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What happens when the world stays home?

Well for one, grocery stores are doing pretty well. Which makes sense – the restaurants are closed, and people still need to eat. 🙂

And for another, people are spending a lot more time in front of their screens. But once they’re done binging on Netflix, what happens next?

Yes, we’re in a pandemic. A lot of people are suffering in many different ways – I think we all know people that are suffering. 

But for people with online businesses, there’s good news that’s starting to roll in…

P.S. Here’s the link I mentioned in the video:

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16 Replies to “When the World Stays Home”

  1. I’d like to see some examples of these coaching businesses that are doing well. All the coaches I know are desperately scrambling to get new business. We need to see some actual examples of this. I want to believe, but you need to show us.

  2. Steven Morgan


    Anyone who believes he can start a successful online business is delusional. All goods and services are being offered online by millions of sellers. Anyone who opens an online business now is a Johnny-come-lately and won’t earn a dime.

  3. In answer to some comments here, I’m one who has been able to move forward with my higher ticket 12-week mentoring program. I decided to add a second session that would begin this week, as I was finishing the previous session last week. I teach my students how to create an online business for themselves as freelance copywriters, or build their existing business by learning the copy and marketing strategies to take it next level. I keep the group small because they get so much interaction with me, including critiques of all the copy they are learning to write. The result is they get good fast! I accept no more than 10 people per session, and as of today have seven spots filled. So…if you pivot your message, show up and serve, you really can continue to have a successful business at the same time you are delivering tremendous value to those you serve.

  4. I have an existing coaching/online business and things are exploding. My webinar and FB Live attendance are 3-10x higher than normal. People are looking for answers, entertainment, and information, so how can you bring it to them in a unique way that no one else is offering? Jeff is spot on. If you think negatively and let the naysayers stop you from taking action and testing new ideas and content you will miss out on one of the greatest opportunities ever facing online marketers and coaches.

      • This is my experience too as an online Coach. I’ve had a spike in sales and so have my clients online businesses. There are HUGE opportunities online WHEN you know how to position yourself and get in front of the right audience.

  5. Dalila Garcia


    Creatives, like writers, graphic designers and social media hosts are continuing to produce. While its true that so many online marketers have flooded the market place even before the pandemic, I’m finding that those I work and partner with—graphic designers, social entrepreneurs— seem to have more time to invest in creative work, community platforms, entrepreneurial efforts and fundraisers. You’re Johnny come lately if you’re looking for a golden goose, probably. But, if you’re building something sustainable, you and I now have the luxury of time, Human Resources and hopefully, a little extra energy, grit and elbow grease because we’re not commenting and grinding away at a job.

    If you don’t have anything to be passionate about or a purpose beyond lining your pockets, this season is probably going to be a bit more grueling for you. On the bright side, You’ll probably appreciate your next nine-to-five more when restrictions are lifted.

    • Dalila Garcia


      Correction: many of us aren’t COMMUTING to grind away at a job…

  6. I always believe when the world shifts a gap is created! If the gap that’s created is something you wish to do or see this as your purpose move forward. Yes, people are afraid to invest in themselves because they uncertain, but that doesn’t mean the world stops. Wherever you are build from that vantage point. Look for what’s needed and be there!
    With Love,

  7. This is very interesting. What did these clients of yours sell?

    That’ll be interesting to hear your pivoting domments.

  8. Louise Bell


    Hi, I’m about to become unemployed in Australia. I’m a just qualified yoga teacher. I’m trying to quickly get qualified as a children’s yoga teacher. I can then put out content to help parents keep the kids engaged.

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