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Hardcover vs. Kindle?

Books are on my mind right now… probably because my new edition of “Launch” is going to be released in just a few days.

Really though, reading and books are always on my mind – I’m always reading, and I’ve usually got at least two books going at any time. 

This week's video is about a couple things, including some of my reading strategies and why I sometimes buy hardcover books, sometimes Kindle editions… and sometimes both.

I also talk about what’s new in my updated and enhanced version of “Launch”, along with the $348 in extra bonuses you’ll get if you pre-order the book.

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17 Replies to “Hardcover vs. Kindle?”

  1. I have pre-ordered both hardcover and Kindle versions and did so before seeing this week’s video. We seem to be in sync as to why. Good luck, Jeff!


    • Scott,
      I didn’t know you were a Jeff Walker follower! Me too! I got the hardcover and the audible version. And will probably get the kindle too be fore all is done.
      We do have a lot in common con’t we!

  2. Hi Jeff
    Pradeep Khetpal from India can’t seem to find the new Launch in
    Wanted to pre order the same
    Great luck anyways

  3. Me too, if I’m reading to learn, printed copy and usually hard cover or paperback if available. Especially if I plan to mark up a book while reading and hang onto it for future reference. Fiction, quick reads and nothing I want to pass along to someone else? Digital is a-okay. I do love the experience of holding a physical book and turning a paper page.

  4. I am about to head over to the site and pre-order my copy. I’ll likely do only the hard copy for now. I get so much out of Jeff’s teachings that I prefer the hard copy so that I can highlight, dog-ear, underline, make notes, etc. His products are not something I tend to give away, but will share content that I’ve learned with others. Wishing everyone success on your respective launches.

  5. I am very excited for this book & upcoming seminar intake; it is the right time and place for our business, and I’m thankful that the stars have aligned to be in your orbit at this moment! (Thanks to the recommendation of Denise Duffield Thomas, whom I admire very much)!

  6. Already preordered the kindle, just grabbed the hardcover too–didn’t realize there was one available and I like a hard copy of non-fiction too. And I’ve gotten so much value from your training, excited to have both versions.

  7. I went on to pre-order – but there was no link to any book. Help,-please! (Could it be that I am in Canada?)

  8. I ordered the hard cover. I am not a fan of hard cover books because just like you said the kindle version is so much easier. You can also make the text bigger. The hard cover is too small of text for my aging eyes. Will be picking up the kindle version and the audio book as well.

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