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It’s been more than two years since the pandemic started, and in some ways, life actually seems crazier now… 

But even in darker times, there are still wins to be found. 

So if you’re an entrepreneur who’s turned challenges into victories, now is the time to shine your light and share your positivity with the world.

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20 Replies to “It’s Time to Double Down…”

  1. Rafael Alba


    You Inspiret me to create an online Business, thanks for writting your book and share value videos 🙂

  2. T.Diane Nguyen


    Hi Jeff ! Thank You for the encouraging words and thank You Brendan Buchard : let’s double down on the marketing and any effort to get the word out there, right. And let’s be an example of goodness, right…

  3. Loved your Double Down video, Jeff! Thank you for modeling compassion for the suffering in the world, alongside hope and trust that we can make it better, and we need to step into that challenge. I’m a PLF owner, going slow so far, but inspired to pick up speed and depth now, as a result of your video. xx

  4. Once again, Jeff, you provide inspiration and insight. Now more than ever I’m ready to double down on the goodness. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Richard Langlais


    Thank you, Jeff. I live in Sweden and your message seems even more relevant for us. We have been directly threatened lately by the same monster who is destroying the lives of so many in Ukraine, and we are worried. Your message of good and goodness is one that I will repeat as best I can for all of those in my audiences, and this badness, too, will change, into something good, with time. Take care!

  6. Claire Whelan


    Hey Jeff. Great words. Helping us make sense of the craziness and finding our way forward in this. Thank you, can feel the thoughts and emotions driving your message. Doubling down here we come.

  7. Ilene Gottlieb


    What a lovely message to start my Sunday listening to. And I am so excited that tomorrow I am launching two membership communities!! Thank you for your inspiration and honest, heartfelt words.

    I hold you and your family in my heart with gratitude for your service.

    Blessings of love and gratitude,
    Ilene ~ The Heart Healer

  8. Hey dear Jeff, I ´m from Sao Paulo, Brazil and I´m an Erico Rocha student. Tks for sharing this and yes let´s just double down the offers, the love and the hope as well. May Jesus help all of us. Have a blessed day.

  9. Thank you, Jeff!!! I love your videos and this one especially hits home.

    After choosing to change the trajectory of my life three years ago I have been blessed with so much grace, but also immense challenge on every single level—things have to fall apart before they can be made anew.

    I’m still in the thick of it but what gets me through each day is the belief that I’m doing this not just for myself and my daughter, but also for others challenged by despair and doubt, to be an example of what’s possible in a lifetime.

    This process of being taken apart thread by thread and reckoning with one self-sabotaging belief after another reveals to me how powerful we actually are. We are the creators of our lives.

    If we can keep from being diverted by shame and perfectionism and instead double-down on loving ourselves with all our imperfect parts, we gain access to the power to create what hasn’t been created before.

    Here’s something I recently wrote to myself, “If your mind tells you it’s impossible, then you are on the right track.”

    Much love to you all.

  10. hi Jeff, I love your heartfelt human sincerity, humility and the way you lead by example. You are an inspiration. Thank you ;- )
    Love & light,

  11. Kerryn Joseph Wayow


    Thanks Jeff! You are always an inspiration! And, in this crazy world that we are in, it’s great to follow someone that wants to help others, sharing light and positivity.

  12. Wendy Hardman


    You used the term “doubling down” – I’m not totally sure I know what you mean by it. I can assume it’s doing more, at least twice as much more (doubling) in service and value.
    If I’m missing something please comment.
    I am all for offering super value, and top-notch servicer…if one is maxed out right now, where can the “doubling down” occur?

  13. Throughout history, the human race has really gone through some crazy stuff. But now is probably the time more than ever to be alive and breathing. I feel grateful for my home, my family, and my friends.

    I am super grateful for PLF and just finished the book, helped a client do a 6 figure launch, and now I have a revenue-sharing agreement with them in a short period of time.

    I am so sold on Jeff and will buy the next PLF and I want in on the mastermind. I myself live in Loveland Colorado and can really appreciate Jeff’s personal view on how awesome it is to be a Coloradoan. The Rockies Rock.

    Super Grateful

  14. Freddy Moreno


    History tells us there’s never been a long period of stability for any civilization, and our current problems are the same type problems our first civilization had. What’s kept moving forward and prospering somehow are people like you who keep dreaming for a better civilization, and sometimes picking up the broken pieces, and putting them back together. Thank you Jeff.

  15. Beautiful message! I was opening my Kajabi as you spoke and I got tears in my eyes, yes, DOUBLE DOWN. Love it. It is time to shine brighter and create more impact.

  16. I live in Europe, Lithuania.
    This is what I needed. Let’s make more positive impact than ever!
    Thank you, Jeff!

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