your message is perfectly timed.
    In appreciation of all the knowledge & inspiration you so freely share every week,
    Bob The Legacy Guy

  20. Tan Florence



    I appreciate your simple yet warmth approach to a newbie. I am grateful for your kindness of showing me the robe. Thank you.

    I read through the book review and some left critical remarks. It is good you remain your stand and your spirit of working is unshaken by them. This i must learn from you. Stay blessed.

  21. Hi, Jeff! Thank you for your wisdom and great advice! You’ve inspired me to take action NOW! 🙂

  22. Juanita Parker


    Good morning Jeff! Thanks for your videos and encouragement. I was actually thinking about what media platform to start on when I opened your email, and there you are with my answer. I’m writing ✍️ a book, and preparing to publish a blog from my chapter outline. Great 💡 idea, add a YouTube channel! To build an audience.

  23. Being willing to be vulnerable is a part of this, a lot of people are unwilling to be humble, they want to be polished and perfect right away; this is not possible. You have to be willing to grow, and give yourself permission to learn. Gradually you acquire focus, and polish, it takes time and genuine investment in your field.

  24. Hi Jeff – The video is very timely, as you know. I’m going to try to overcome the gravitational force field of perfectionism (and fear of failure) and start a blog. Your video underscored to me that I have a great backstory and plenty of authority to claim. Will the universe answer me? It’s a big step that will give clues as to what the reader wants! And there truly is only one way to find out so, thanks for the supportive push!!!!.

  25. I love this video, especially your example of being a stranger at a cocktail party. I finally seed launched my first program and the participants are so very kind about the learning curve I’m going thru! I’m so glad I didn’t wait, or plan the whole thing out perfectly ahead of tim. I realized after listening to this video from you that I’m over-stressing about my list capture because I wanted it to be the best possible list capture. I’m going to finish one today! Next task- warm up my cold list by not waiting to write the perfect “hi again and here’s something of value” email!
    Chelsea Wakefield

  26. I’m a 64 year old Montessori teacher. I plan to retire from the classroom this summer. At that time I intend to tutor students individually and continue with painting. I paint in oils and watercolors and sell from time to time. So I have two businesses to launch.
    Right now I barely have time and energy to paint at all, much less begin a business. I have done a great deal of ground work but still have much to do. My question is about when do I begin? If I wait until summer when I have the time and energy should I expect it to take many months before making a viable income? Can afford to wait until summer?

  27. I think people can get caught up thinking they have to keep finding more and more new content. Yet when we stop and look, we can often find that we already have a wealth of content created which can be repurposed from different perspectives. That also helps to stay in niche.

  28. learning never ends in life. I worked in IT, mainly because learning never ends so many innovations, that you’re always learning new things – you can never get bored. I am a perfectionist however, and it has caused me to procrastinate in my new ventures outside IT. If we’re not growing or learning, then we’re stagnant/dead.

    Thanks for sharing Jeff.

  29. Thank you Jeff for all the valuable stuff. I´ll keep in mind: perfection is just a fancy word for procrastination. Great

  30. Thanks Jeff. Easy and comprehendible! Love your generosity and authenticity. You are a roll model when it comes to speaking as well since you actually use melody. That is something people starting out making videos are super scared of or and just do not know how to handle. I f you think of grown ups literally what the word says all grown ups are big children and needs to be adressed that way in order to keep he attention and interest up. That´s how our brains are wired. I really like all the good stuff you are sharing!!!

  31. Jeff, Can you believe that “there is no such thing as coincidence” Just 10 minutes ago I sent you an email, referencing your earlier email about “Rim World”. This has happened a number of times over the past 3 years since my ‘calling’ to write a book. I hope sometime to tell a few of them. There are times to KNOW of your message and the PATH are all meant to be. My DESTINY is the life my journey is taking me. Ah, how SWEET IT IS! Ray

  32. Hahaha! “Perfectionism is just a fancy way to procrastinate!” Pretty much defines me. Thank you! 🙂

  33. Thank you so much, Jeff!

    My first face book post was not that great, but you have encouraged me to jump back out
    there. I so appreciate everything you do for us!!!


  34. Thanks Jeff for the reminder that it’s all about the conversation. Enter into the conversation that’s already taking place. Great words of wisdom!

  35. Hi Jeff,

    Just sat down to write a short post for LinkedIn and spotted this video from you.
    Yes sir. Got to take that first step… again.
    About 8 years ago, I stopped doing my video-mail campaigns, which I’d been very consistent with for a good 10 years. You’re right, not too many people followed it but enough did that it generated connections and a small stream of video production work.
    I’ve repositioned myself now… what’s the new phrase? Ah yes… “pivoted” to being “Jared, your Video Presentation and Production Coach.” I need to fully internalize that identity and just start getting these video posts and video emails out there.

    Thanks for the nudge, Jeff.

    Jared Silver

  36. I remember back when I started this business 6 years ago, I made a vow to myself to write my newsletter every weekend no matter what. That’s what it took to get me started… and I would write about my week and what I had learned and offer tips to my audience. I thought no one was reading until after a year I took a week off and people wrote in to see why there was no newsletter! You never know who is listening and watching…… thanks for the perspective Jeff! Simple and powerful 🙏🏻

  37. So true, Jeff–I have been plagued by this perfectionism/ procrastination for a long time. I have a folder of newsletter article ideas on my computer, with 1/2-3/4 written articles languishing until they were out of date at least with where I was, and maybe my “market” too.

    Now in PLF, I sent out a newsletter about Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the theme that her life’s work for equal justice under the law made her a personal ally or sister with the women in my tribe, since we were all wanting to heal ourselves so we could more effectively contribut to the balanced empowerment of women!

    The effect of me going ahead and sending this out was that I experienced MORE DEEPLY the energy of my “tribe” and the “purpose” of my business. It connected not only my readers but ME into that field that RBG had contributed to so powerfully.


  38. Darlene Atkinson


    Hi Jeff, First, You make it seem so easy to record and sent out videos, You are calm and super great with your words, I hear lot of people, my thoughts are why should I even start look, there so many people that vert great at publishing. You have trouble spelling words, little long publish anything.
    Jeff, I am guessing but I am already in my middle 60’s you most likely younger than myself.
    At you are so great at helping all these people out. Jeff, I came from employment back ground
    because of this I know I am my worse enemy because of all these thought which 80% are just excuses within myself. So just a post to say thank you for these great videos.

  39. norman t sowell sr


    Jeff, you communicate in a way that is so easy to understand. I’m no longer stuck. Thank you.

  40. Grazie al tuo incoraggiamento ho deciso di trasformare la mia piccola falegnameria in uno studio televisivo dove io racconto con canzoni e mostre dei miei lavori la trasformazione stessa .visto che non ho ancora l’eta` per ritirarmi e sono un po stanco per faticare.

  41. Hi Jeff. Thank you for this. I’m struggling with getting the conversation going because I never get a reply when I asked to write back, or leave a comment.
    Is there a secret in how to get people to reply?
    Thank you so much!

  42. Yes, you inspired me to publish, and yes, it’s really bad, “really rugged”. Looking ahead to years from now when I can laugh about it and feel proud of what I’m currently publishing. Thanks!

  43. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to such a few conscious people, it’s like preaching the choir when the congregations do even know they are in pain nor where the pain is coming from. They settle for being STUCK and surrender. This was me before I tapped into the Direct Knowledge some say is from the Akasha, from the ether, from intuition and from GOD. I s ay it comes from CONSCIOUSNESS and I have done the work to prove it. What I know is I worked my assedness off to gain the Wisdom, Intelligence, Knowledge and Information that now defines my calling and my purpose. Sharing the WIKI (TM) and all that I create with it as a DeSign Scientist, a term I chickened in to avoid the Spiritual Science moniker that it really is, doing so not to disturb the slumber nor create more confusion.
    This is my story with 73 years of back and black hi- stories to tell and to sell as I serve with all my heart and soul. I am not stuck but I am also not free. Until I begin to free others then I will let myself out of my confinement of ‘never giving up until I transform the lives of 1,000,000 souls at least’. And if I go back to SOURCE-HOME before I reach my mark there will be a system in place to continue my legacy. That then makes me eternal. To know that the system I create will create my legacy is my engine. Who else can I talk to about the crisis we are in and the aftermath of prosperity that follows we are not preparing for. How to use the WIKI I have cultivated as a DIY program that works is the journey. I have foreshadowed technology that is emerging and extensions of it to last generations. The community is already there they just do not know it yet. LOVE will bring us all into one LOVING GRAND holistic community as we prepare it with this unfair advantage of knowing the journey, and the destination before we take it.
    And as I write this diatribe today on October 11. 2020 I acquired my first consulting client through my website. I celebrate this gift and I am Happy. The system works. It’s about quality not quantity for my BRAND. I feel comfortable in sharing my heart with whoever reads this STORY. Thank You! And be blessed too!

  44. Jacqueline Boyd-Vassell


    Jeff, I feel positive having listened to you. You are genuine and speak from the heart. This shows on your face. I can assure you that you have motivated me to get started.

  45. Agreed that publishing *something* is a great first step. I had to take a step back from that to first plan how my approach would be but as I’ve started to publish it does get easier!

  46. Love your substantive tips and your inspiration. Motivating as usual. Thanks so much. Love and light,


  47. These videos were great and I needed that extra push. I am trying to learn so much about how tech works, ie., how to upload a video from my cell to the internet?? Have no idea, so I am going to send written copy for now. I discovered that all of the names I had thought of for a domain were taken so I am going to start a business group page on FB called Peggy Is Surviving PTSD. I have no idea if it will work or get any response, but it is better than nothing. I’m going to post a message on my personal FB page and see if anyone responds. Many of those people don’t know I have PTSD so it is scary for me in more ways than one. I’ve taken the position of I really don’t care if they don’t understand, but people who have this or know someone who has this will connect right away with the sentiment expressed and my willingness to put myself out there in order to help them. This is not therapy. It is surviving while therapy takes it’s course. Thank you for these videos.

  48. I think that comment on taking the first step and not worrying about the others, is probably the single most important thing people need. You can have an end desire (the big picture), but forget about the details. Things unfold as you move. You don’t need to know what to do until you reach that point.

  49. Hi Jeff
    Really enjoyed your video on Publishing. Thank you. The second step will become apparent when you have taken the first step really resonated with me.
    Much appreciated.

  50. Great words of encouragement. Taking the first, second steps do take time and I agree it is important to focus on the present time. The first step won’t be perfect, but it will answer questions about your approach and the impact it has on your target market.

  51. Thanks for your always upbeat, sincere support, guidance and strong, gentle nudges, Jeff. I’d also like to compliment you for smiling with your eyes. That makes such a difference with your videos. Thanks!
    I’m struggling with what to offer beyond the 1:1 coaching I love doing and have been for years.

  52. Really sound advice as usual Jeff, and I’ve acted on it. I have published my first two ‘articles’ one was a resource for folk starting out and the second was my ‘backstory’ in the form of my first Newsletter. I have a bonus ‘cheat sheet’ ready to go to augment my first article and I’m halfway through writing the follow up to my first article. I have started to engage with my audience and so far I have aimed to provide value by making my resources available FOC and answering their questions (which I have encouraged them to ask). I am thoroughly enjoying the process and getting a kick out of sharing my knowledge. I am in a saturated market, so I guess my USP is me! I’m doing my best to write in a conversational style and to be honest, open and approachable.
    I don’t have a website yet, that’s just a step to figure out!
    Thanks a million for all your help, advice and motivation. The masterclass was just that, an absolute masterclass in the true sense of the word! Thank you Jeff. Best regards, Anthony.

  53. Hi Jeff,

    Especially when starting out, we need to imagine that we are infants who’ve been placed on the floor — on their stomach — for the first time.

    They don’t even take a “baby step” (yet), they don’t really judge or analyze what is going on. They just move. Before they know it, they’re crawling, standing, teetering, walking and then running.

    Business is the same, especially when we shut off the judgemental/analytical part of our brain and focus on leaning what happens when we take action.

    Thanks for sharing this important information; we all get stuck at times whether we’re just starting out, or been in business for 48 years.

  54. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I am really helped so much by this unstuck series. So grateful!

    One day I’ll be a case study in a PLF owner who finally stepped in, and launched! Soon!

  55. Victoria Carson


    Thanks for this video, Jeff – I’ve been so frozen and stuck! First it was because I was terrified to be on camera – I’m getting over that now. Now I’m writing content and terrified to publish it. Geez! This is stuff I’ve been learning for the past 16 years and want to share with others, but every possible gremlin is coming out of the woodwork (nobody will see it; nobody will want to read it; people will criticize it; I’m not online business savvy enough, blah, blah, the list goes on and on!).

    I’m going to watch this video as many times as it takes to go live on FB and IG and launch my first course idea.

  56. Really great stuff Jeff! I’m not one to hand out complements unless I’m really moved. Your stuff always seems to rise to the top of like time and time again. It’s that smile! And genuineness that shines through. Thank you for this series and all your other work. You’re one of the best!

  57. You’re totally right. Sometimes we struggled to publish because we are looking for the perfect copy, the perfect video, etc. however the most important thing is to put it into action.

  58. “Perfection is nothing but just a fancy word for procrastination”. So apt and nicely put. Thanks Jeff for an eye opener.
    Things are moving so fast, evolving, and transcending limitations and expectations. What is trending soon becomes yesterday’s trend at the blink of an eye.
    I am so thankful for this warning and alert, lest things pass us by without us even realizing it.
    I kinda of feel that some imperfections sets a tone of showing that we are all vulnerable and brings forth compasssion, cooperation and collaboration and less focus on the survival of self alone.
    Indeed we must move fast, be decisive and act. That is the best opportunity we give ourselves.
    My thanks again to Jeff for consistently sharing his gems of wisdom.

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