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I just wrapped up my first ever virtual PLF Live event. More than 2,200 people registered (from 70 countries!)… we had to improvise a lot, and it definitely wasn’t “perfect”. Here are my big takeaways…

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42 Replies to ““Scrappy” is the New Perfect”

  1. Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley


    Hey Jeff. Just wanted to pop in and say: You’re awesome! Keep pivoting, learning, and being real.

  2. Jeff sounds like your virtual PLF Live went well. I so wish I could have been a part of it. As I said before, I am 72 years old and have been teaching people of all ages how to play the guitar for over 40 years now. I have an website where I offer free lessons and market a few products. However, I have a complete step by step video course I have been giving away to people who sign up to my mailing list. I feel like I should be selling this course instead of giving it away as a freebie. What are your thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Sam, yes, absolutely sell your video course (using PLF formula) – stop giving it away for free! Maybe create a PDF “guitar tips sheet” to give away free, as an incentive to sign on to your list. But a step-by-step video course (if you believe it’s awesome and know it works), should be a course you sell. Wishing you lots of luck, now take action :-))

      • Hi Christine. Thanks for your advice. I really apprecite it. The video course I have put together is a step-by-step guitar course for beginners. It’s the same course I have successfully taught locally to my students for over 40 years. And yes, it absolutely works. Any other thoughts or comments would be welcomed.

        • You are giving the farm away. Lol I agree with Christine! Sell your course. Give away a pdf introduction to playing guitar and then sell them your course. How many modules in your course? Videos & worksheets? I have an online course teaching calligraphy. I give a beautifully done pdf pages on the tools needed to do calligraphy for their emails. Works well!! Do well on selling your guitar lessons!!

          • Hi Diane, nice to hear from you. Thanks so much for your imput. I sincerely appreciate it. My step-by-step beginner course of learning guitar consists of 38 step by step video lessons along with some bonuses such as a chord chart of the most used chords on guitar and more. . I like the idea you are using with offering a pdf pages via emails. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

    • Dear Sam,
      I attended the PLF Live Virtual Edition and can confirm that it was amazing!

      Here are my two quick thoughts, after having read your comment:
      1. Since you’re watching Jeff’s blogs, my guess is that you are on his email list already. Please do yourself a favor and sign up for his Masterclass, the next time he offers it. And then – if you get the slightest value out of it – sign up for his PLF Course. That’s what I did in November 2016, and it completely changed my life, my business and my future.

      2. Your comment made me curious to check out your offer. It sounds too good to be true! And since I’m actually considering taking up guitar again, 25+ years after I played it pretty decently, I’m guess I could call myself one of your potential customers. However – I tried to sign up for your newsletter THREE times with two different email addresses, but was denied all three times. My guess is that tech issues like that causes a LOT of people, who could be interested, to find their teacher elsewhere. So – please look into you current page and check if you can fix the problem. It’s no use having the world’s best offer, if people can’t buy it. Or – even worse – get it for free.

      I wish you the best! And – like everyone else has said already – sell your knowledge! FREE often comes across as “worthless”.

      Good luck and best regards,
      Oslo, Norway

      • Hi Irina, first I would like to thank you for your input. Sorry to hear you were not able to access my 38 free video lessons. Here is the link to my hompage where you should be able to get access to the lessons:
        Let me know what you think. Would you mind providing me the link where you tried to sign up for what you call my newsletter? I’m not aware I have a link for the newsletter any longer. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.

        • Hey Sam, just has a peep at your website – looks great, very comprehensive, lots of information and a long list of testimonials, which is always good!👍🏽
          I also popped onto your YouTube channel (from the menu list via your website) and watched around 5 mins of this video and I have to say, your teaching style looks incredibly easy and relaxing to follow, making the tall order of learning to play guitar seem like so much more achievable than it could otherwise seem for so many people!
          My other observation from this page is that you have more than enough presence and visual credibility to increase your fee for your ‘beginner guitar lessons roadmap’ from $27 to $97, and maybe you then sell your 38 video lesson course for $497?
          In agreement with Irina’s comment that ‘free often comes across as worthless’, I would add that ‘cheap’ can also have a similar effect.
          An important point to remember is that people who have a burning desiring to learn to play guitar – especially those who have tried unsuccessfully before – and are ready to take action WILL pay for confidence and results. All the very best of success with your business Sam😊

          • Thanks very much for your imput. I have some thinking to do on this, but I totally agree about the pricing of my courses. I believe you right on. By the way, sounds like you may play guittar?

  3. I have been to Live, to Launchcon and now have been at virtuel. The expierience was much much beter then I would have expected before. Sure, there is room for improvement, but you did it. I learned from scrappy, and I learned from how you used technics. And as ever with Live and Launchcön with virtual also ideas popped up, that will provide us with money as soon as we will be acting on those. I still am waiting for the printed workbook to arrive, that is pure gold for me.

  4. I was so excited that I might be able to join this after all, from the UK, but couldn’t do the Friday. I wish I had been able to, and I’m so pleased for you and all who made it that it went well. Thank you for your good humour and helpful insight.

  5. Carlos Akira Higuti


    Congratulations, Jeff Walker!
    PFL live online due to the pandemic!
    I hope this pandemic will be over by December, when Erico Rocha will hold the live event of the Launch Formula in Brazil! And I hope to be there and be able to participate live and in person at this event! Congratulations one more time!

  6. I really hope you consider holding virtual events in the future. This was the most amazing well-done virtual event of any sort that I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t have even imagined it possible. And it massively exposed people to the Real World and Launch Life, that never would have had this opportunity before. Myself included. You could totally take this to 10,000 people next time

    Please don’t stop once the pandemic subsides

    • Thanks for this reminder, Jeff. I work in a field (with lots of well-funded public agencies and utilities) where I am often competing against large consulting firms that often steal from smaller consultants, polishing their ideas and selling them as their own. I know because I used to be a Market Sector Leader for a global consulting firm where I was taught to do this. For years, I couldn’t get anyone to agree to speak on an online event because there was so much money being made from live event sponsorships, so our live event competitors would spread nasty rumors about cybersecurity risks and other risks associated with virtual events. Now, of course, everyone is an expert on virtual events, right? Several organizations have already turned their live events virtual – and I can see where they have made a lot of mistakes. I just finished recording 24 extraordinary sessions that we will release as part of a four-day event that combines the content with conversation and community in a “bubble of awesomeness” – and it will NOT BE PERFECT – but hopefully will be good enough to demonstrate how different a virtual event can FEEL when the focus is in the community more than on the speakers, sponsors, and how much money the hosts can make. Revenue is important, but covid reminds us that money really isn’t everything. Community matters more.

  7. Scrappy is the new perfect – it’s authentic, it’s real, PLF Live 2020 was simply the best!! I’m grateful it was virtual as I wouldn’t have attended otherwise. I hope a virtual option is always an option. It was perfect – I was at home (1 am Sydney, Australia start time) yet those of us Downunder (Australia & New Zealand) connected to help each other stay awake, get up on time, etc. and still continue to support and encourage one another. Our wonderful group would not have all ‘met’ if PLF 2020 wasn’t virtual. PLF Live is one of the best events I have attended. There is so, so much to be thankful for. In 2019 I joined PLF but because I got to attend PLF Live 2020 and also have a wonderful support group I know that I will launch this time around! Thank you – I know it’s going to be a life changer! Can’t wait to launch! Exciting times!

  8. Great video Jeff, you summed it up wonderful. Just take the steps necessary to make things happen.
    All the best 🙏

  9. Thank you Jeff, huge gift to many. We are perfect in our all our imperfections! To be authentic is the new normal, vulnerable, sincere and powerful all at once!

  10. Rose Phillips


    I came to PLF Live as a guest and it has really fired me up to get started with my new business – just wanted to say thank you!

  11. Congratulations Jeff!! Really Appreciate you. You are so right Scrappy is the New Perfect. Was a great event. The energy, the great and like minded people. The case studies. I am super happy to be part of this great group. Looking forward to celebrate more success.
    I bought your book. Studying also with it. Love it. Thank you.!!

  12. I was at PLF Live, I loved it. I you had told me a month ago that I’d spend 24 hours on Zoom over a weekend, finishing each day at 1.00am (I’m in the UK), I’d would have laughed. But I did and it was awesome. I learned so much and I’m so excited now to continue with the PLF coaching program and get my course launched. Thank you Jeff and your team for thinking outside the box and getting PLF Live done.

  13. Jeff—You are absolutely the King of Authenticity so it doesn’t surprise me that this new scrappy=perfect atmosphere we are currently in works so well for you. I love that PLF Live went so well this year. It gives me much encouragement for what is possible in my own world.

  14. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend — I was teaching online on Friday. And you are definitely right about scrappy being perfect. We’re all learning! Thank you, and I hope you’ll think about doing the event virtually in the future, too. 🙂

  15. I completely participated in the whole PLF LIVE event all weekend long. It was very good, intense at times but didn’t miss a moment. Great group and hands on learning to launch my course. I really enjoyed meeting with others when we shared our thoughts and ideas for our business with each other on the topic at hand. I almost wished there was more time for this segment! It was awesome!! I wished we could reconnect with those people to get to know each other better! Normally I network at events. There was a lot of knowledge to take in along with the action tasks….no doubt about it. This was my first PLF LIVE and I hope to attend the next one in person! You were awesome Jeff! You must have been extremely exhausted on Monday. See you in PLF alumni group for our Q&A meetings. Cheers! 🙂

  16. Susan Mamich


    A ground-breaking event! I was so impressed by the innovative use of technology that enabled participants to interact with one another in the “breakout” rooms. We covered a lot of ground content-wise and I enjoyed the guest speakers presentations and feedback from PLF launchers. I even had time to go for a hike and a mountain bike ride during the lunch breaks! Something I wouldn’t have been able to do at a live event!

  17. Thanks Jeff. Because of your video last week I decided to run a virtual Hawaii triathlon training camp. We are usually in Hawaii this time of year and when we couldn’t go I was a bit bummed. But your video last week inspired me to try and see if anyone would sign up for a virtual Hawaii camp and yes I have some campers. So very cool.


  18. Bojanek Joseph


    You just ruined my favorite excuse: I can’t launch my stuff ‘cause it’s not good enough. Strangely, my product is good but I’m worried about my website looking lame and having an embarrassing launch so I just forget about it and get back to the work I have passion for. My priorities are backwards. So now, largely thanks to you, I am promising myself that in 3 days I will offer 1 “product” on my site people can use to improve themselves and I pledge to do it on my lame website with no knowledge of how to launch. I’ll use your Launch book as a guide. I actually participated in your campaign to make it a Best Seller List book so I have a copy. Look how long it took me to honestly open it! I thank you because your work is prompting me to try to improve myself and help others do the same. I encourage people to look at your work and I salute your endeavors!

  19. Great event! I was fortunate to be called upon and coached on day 2. In 3 days, i revised my avatar (ideal client), and how to appeal to them, created a curriculum for a 15 week coaching program for computer techs to teach them my process for protecting their client’s computers from malware and generate recurring revenue in their computer service businesses. Now planning for a launch. Thank you Jeff for an amazing working weekend!

  20. YES!!! That one sentence has been my mantra this spring: Scrappy is the new perfect!

    This was my third PLF LIVE – and the first one I attend virtually! It was an amazing experience – connecting with people and future friends from ALL corners of the world. Brazil, Australia, Portugal, Zimbabwe and the US.

    Let me admit: It DID mess up my sleep pretty bad for a couple of days, due to time zone differences. Still – I wouldn’t have missed it!

    Thank you, Jeff and Team Walker, for making this possible!

    Oslo, Norway 🇳🇴

  21. Hi Jeff,

    An impressive event; you and your team are the new definition of “scrappy”.

    Thank you for making this possible. Looking forward to your next virtual

  22. Adam Boettiger


    Really well-done event – Huge congrats to your team and partners!

  23. Liz Henderson


    Hi Jeff
    As a PLF live attendee who did 3 all-nighters (Australia time zone), I want to tell you it was a fantastic event. It might have been hard for you without the crowds and the buzz, but the energy was there for us as participants. I have connected with many who attended too. So all round, a fantastic way to spend 3 nights!

  24. You are the BEST Jeff. Thank you for your 4-day FREE training you did in April. Thank you for allowing people to see the videos after the class! I benefited tremendously from it. Joining you in the next class!

  25. Reviewing my notes today and was surprised to see how much inspiration I had gotten and recorded in my workbook! Thank you Jeff and team! Your teaching is amazing and I am taking massive action as a result!

  26. Hi Jeff,
    Yeah, you’re right! I’m calling it get us to feeling uncomfortable & live with it’s, like having on uncomfortable clothing or shoes on & you have to live them until you get home🙈

  27. Hi Jeff
    & Team Walker,
    Thank you for making it possible for me to attend by going LIVE virtual.
    Amazing feedback and suggestions within breakout rooms. Worth GOLD.
    NOW in Launch Club.
    Scrappy is happy.
    Cheers Jan

  28. More forgiving combined with the focus on authenticity and connection. If you’re not gonna takeoff on this runway, what could you be waiting for?

  29. Dear Jeff,
    Wow, awesome event! I was attending from Bali, Indonesia, so I stayed up all night, 3 nights in a row! It was worth it! I’m working hard on creating a course in “Residential Mosquito Control”. I’ve been consulting around the world over the past 10 years helping large island resorts, small and large businesses and home owners stop the fogging and spraying of chemical pesticides and achieve superior mosquito control! It has been an amazing journey and I’m really excited about launching my course as soon as possible. The ability to help so many people all around the world is amazing and exhilarating! I’m passionate about what I do because it works and I’d like to spread the word that there is a more effective way to controlling mosquitoes that doesn’t poison people, kill bees, butterflies and fish! Thanks again Jeff! Great Course!!

  30. PLF Live was not the first time I had tried to attend a virtual workshop. It is the first time that I got fully invested in it. Stayed for every part of it. I love scrappy is the new perfect. I’ll never be perfect and figured that having that life was a dream. Now I think I may have found my passion and am willing to spend the time and energy to figure it out! Virtual made that possible. The mistakes and bumps made it engaging and funny and real.

  31. Just an awesome video and always enjoy how transparent Jeff is with his videos! Congratulations on the enormity of your success! Well deserved.

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