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Lots of would-be business owners get stuck on building out their offer. 

They spend crazy amounts of time building out what they think is the perfect offer. Or the most beautiful portal. Some people even do crazy things like making multiple products or multiple versions at the same time – before they even start making sales.

But before you go through all that work, there’s something much simpler you need to do first…

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29 Replies to “Knowing If They’ll Really Buy (Getting Unstuck pt. 4)”

  1. Jeff..thank you again for taking the time to do these videos…I do not always make the time to watch them, it feels really good when they come into my inbox and I always intend to….anyway, just a note to say thank you for sharing your experiences, as I go through my seed launch, it is really reassuring to hear you speak…it feels like you have this uncanny way to say the right thing for some of the pressure that is building up in me as I get closer to launching, it magically helps me breath again as I got grounded and real again, after hearing what you share….lol! sorry long day of writing my PLC script…so rambling a bit…just wanted to say thanks, for everything

  2. Phyllis Rowan (An Ruarach)


    Jeff, thanks for reminding us to check the wind before we raise our sail!

    • I love it, Jeff. Make sure your product sells before anything else. This videos are gold Nuggets!!!
      Thank you !!!

  3. Thank you Jeff, very important point. I paid the price of not deciding and not getting in to action in several cases. I like the way you deliver it also. I have your book Launch also in my native language, which is Hungarian. Best wishes from Budapest.

  4. Hi Jeff, it’s always a pleasure watching your videos. I am working full time but I’m also writing and publishing in my free time. Thanks to your video, a new idea popped into my mind:-) I’ll try it out. Thanks.

  5. We are trying to sell a product: artsy handbags and accessories. The handbags are unique with designs from emerging artists. Each bag is a limited edition piece of art, signed and numbered and individually hand crafted. It seems that everyone in the launch community is selling a class, not a product. Is this the right vehicle to sell women’s bags?

  6. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this great reminder.

    I’ve been brainstorming how I could apply this to my new project (to be launched in early spring of next year), but I am stuck. Any input would be much appreciated.

    I’m working on a physical product for home decor enthusiasts. More precisely it’s a collection to bring spring into your home by purchasing some home decor objects with a floral/spring theme.

    I want to test it before investing a lot into it.

    My struggle is that, because it is spring related I can’t promote this in autumn/ winter.

    If I test it in early spring I might not have enough time to test and put an order in with the factory to make the products as they require 45 days to make it. I might get the product in summer when spring is over.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  7. Great advice, Jeff. Watching your video, I realized that I’m great at helping everyone else pare down their offer (or their version 1 or even their to-do list) but I’m pretty bad at doing it myself. I need to focus on getting to dollar one – and then build from there. Did it with my grave care business naturally – need to follow this advice intentionally for my PM consulting business.

  8. I’m so eager in making that first sale, but I feel I need to get to that very first milestone of 2 to 3 hundred people on my mail list and I’m very far out of that number that I’m focusing on publishing first, getting content out there and my opt in, before I feel ready to go through the seed launch. Would that make sense?

  9. Jeff,
    Your advice about how to create a business and grow it is invaluable and used by thousands of your followers. I would like to ask your advice about inventions that have patent protection on something that was never used before and is still unknown to the public. For example, imagine that we all learn everything consciously; then somebody has invented a way to learn subconsciously that is five times faster. How to sell such an invention without the second step, i.e. creating a business based on this invention? Most inventors will fail in creating a business since businessmen and inventors belong to two different categories of people.

  10. Love that “ A good plan executed today is way better than a plan executed next week, when the opportunity has past.” #dollarone

  11. Thank you Jeff I’ve been so insecure about getting in front of the camera I don’t know why-during the whole pandemic I was in front of the camera giving advice having interactions with FB fam and I don’t know why all of a sudden I’m camera shy??? C’mon girl get over it as I’m having a conversation with myself:) so thank you again!


  12. Marcelo Kramer


    Perfect timing, Jeff! Thank you so much for this priceless insight! 🙂

  13. Thank you, Jeff.
    Your message today is perfect, because I have some disabling health conditions that I didn’t use to have.
    So I’m learning about today’s self publishing while trying to finish other bits and pieces that go along with the manuscript.
    So… every marketing/webpage webinar or course will need to wait until the Afterwords section for my Novelette is completed. And the first version of the cover. Should be very soon. Many thanks, once again.

  14. Thanks Jeff. So timely for me. I have a coaching client who is stuck in the details right now and while I planned to coach her with similar wisdom, your perspective in these 4 videos gave me some additional tools to get her unstuck.

  15. I think I understand what you are saying and it makes perfect sense, but as an artist the advice is to create a “body of work”. I’ve been testing reactions to some of the pieces and it’s been positive – is that enough?

  16. What fabulous advice. “Just pick and start”, love it. It’s so, so easy to get bogged down in these decisions which seem oh so important at the start and it’s kept me stuck for way too long. I just made that decision. I’ve started. Thank you.

  17. I totally get where you are coming from but I am in the ‘chicken and egg’ situation as in having ‘NO list’ so need to spend 18 months giving away content around the intended product to create the right audience list and THEN doing the seed launch to them, which means it’s going to take 2years !! to actually find out if it was a product that would sell. !!! So I am wobbling, thinking an advert for course guinea pigs about the principle might be a MUCH faster route to see if the product is of interest. Your opinion in this regard would be SOO VERY much appreciated.

  18. Hi Jeff, This really hit home for me! Thank you so much for your insight and experience. My father was an entrepreneur his entire life and taught me a lot. It wasn’t until I began hearing the same advice from experts like you though, that I realized the value each golden nugget holds, and the essence of its truth! I am grateful for you and your generosity beyond measure…thank you!

  19. wow, I am just in this moment that I am scared to launch! seed launch but still I am scared! so it was great to hear you.
    Thank you! 🙂

  20. Jeanne Paglio


    Thank you for that reminder, Jeff. I keep losing sight of that point.

  21. Thankyou Jeff. Process. We need to trust the process and take that first step, whether small or big. Great insight as always.

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