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There’s never been a better time to have an online business… but the flip side is that standing out from the crowd can be harder than ever.

Enter Mike Michalowicz.

You may know Mike from his book Profit First. And now he’s about to release Get Different: Marketing That Can’t Be Ignored!

As an advance reader, I was eager to have Mike share the book with my community… as well as his simple framework for super-effective marketing.

Mike’s “DAD” test approach and quirky experiments can get your small business noticed no matter what the latest marketing trends are.

And here’s the link I mentioned in the video: 

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5 Replies to “Easy Marketing Hacks For Big Impact”

  1. Jeanne Paglio


    I bought the book and shared it on FB. I can hardly wait to read it! I also bought the Profit First book. Thanks, Jeff!

  2. Dr. Joella Castillo


    I’m buying the book right after this comment. YES! It is all about differentiation, and the other two points in DAD. My work as an Ergonomist, with a focus on home office, is all about making people aware of their behaviours that over time, are causing them pain. To get the attention of the people I want to help, I have to show how implementing good Ergonomics can make the difference in their health and quality of life. Thank you, for all the great info you shared, Jeff and Mike. Dr. Joella🦋

  3. Hey Jeff, always a pleasure to catch one of your videos. You never disappoint!
    Hey Mike, I’m so glad to meet you, I’m a small entrepreneur and feel lost in the shuffle quite a bit. It’s funny how I have actually felt guilty for being different, how dumb is that? I’m 75 and have been a musician for 60 years. I am appalled at the misinformation about music theory and songwriting that is lowering the bar for potential artists learning the ropes on the internet. I have been developing products to counter that. My wife of 47 years and I have never wavered in our efforts to be of service to help make careers in music a reality for the Artists with dreams of making a living and raising a family as musical entrepreneurs. It’s not easy with an old-school mindset but it’s a relief to know I can be who I am and innovate new ideas without feeling like an outcast. I’ll be checking out your book and site to get some ideas to chew on!! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Cebron Walker


    Great point on the 80/20 rule and how to optimize your efforts. Also, appreciated your interview with Mike Michalowicz. By the way, I run an agency and would love to do a podcast with you and share my experience in growing my agency and serving medical practice owners. Cebron

  5. This was a fantastic interview. I picked up so many things, and surely will log in into gogetdifferent.
    As for the economic recessions, (I am an economist entrepreneur), there is always the same reason why these things happen. The good news is that these recessions create tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs.

    A quote that I share with my clients is, ‘The inefficiency of today is the profit of tomorrow’.

    Again, thank you for this interview, and … thank you for your book LAUNCH. I have recommended it to many people.

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