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I did my first launch in 1997, but it wasn’t until 8 years later that I discovered something that made my business explode.

I know “explode” might sound a hypey, but looking back, that’s really what it felt like. 

Suddenly, I went from making slow and steady progress, to experiencing quantum leaps forward… from knowing 10% more than anyone about launches, to knowing 10 TIMES more.

How did this happen?

In a word, community.

And the power of community can help you create these kinds of quantum leap-level “explosions” in your own business, too.

No community of your own? That’s okay, I’ll tell you how you can plug into the wisdom of mine. 

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5 Replies to “From Incremental Growth to Quantum Leaps”

  1. Linda Wells


    Yes, I think I am definitely at the making slow and steady progress in my business, nice clients, little bit of growth – but not exploding yet. Can’t wait to keep learning to get to that stage.

  2. The principle is quite simple. Be the first one to do something – a product, service, a method, a guide… wherever – (or act like it) and start a community around it. I’m from Brazil and here we have many examples of it. The community starts to evolve by itself and naturally if you were the person who creates it, the merit goes all to you

  3. delara karkan


    Dear Jeff
    I am a fan!
    I am a physician and an expert in pharmacology and alternative medicine. I want to start coaching people on dealing with adverse drug reactions healthily. I would like to know if you have a system that works for me to set up my program.
    Can you kindly let me know my options?
    Many thanks

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