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Here's one simple thing you can do to completely stand out from your competitors…

(I learned this when I had one of those “light bulb” moments in the back row at a seminar – the woman who taught me never knew who I was, or the impact she had on me!)

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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123 Replies to “How to Make Your Competitors Irrelevant”

    • Jeff,
      First of all, a healthy and happy new year to you and your loved ones.
      The video has a simple message and it is true (I have made thousands just by writing for my audience and not for the search engines). A little question: how are you different from the similarly big names on the right side here? You are promoting each other, and most of them use your strategies.

      • @Gina: I’ll try to answer your question with a question… have you left a comment on the blogs of any of those other “big names” recently?

        • Legend Jeff! You win the most likeable & approachable guy in IM by far. Thanks for your awesome strategies, amazing PLF course and being so transparently authentic. Happy New Year!

  1. As always, thank you! I really love what you’ve just said and I will do my best to set myself apart. Not easy though!!! There is no free lunch anyway!

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Totally agree on this one, the USP is the way you be, the way you operate, putting yourself and your personality at the heart of your business is the way you make your self “un-copyable”… I’ve got a great post on our blog too about this (the picture of the penguin with the pink hair is actually from one of the favourite t-shirts I own.

    Stay unique, it’s where your value is…

    Happy New Year to you and your family Jeff!

    • Simon,
      This is ridiculously powerful, “Stay unique, it’s where your value is…”
      Your blog post is GREAT. Thank you. Left you a comment. 🙂

      • Thanks Kelly, I truly believe we’re all put here on this planet to do something amazing, its only conditioning that stops our true power from making a difference. That’s why I love Jeff’s community because it literally glows with genuine contribution and a true love of helping people grow. Keep up the great work Kelly!

  3. Jeff,

    Just feeling a sense of Gratitude as we start 2015 and wanted you to know I appreciate your approach and insights. I have received a great deal of value from your post and videos and wanted you to know. I am certain I have unsubscribed from a 100 experts in the last year but I have followed yours for many years now and received real value. Thank you, Have the most fulfilling year of your career in 2015.

    PS – I was speaking to one of my good friends Wally Long the other day and it was great to hear he has been devouring your book and getting tremendous results. If you two have not connected I think your would find value in knowing one another.

    All the best,

    Patrick Shaw

  4. But being different alone doesn’t make the competition irrelevant does it? 🙂

    You also need to be really have a unique offering! No?

  5. Jeff. You nailed it. I have been knocking myself out trying to be ‘trendy’, following the new ways of getting my product out there. Doesn’t work.
    My husband and i have had various businesses over the years. The only successful approach is to be set apart.
    I know it’s old school but it works best me.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Jeff –
    LOVE the black background…and while I know the main point of this video was not that (though you did mention in passing that you’re doing what your competitors might not: shooting outside in a snowstorm), just the LOOK alone of this video is very, very cool….**distinct**.
    You might consider doing more of these!!! You embodied your message and may not even have planned to 🙂 which is what makes it ever cooler.

    • @Victoria: Thanks! Didn’t plan it that way… more like we were sitting around, looked outside and saw it was snowing… Daniel thought it might be a cool shot in the snow. Totally accidental. Then it stopped snowing right as we started shooting.

  7. Hey Jeff!

    I love your messages, your videos and everything you teach. I always learn so much, and love your down to earth way of connecting to us/me 🙂

    This was a great message about how to not be like your competitors, I’ve taken your advice and have signed up for my competitor’s list already – I learned so much!

    Thanks for your blog, it’s awesome.

    Lisa K. – PLF 4 and 2015 owner

  8. YEP!

    So true Jeff.

    I’m in an interesting situation where I have yet to find another person on this planet doing the same thing as me. It is a blessing and a curse.

    Love all your videos.

    I typically send them to my team for some healthy inspiration.

    Irene. xo

    • Irene,
      I totally agree!

      That’s one of the reasons it’s so great to find a leader like Jeff who can spark these types of conversations so that us like-minded people (perhaps lonely entrepreneurs) can meet and feel some community. Our niches are different but the mindset is the same and that’s how we can keep each other motivated and strong enough to stand out.

      Thanks to Jeff for the guidance and leadership!

  9. Steffen Schmitt


    Thanks Jeff for sharing another bit of business magic. We all do this every day, deleting scores of skillfully worded sales emails. But we don’t always realize others are doing it too. Maybe this is another chance of gaining additional bang for the buck.

  10. Jeff, Great video. Thanks much for sharing! I like your “Zig when everyone else Zags” advice. It’s sound! I’m sure there are many quotes out there about ‘doing the opposite’. The one that comes to mind is by G. K. Chesterton “I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.”

  11. Hi Jeff,
    I love your story, but moreover what “bought” me is your authentic personality and sensitivity that can be revealed in your story. Thank you for sharing, My question to you is-
    What Have You Done Differently after seeing all the similar emails headlines? Any tips on that?
    Thanks a lot!
    Lirone Glikman
    Business networking coach

  12. Thank you Jeff for that valuable content! You are right about all that “noise” in our inboxes. I had decided that this year I am keeping my email account thinned out so I can focus on the valuable content provided by only a few trusted people that I enjoy to be mentored by.
    I just completed PLF 4.0 and am inspired to soar this year and am already crushing some goals I set out to tackle this year! Look forward to this new year and more valuable content from you Jeff!!

  13. That’s such a great idea – to set up a separate address to sign up for mailing lists, subscribe to websites you like or don’t like, or any number of ways to do research without clogging up your email accounts. I have one personal email account and one for online writing, but I can see where a third or fourth email account for different purposes will help tremendously.

    Thanks for all the thoughtful videos you post on your site.

  14. Seeing you, listening to you, Jeff, is a pleasure. You are generous in your advice. I look forward to your emails and videos. Thank you for your encouragement.

  15. Thanks for a great reminder Jeff!
    My business has really taken off over the last year because I decided to simply be myself and not worry about what other people were doing.
    There’s SO much information available today that to be heard through it all you have to be uniquely yourself, which is one of the reasons I stay subsribe to you & appreciate what you do.
    Happy New Year!

  16. Jeff – Thanks much for the inspiring video. I too, like the setting you shot this in. I’ve been ‘setting myself apart’ for many years and it does take some work on our part to do so. You did not imply that it is easy, in fact you did state that it takes some work on our part (setting up the email & then monitoring it). It also takes some ‘thought’ and ‘implementation’ to be different. If we don’t “Ship It” (as our friend Seth Godin says), then we can think we are different all we want, but others don’t see us that way.

    Thanks for the advice.

    ONward, Bob

  17. Victoria Kohein


    Aloha Jeff 🙂

    Always great info for us! Thank you!

    Wondering – how much time do you spend reviewing competitors?


  18. Hello Jeff,
    Another simple way to handle things correctly and think out of the box.
    Plus it is 4 minutes long and not more thank you again.
    Thank you

  19. Hi Jeff, I listened to your video and throughout my career as a designer in fashion this is exactly what I have done! I NEVER wanted to be anything like any other brand in the market!!! I have had some success accomplishing being a pioneer instead of a follower.
    However I brought in partners in my last company, one for operations and one was an investor. We launched a denim collection that is completely different from any other denim on the market. I took a chance and began to market this collection totally different from ANY other brand on that market. I wanted the brand and collection to stand out because I knew that it would get attention for that… Some negative but mostly positive.. Because I was marketing to the 80% not the 10% of the world! I wanted to market the jeans as a solution for curvy women and I marketed it with a more curvy model (not your traditional skinny model!
    Unfortunately my partners decided that I was not of use to them or the company because of my creative directions and shut me out and they stated they wanted to look like their competitors, clean and modern with skinny models.
    I had a dream when I designed these denim jeans, I accomplished that dream by designing and by introducing the best fitting first ever 360• stretch denim jeans. To fit around all the curves of a woman give a sort of butt lift and never lose their shape! The only thing I wanted to accomplish was to make women happy and feel beautiful in their jeans!!!!
    I believe a little patience with the direction I had is all that was needed. My partners felt that I was wrong.
    But Jeff I truely believe in this most competitive world you have to STAND OUT… You have to do things different to capture your customer and achieve real sales…you may be chastised for it at first but it will come around! No one should ever give up to fast on a dream!

    I hope this comment will help people who are fearful of doing things different… I hope this will give people the courage to separate themselves from the pigeon holers and be extraordinary in all that they do!


    • Hey Leslie!

      My wife would like to know where to get a pair of those jeans!


      • Hi Peter… Go to
        And you can buy them online. Tell her if she had any questions feel free to contact me

        I hope she loves my designs!!! When I founded the company I was excited to launch these jeans!!!
        They really are amazing. They are the first skinny jean that makes you look skinnier!!!

        Thank you for your support !


  20. I love the feel of your video. When I bought PLF, I was kind of skeptical. I still haven’t found my way through it yet. I am more and more like this women, deleting as much emails as possible, in order to concentrate on my mission. But I always open yours. And the more I listen to them, the more they resonate, the more I feel connected and I want to know about you and your teaching. You are an inspiration and a great teacher. Thank you.

  21. Jeff, your humanity and transparency is infectious , just love watching your videos – so refreshing !

    This vlog and it’s message was timely and so valuable, thank you for being you – a bright beacon in a sea of same , ,

  22. Thanks Jeff for your sharing.

    What I more interested to learn is the process or story of how someone overcome the problems & struggles to become success in their expertise. I believe the theory or principal of success are almost the same but your practical experience will be special from everyone else.

    I like your stuffs! Thank you!

  23. Jeff – I would bet there are a lot of people like me who don’t delete e-mails but put them into a folder (or downloads into the never-never land on a hard drive). Either way, they rarely get read ‘later’. I agree with others that you make a point in less than 5 minutes. THANKS !
    It is so irritating to me to start listening to something, that has no timer on the bottom, and have 30 or more minutes taken from me with little to show for it. I have talked to people about this and their comment are that it works AND if they did put the time on it people wouldn’t listen. I have unsubscribed to most of those and just don’t listen to others anymore. Treat me with respect, please.

  24. Thank you Jeff! For remaining true to your Self and to us.
    Setting ourselves a part is really about elevating our minds! It creates a detachment so that we can see clearly the guidance of our Soul, who knows where we have been, where we are and where we are going. Developing an inner dialogue between Mind and Soul is a must if one desires to have lasting success.

  25. Thank you, Jeff! I really got a lot out of your experience watching someone delete your email along with everyone else.’ We need to do things a certain way but in our own way at the same time to be noticed for who we are in doing what we do, not just for what we do. That “stepping out” makes us vulnerable and triggers past emotions of when we weren’t accepted as far back as childhood without us even realizing it. (Fortunately, I help people release these emotions …in my unique way of course.) Great video! You ROCK! 🙂

  26. Thanks for the latest in your communications. Differentiation is the key and I love how you saw a way to do it in the back row. Just like that lady, I too have lots of emails. Now I know what I can do with them BEFORE I delete them. Thanks again. Happy New Year.

  27. Hi Jeff
    Good thoughts, Good intentions…But…
    who am I to: trust, with such a saturation of:
    people filling up my in box with: their deals!!!.

  28. After reading this the one thing I don’t want to do is “overthink” it!

    Pick a half dozen others who are trying to do the same things and just try something different and unique that they are not doing … you don’t have to get out a whole palette of paints and crayons and create this masterful work of art before trying something different .. just do “something” different and see the response …

    Then next week … try something else different … I love it … thanks for the simple message Jeff!

    • Excellent point, Michael! That’s a good tip for encouraging us recovering perfectionists: Just do “something” and look for a response instead of trying to perfect it first.
      Thanks Jeff for this encouraging, simple, and refreshing advice!

      -Tom Wylie

  29. So refreshing and spot on!
    Thanks so much, Jeff!
    Ironically, it works best when we are ‘simply’ authentic and true to who we ARE.
    Not another ‘copy’ of what everybody else is trying to do better than the other – which creates this ever stressful sense of competition.
    Astrologically (my work and passion) I call it the enlightened Aries quality – emerge as YOU!
    Your blog is a perfect example of being different and ‘Jeff’ish – one never know what comes next, and it’s provocative in a helpful way.
    Happy Full Moon this evening!

  30. Jeff, as always great advice. Thank you very much for sharing. You’re 100% right that doing polar opposite than most people do is one of the best ways to achieve success in anything. Not only in business or more specifically – in online marketing 🙂

  31. A short one I have in mind:
    Is it worth being more costly than others in order to differentiate, if you are in a commodity market in which your customers do not value your differentiation?

  32. Thank you. It is always good to know that one more men is thinking like you. But it is truly difficult to be different in this global market that allready seen and listen almost everything.

  33. Love “Zigging when others are zagging.” But don’t let go of whatever tethers you to your USP, or people will be confused about who you are . . . even while they appreciate your unique marketing tactic..

  34. Simple but practical advice that can be used by anyone, no matter what niche you’re going for. Thanks!

  35. Thank you, Jeff.

    So now the only question for me left is: Is it better/easier/more efficient to do the opposite of the many competitors (the ones that don’t have success), or to look for the few that stand out and have success and to emulate them…? 🙂

    Regards from Greece,

    • @David: I would say that you should study the best, and be inspired by the best… but you should definitely not copy them. You can only be the best you… if you try to be someone else, you’ll always be second best (or worse).

  36. Simply need to understand the theory of quantum leaps to have any act… Break the boundaries.
    Leader who make the rules and he also know how and when to break…

  37. Thanks Jeff for this perfect advice! I see many “gurus” just saying “copy this _______ and do the same as me to get the results”. We need to create our unique message and style and your video gave me more energy to keep trying to find my ones.

  38. I fell very inspired and I feel the joy of exploring doing things differently AND authentically! Thank you for this hint! 🙂 I wish you and all of you a wonderful new year!

  39. Thanks Jeff, I can so relate to this! Even more when I know there is a product launch is going on! Delete Delete Delete! Yes I think a short video can make a difference! Look forward to meeting you at the Live Event…please let us know soon because calendar is filling up for 2015 and I ant to make sure I am at your Event!

  40. What a great point! You always ahare such useful tips, my self-image, my approach to my day, my life has changed since I started following you regularly. Thanks, keep up the great work!

  41. Jeff,
    The look and feel of the video is certainly different and much of what you are advocating. Like you I also have a marketing-only email I use to compare headlines. From time to time I look at that inbox to check to see what others are doing. I’ve segmented that list by type of business such as inet affiliate vs. coaching vs. pure product. That helps to see how different offers compare to each other and compare the various marketing lines and then rob some headlines from one to mix into another. Sometimes it works, others it a flop, but the list of headlines does help.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for all you are doing!

  42. Hi Jeff,

    Compliments of the season to you and your team, wishing you all the best for 2015.

    The famous person you mentioned, if I am not mistaken that would have had to have been Earl Nightingale. Love his stuff, so powerful, just like your powerful motivational messages.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  43. Hi Jeff
    You are absolutely right but can you give some examples of headlines that you use on your emails that ensure they aren’t deleted? You have taught everyone of your competitors I’m sure, so some practical examples of stand-out ones would be useful so people feel compelled to open.
    Thanks Jeff for everything.

  44. I love you videos Jeff because they have so much value. And real value is what separates you from your competitors. I believe focus on what your target audience need and present it in an engaging manner and they will always want to open your emails – regardless of the catchy headlines.
    Have a great New Year!

  45. Thanks, Jeff – good idea! I operate in a particular niche in which I haven’t figured out who my competitors are yet, but when I do, I’ll do this! Happy New Year.

  46. We are all unique…The MOST important question is, will you share your uniqueness with the world or hide it?
    Bring it on sweet you…The world has been waiting long enough!

  47. Thanks so much Jeff for the great content. Wishing you a fantastic start to the new year and lots of fresh powder!

  48. Jeff, what a gem YOU are! as well as your message. Thank you sincerely for being in this world and in my world.

  49. Hi Jeff,
    Sorry – but this one is an example of title does not fullfill its promise….
    Unlike other materials you are sharing it was very very basic

  50. Very helpful. It can be tempting to think that they other big players are doing it right and want to copy them. That’s what I’ve been inclined to do. I’ve gotta start zigging when their are zagging!

  51. Thank you Jeff, good hint. I have got a gmail account for observing the market and want to learn to be different. The first step is to be authentic and visible, because every person is unique and per se different from the others.

  52. Great video Jeff, it’s so important to keep up or be a step or two ahead of the comp. Makes it easier to zig when they zag!

  53. Awesome and Awesomer 🙂 With deep gratitude Jeff. You definitely ROCK!.

  54. Hi Jeff,
    You look so relaxed and natural in front of camera. The message was very simple, yet powerful.

    Thanks a million,


  55. I love the message. It just takes some imagination to find that spark which lights that curiosity fire.

    my favorite part of business. using my imagination.

    thanks again!

  56. Jeff, I loved the story behind this video! It is so true, as I review my email inbox and see how crowded it is! I, however, never thought to put myself in my avatar’s position. Great tip to subscribe using an alternate email address to the blogs your avatar does! I will get right on that!

    Keep up the good work and blessings to you and your family in 2015!


  57. Sound advice, Jeff. Love the simplicity of the message and the powerful experience you observed from the attendee at the back of the room. Observation is a powerful method to learn from.

  58. Elizabeth D. Thomas (@MarriageKids)


    I know I’m striking gold when I made two friends go “YES!!!!” and laugh. My marriage help world is filled with couples walking on the beach, cheesy hearts and hand holdings. I’m vowing to NEVER have a beach scene on my website because MY desire is people have good daily lives together, NOT just a good few seconds on a rare vacation together to the beach. Plus I BURN in the sun. Not my idea of paradise. 😉

    Love your message and agree. It’s scary but exciting to trust yourself and go off where your heart calls you, knowing the right customers will love it.

  59. So simple, I love the adage; When there is a gold rush, sell shovels! The real money is not likely to be had by those who search for gold but always by those who fill the needs of those who are in the rush!! I love your stuff Jeff… always a pleasure to get a lesson…

  60. Jeff, You make yourself stand out because you’re such a likeable guy! Your content is always fresh and your ideas actionable. Thanks for the tip on the separate email to gather the intel.

  61. I saw you at a recent event and witnessed you observing others in this same way in between sessions. I am just so inspired by your pure desire to improve. You have been in this game for longer than most of us but you continue to strive to improve and that is so admirable. Wish I had a chance to meet you and look forward to meeting you in the future!

  62. Great advice! I think it is awesome to really find ourselves as entrepreneurs. Anything that makes us stand out, is how people remember us. I have to admit that I tend to delete emails as well, but I only receive from mentors that I feel will have a great message. It is the headlines that will capture my attention and if I feel the essence of the subject line is what I need in that moment, then I will open it. If the subject line is boring or it says” hi from…so and so “. It will be an automatic delete. Time is valuable.
    By the way, this is the first video, I have watched of yours and I like your energy. I will continue to cruise around your work.
    Cheers Tammeron

  63. Thank you Jeff for your precious advice! Wish you a great news year and thanks again for your tips!

  64. Hi Jeff,
    Firstly i am soooo glad i came across you, i have spent YEARS literally looking for the “One” so to speak, i have signed up to so many different programs, been to umpteen conferences and bought so may different programs, Not to get “Rich quick” but to learn and absorb the knowledge like a sponge. Based in the UK, and has you, i am sure already know sometimes it’s hard to sive through the real deal and the fly-by-night’s. I have done programs of Chris Cardell’s, Jonathan Jay’s, Dan Kenndy’s, Tony Robbin’s, and my top two i guess being Brendan Burchard & Jeff Johnson, but your something different..your how can i put it…your real, your a people’s person, who feels it and get’s it?….I am not taking nothing away from those mentioned, they excel in their own right but you,….!, I am currently saving to buy your Blueprint, and i look forward to being that sponge and learning and really soaking all your knowledge up. just one word Jeff….Thank you

  65. Thank you Jeff and Happy New Year!

    I am almost trough of your Launch book, ( I read it also 33000 feet high flying to the US, so it got back again to its home country) I already earned 500 USD very fast just using a fraction of what you write, with a quick launch of a special pack trough one of my niche website, in a niche language ( hungarian) to a really small list.

    Best regards from Budapest, Hungary,

    Silard Matrai

  66. I like the way you described people’s inboxes. I never thought of subscribing to all my competitor’s lists and then scrolling through as if I’m my avatar. Great way of driving home a point I’ve heard many times before (but never landed quite the same).

  67. Jeff,

    Happy New Year and as always thanks so much for the great video blog.

    One of the main reasons you are so successful is because you are so generous!

    Luke 6:38

  68. Good stuff bro.

    I’d like to think I’ve usually done a fairly good job at standing out and being a unique individual in our market, but even I have to admit that at times it can become a bit too easy to get lazy and take for granted that people are going to read our emails.

    Just about 5 minutes ago I decided I was going to start creating Twitter posts a bunch more, like maybe 10 or 20 times per day so that I can keep my headline writing chops all oiled and lubed. I think the daily practice of slamming out catchy headlines all day via Twitter will translate well to email subject lines and just headlines overall.

  69. I thought it was Seth Godin “The Purple Cow”. Love the black background too. Good stuff as always.

  70. Thank you so much Jeff. It is obvious you love your work and love life.
    There is nothing more inspiring than that.
    I’m grateful for you in my life and am feeling some shifts.
    Thank you!

  71. hope to work in coming future ,I don’t know how by publishing videos useful in the long run and how profitable

  72. Thanks Jeff – for me personally its about value-add and focus. In the past I have also subscribed to multiple blogs but over time I’ve unsubscribed to all but 3 or 4 where I feel that the insights provided add real value to my life and business. Enjoy your relaxed, unique approach! Cheers, D

  73. Andrea Scalici


    I do agree that there is an information overload these days. Just like your avatar at the meeting, I often delete emails before I read them simply by determining if the subject line and sender interest me. The subject really needs to capture my attention in order for me to read it. Don’t worry though, I read each and every one of your emails, Jeff! Your messages bring me tremendous value and you are extremely likable.

  74. Jeff – First let me wish you and your family a Happy New Year. Your words are so true. Whenever you say something, I believe you. I’m not sure what it is or how you do it but your manner of communicating is very inviting. You capture my attention with your story telling and then offer great advice. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. I know we all get bombarded with emails these days and it’s so important to stay ahead of the game, so to learn what our competitors are doing throughout is such a simple yet smart approach that I can only imagine gets overlooked. What do you find to be your biggest inspiration for coming up with and offering new treats for us to learn?

  75. Thanks Jeff. A great post but a challenging one also as it’s not easy to set yourself apart. I think your personality and how you put yourself across is a big part of that, and a big part of your brand, so that’s where I’ll concentrate. As well as, creating some slightly different programmes. I think that’s what you’ve done too. I’m drawn to how genuine you come across in your videos and knowledgeable obviously!

    Have a fantastic 2015!


  76. Enita Okeme


    Happy, healthy, properous New Year to u & urs. Enjoy d video & put d idea to practice.Many thanks from Nigeria.

  77. This seems like great advice Jeff but how does it square up with all that stuff about the pioneer being the one face down in the dirt and mirroring what people with lots of ad spend etc do because they must be making money from it

  78. Thank you for starting this conversation, It is exactly what I have been working on, How to set myself apart from others in my field. Simple and honest.

    Thank you,

    Mary Jolly

  79. What great advice! I know that I this year I was trying to do things “the right” way and it just wasn’t working for me. I now am starting a exciting podcast, changing who I am speaking to and letting things be done slightly differently. It at least feels better. 😉

  80. Thanks Jeff. Great advice. And by the way, I delete tons of guru emails that I have subscribed to over the years too… without even reading them or watching their videos. Their titles are dead, dull and boring as well as their content. Same ol’ same ol’.

    BUT, I almost always open yours just because of your heart. You’re not shouting or trying to be cute or clever. You speak softly and gently to your subscribers, from the heart. You’re real and it shows. I appreciate your care. Thank you for that!

  81. I completely agree that you can learn a lot from your competitors. Watching what they do, learning from them is just a part of doing business. When ever I go into an unsubscribe binge, I cautiously remind myself that, although it’s a lot of email to sift through, I need to keep subscribed to a certain amount of competitors, experts, and big names in my industry, so I can watch, learn and do. I like the idea of getting a separate email account for those subscriptions since right now I combine it with my personal email. Thanks for the valuable tips, Jeff.

  82. Hi Jeff. Every time I watch one of your videos, I always get the “WOW” feeling. I think to myself, wow that is so simple or that makes perfect sense. I can only say that in my book you get 10/10 for likability, content, value and the, I want to see and hear more, scale. I have found that although I am in a small and highly specialized market of physical products, “everything you have shared” applies, if you get into the right mindset and really see the big picture.
    Thanks again for the great and valuable content. Can’t wait to start reading your book I have just downloaded.
    Christos – CYPRUS

  83. Such a great message. Thanks! I notice one way you set yourself part is by vidoeing in different places out doors. Of course you live in CO and that is part of your message. I wonder how you avoid distractions such as wind and planes and barking dogs????

    • @Sonja: not all our videos our outside, but we do like to shoot outside when we can. Of course, it is more challenging to shoot outside – there can be plenty of extraneous noise, of which wind is the biggest challenge. Fortunately, where I live in the mountains we don’t have too many planes flying overheard.

  84. I did not think I liked you all that much during you’re lounch, but I must admit once you calmed down I got to like you. I like that you always have something relevant to say and kerping it short.
    I am so fed up with the leanghty mail I get, I read them all until reacently but now I have started to simply delete them like your lady in the back row
    Thanks for the videos, they’re also nice and to the point
    L&B Annamarie

  85. Most gurus follow the same pattern. To be honest with you most are too aggressive, annoying or present some signs of fakeness. I like Jeff because he seems mellow and keeps it short and simple, if you like it great if not he’s not pushy. I remember the guy from the foundation on a Q&A kept repeating to the people present on the live chat that he cares for each and everyone and that he believes in them, and at that point I said “this guy is full of s**t” and stopped following him. Somebody even asked him why he kept on saying that and he replied because I do care about each and everyone of you guys…bulls***… He was just washing brains to get weak minds to pay for his $5000 course
    Anyways as of now I just follow Jeff and Jason & Jeremg from IBM…gki came out a bit too pushy for my taste eventhough I enjoy reading Dan Kennedy stuff….I’m still trying to start doing and quit reading

  86. I really like the tip to set up a generic gmail address and then subscribe to the list of competitors. A way to study what they are doing while not having it lost in the noise of the email stream.

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