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Sooner or later, something happens to everyone who's been in business long enough. 

You put your offer together, plan your promotion… and then your launch falls flat. 

But there’s good news – nearly every launch can be revived and saved. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

So when your promotion goes awry, here’s what to do…

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21 Replies to “What to Do When Things Go Wrong”

  1. Suzi Seddon


    I am so pleased you talked about ‘what to do when things go wrong’. I can’t get anything to work on multiple offers. I have worked with 3 different coaches over the past 3 years. The possibilities of what is wrong seem endless and no I’m not changing them all at once! I know I am in the business of tweaking but I’m so fed up 🙁

    • Hi Jeff
      Unfortunately, I do not understand some of your sentences because my language is Persian. Please subtitle your video or publish the text of your video.
      Thank you very much

  2. Thanks for this Jeff – your timing is impeccable. This is happening in our launch right now, and unfortunately, it’s not the tech. We’re just about to add two (hopefully) powerful bonuses and see if that helps before we close cart tomorrow. And as you say, it’s about the offer and the copy. Even though things have worked in the past, things are changing and we have to keep improving and adjusting.

  3. Dave Phillips


    Dear Jeff, thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I find your knowledge and style very inspiring and its helping me with ideas for my new hot sauce business.
    take care, Dave

  4. Bill O'Brien


    Thank you, Jeff. I will take your advice this week about going over the offer and the copy.
    I would appreciate some feed back on this: I am haunted by something Bill Baren said a few years ago. He said if you’re not getting the response you want, it’s for one of two reasons. I forget the first reason:) but the second one is that you are offering a product that people don’t want. I am a Consciousness Coach. That’s a term I created to modernize the image of a spiritual director. There is supposed to be a vast field of people who are spiritually hungry. I have 102 of them on my email list. I have been sending them a consciousness raising message, called Wisdomkeepers, for free, several times a week for six years. On any given day about half of them open it. Not always the same half. They do not respond in any great numbers to course offerings. Do you agree with Bill Baren and do you think nobody wants what I’m offering. I am very good at what I do and 99% of those who deal with me agree with that. Before launching my latest course I asked the group what they might like. Nobody responded. So I did what I wanted to do which is a course designed to give people the experience of being one with nature. I presented it as an important step in motivating ourselves to do something about the climate crisis. Two people signed up @ $197.00 for 8 weeks. I could rename myself as something like a Spiritual Life Coach. That might get more response but it feels like a step backward for me. I would be grateful for your thoughts or your coaches’ thoughts. Thank you.

  5. All of this makes sense trying to create a link with prospects, informing, satisfying and securing the sale it requires being honest with yourself, accepting that it can be improved and seeking to improve your offer – Thank you Jeff

  6. I love your videos! I’m nowhere near launching but watching your videos helps me understand the foundation I need to lay and informs the actions I will take. Thank you fir your generosity.

  7. Thank you for your message I really needed to hear this. I had a failed launch a year ago and fell into a state of “failure” this has encouraged me to revisit it.

  8. Mor Maty Seck


    It’s good news to be able to relaunch successfully. I see that you haven’t spoken to us about seasonality. Is it really important? I have to launch a new condom. What do you suggest for me to do well on television?

  9. Toni Narins


    I’ve had this happen, but am stuck on the copy to use to get them to act NOW. When it comes to people’s health, it seems that “later” is the preferred time to deal with it — after the caca hits the wind machine and the doctor then tells them they need some heroic measures – rather than taking some simple steps now to prevent a catastrophe. Got any tips for how I can get people to actually do something simple now to prevent a bigger problem later?

  10. Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate the narrow focus and specifics in your video this week. Timely for me. My work is still one on one because I know I need a recognizable success path that people recognize as a solution to pain, and path to pleasure. You are masterful in showing this to potential PLF buyers.

    I would be interested in your insights about the failure to have a provable (to potential participants) success path as a key reason for launch failures. That is, potential buyers don’t believe that the solution offered solves their pain/will produce desired pleasure. Or, they don’t believe that they will be successful using the solution.

    The advantage of one-to-one coaching is the benefit of an intuitive relationship-centered process. The disadvantage is not having a success path applicable for many that makes online business profitable.

  11. Douglas Daniel


    Jeff, I have been watching your videos with admiration since I joined your Platinum Mastermind back in 2011. I can say with confidence that this is your best. I certainly want every member of my team watch it. The point that really resonated with me was whom to ask to review your content. It is a major mistake to ask friends or relatives for input, but the biggest mistake is to ask a ‘professional’ who does not know your market segment or your avatar(s). They can be quite self-confident and convincing because what they say worked in some other niche, not yours.

    Also, your advice about not feeling defeated is extremely well targeted for me, specifically… thanks. —DWD

  12. Linda Illsley


    Jeff this was so good to hear as I prepare for my next launch, the fear of what do I do if I get crickets is a bit quieter now that I listened to this video.! thank you for the tips…love the emergency webinar idea

  13. Ann Brucker


    Great reminder as I got lost in the weeds on tech when I discovered iMovie updated and so I can’t get my videos to edit sounds until upgrade and hope I don’t lose any of my video work and then realize I need my seed video pieces all on one video before loading… wanted to run and throw a fit..but I kept going towards a solution as I have no time to waste ..I’m sitting in the Seed Launch runway.. with my tech stall out… But then remembered why I’m doing this for my people – to have fulfilled lives creatively, so taking a Sabbath today and back at it tomorrow.

  14. Tracey Worth


    Mahalo Jeff,
    That’s such great advice and still at the same time a practical solution.
    If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. Never give up! Aloha, Tracey

  15. I am so moved Jeff, about everything you shared in this video. It serves as future insights when I need it most. Fortunately, I have not experience a launch that went wrong, simply due to the fact that I am still preparing for my first one utilizing your great Product Launch Formula system!

  16. Jeff,

    Really loved this article. Especially since I just had the experience you discussed. Love to hear more about how to fix this, especially if its months since your launch disaster. Also a PDF checklist would be lovely.

  17. David H. Lawrence XVII


    Such great basic advice on that first check. I take the tech test one step further – I actually go through a complete money purchase the night before the cart opens, so I can also test the on-boarding process, making sure my cart charges the right amount, the upsells and bumps work, that the cart then sends successful customer purchases to the right welcome page on my site. It’s easy to immediately refund the purchase (I usually have my VA or Betsy purchase the product) – even if it’s several thousand dollars, as my two biggest ticket items are. It’s really worth that final test.

  18. I also like that you adress this challenge! Because it’s always presented as so easy to start an online-course. But nobody tells you that, right you might sell on your first launch – but the NOT sell on your second… AND if you do not know that, it is easy to give up. Instead of making a better PR-round for your third launch! And then KICK again!. Sp thank you for the pep1

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