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Let's go into into a topic that many tend to shy away from – sales and selling. For a long time, I was far from comfortable with this concept for a lengthy stretch of time. My creation of the online product launch and the Product Launch Formula® in the 90s was a testament to this discomfort. The goal was to charm potential customers with compelling marketing to the point where they didn't just want to buy, they felt they had to. This, in essence, is what a successful product launch can achieve. However, over the years, one truth emerged louder and clearer than anything else – to thrive in business, you must master selling.

A Transition From Income to Impact

If your primary focus is to help and make an impact, that's commendable. I completely understand and resonate with this sentiment. When I was just starting out, my needs were simple – I needed to find a way to support my family during a challenging period. But as my success began to grow and my initial goals were met, the focus started to shift from income to impact. This shift led to a powerful realization – not only is it important to get good at selling and feel comfortable with it, it is incredibly so.

The Intersection of Compliance, Consumption, and Sales

Another concept to consider is compliance and consumption. Post acquiring a client, to genuinely help them, you must ensure that they consume your training or coaching and comply with the steps outlined. Without the application of the imparted knowledge, the coaching will be for naught. Interestingly, the path to consumption and compliance starts even before the selling process. It commences with your marketing strategy where you strive to have potential clients consume your marketing message and gear up for compliance when you're ready to make your offer.

The Power of Making a Compelling Offer

Sales may be uncomfortable for many, but it is an integral part of making an impact. The essence of sales is making a compelling offer. When done right, when you leave it all out on the field, you are serving your potential clients. You are working hard to bring them into your world, for them to start consuming and complying so that you can work with them on a deeper level. But this depth of interaction is impossible unless they become your clients, and for that to happen, you need to excel at sales.

Sales: The Lifeblood of Business and Client Success

Sales is not just the lifeblood of your business, it's also critical for your future clients. They need you, and for you to be able to extend your helping hand, you need to be adept at sales. So, let's hit the ground running and make a difference this week. As always, I'm Jeff Walker, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Feel free to scroll down and leave a comment for me.

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