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Writing a book can be a quick and powerful way to boost your authority. 

But when 97% of non-fiction books never sell more than a thousand copies, and with books generally viewed as outdated within weeks of publication…

How can you write one you’re sure will stand the test of time, positioning you as a standout “go-to” expert in your niche for years to come?

Meet Chris Ducker.

Chris and I have both published books that not only continue to sell thousands of copies every year, but they’ve also fueled our businesses. 

And during this conversation, you’ll discover the strategies we used to turn our books into powerful business tools, including:

– The mindset to have when writing your book to help ensure that it never goes out of fashion

– Why Chris uses his books to collect stories, not sales

– The advice Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House Publishing, gave me about writing a bestseller

– How your book can lead your readers into your high ticket offers (around half the folks in my high-end mastermind came via my book)

– And much more.

If you want to be seen as an expert in your niche or are thinking about publishing a book, you’ll love my conversation with Chris. 

P.S. Chris’s book Rise of the Youpreneur has been so successful, he’s released a second edition, and it comes with some awesome bonuses worth over $150.00.

You can grab a copy for just 99 cents before 11pm on Saturday, January 28th. 

Get all the details here:


Jeff and Chris engage in a conversation about language differences between Americans and the British. Jeff mentions how he writes down the English phrases Chris uses, while acknowledging that there are American expressions that amuse Chris as well. They discuss phrases like “cheap and cheerful” that are not commonly used in the United States. Jeff reveals that due to his familiarity with American culture from years of traveling, he rarely encounters language barriers with his American friends. However, when he does, he humorously advises them to Google unfamiliar phrases.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of books and their impact on business. Jeff emphasizes that being a published author is a powerful way to establish oneself as an expert. He shares examples from his own experience, highlighting how his books have contributed to the growth of his businesses. He mentions the success of “Virtual Freedom” in increasing staff members and the positive impact of “Rise of the Youpreneur” on course sales.

They further discuss the advantages of books, including their ability to create valuable relationships and serve as an entry point for potential customers. Jeff notes that a significant portion of his Mastermind group participants initially discovered him through his book. They also touch on the challenge of tracking book sales but emphasize the value of the connections formed through the book.

Towards the end, they reflect on the advice Chris Brogan once gave to Jeff, stating that writing a book is about establishing authority rather than making money. They both agree that travel expands one's perspective, just like having an online business does. They conclude the conversation by discussing the evolving landscape of the publishing industry and the potential changes it may undergo in the future.

Overall, Jeff and Chris share insights into language differences, the impact of books on business success, and the transformative power of travel. They emphasize the value of being a published author for establishing expertise and building connections, while also acknowledging the changing nature of the publishing industry.

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