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I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to sit down and plan out six months’ worth of content at a time… but it’s almost an impossible task. But there is good news… you don’t actually NEED to plan out all your content months or years in advance. Here’s what I do to keep the ideas flowing… 

(P.S. don’t forget to leave your question in the comments below!)

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103 Replies to “Staying One Step Ahead…”

  1. Thanks Jeff! You’re already answering a lot of my questions in PLF! My question now is – my market is mostly in Africa and people here use WhatsApp more than email so how might I utilize WhatsApp in a product launch?

    • I have the same question because the same thing happens here in Argentina.

  2. If I could sit down with you, the question I would ask is, “When you’re first starting out in your market and trying to gain a presence and a following, how do you set yourself apart with all the digital clutter out there these days?”

  3. Jeff, if we were going to have coffee and chat I would have to tell you that right now, it’s getting really tough. It’s been covid for what 7 months? All our travel plans were cancelled (and the rest of the world’s as well…). We’ve been stuck inside with the same people. Zoom is unfulfilling. My energy is now running out…

    I’ve been working on building my business as a copywriter. I have some really cool clients who I adore. But everything just feels so heavy right now. I have to be positive for my kids and husband and family and it is just weighing too much…

    How can you help me right now in this time of personal crisis and environmental crisis. Normally I’m tons of fun, full of energy and ideas and now I can’t even think about what to make for dinner. I want to crawl under my covers and go to bed.

    But the dogs would be upset if I didn’t feed and walk them.

    And so I push through.

    And my girl friend is turning 50 and I have to entertain 15 people tomorrow and I am not feeling it. I just want everyone to go away and leave me alone.

    The black plague has settled on me.

    Oh blah.

    • I feel exactly the same! It’s been tiring just to handle anything that used to happen daily or regularly. The strength I need to tap into the strength needed everyday is just so hard to find these days

  4. My big question: I coach people in a sensitive area – disordered eating. There is shame involved with this pain point so this is not an area that people want to speak publicly about, or write testimonies about – unlike successes in business, painting, dog training, etc.

    I need to be especially sensitive in my marketing. Before people come to me, they have been sold a hundred diets and plans that promised BIG, but never delivered. They are hurt and untrusting and weary – for good reason.

    Do you have advice for marketing around a pain point such as the one my clients suffer with?

    I have just opened a brand new Membership and I want to come out strong and true.
    I want to spend my marketing time and money wisely so I can spend the bulk of my time doing what I’m gifted to do … helping people heal their relationship with food and body so they can get on with their sweet lives.

    Thank you for taking the time to ask this question, and read our responses. Blessings!

    • Cindy – Such an important audience. I think Jeff nails it and he’s the expert, but his video speaks to so much of what you are asking. Create a safe space for your people to speak openly and ask them to share their pain points. I think the act of listening respectfully is so powerful for this audience. I’m glad your clients have you!

    • Once your clients are on the way to recovery, I’m sure you could get some to write anonymously about their journey to success. You wouldn’t need to use video. They could use just their first names or initials. The accounts would still be REAL and would in and of themselves be testimonies of their healing.

  5. Hey Jeff,

    I am ten years into my startup..

    Finally have major breakthrough in product and scale mfg. Got a baby tiger by the tail and sales are up.

    New website.

    How do I set up a YouTube channel.


    • Hi Bob,
      I’m not the expert – that’s Jeff and why we’re all here. But maybe this might spark something: A lot of people engage with influencers and no, it doesn’t always involve paying them as if they are advertising your brand.

      Pro athletes used to be “sponsored” but now they are becoming “influencers” with YouTube, instagram’s, etc’s ability to let ANYBODY become a publisher. I mention this group since I believe there are pro athletes in your sphere.

      As a business owner, it might be seen more as a business strategy and less of a marketing strategy to engage with influencers when it comes to conceptualizing the mechanics of it.

      Does this help? I’m curious to know how the time I spent writing this impacted your ideas.

  6. Is plf the same or different when creating a corporate brand vs. Personal brand?
    For example

  7. Learning everything seems overwhelming with learning email program, web page program, video editing program, web conferencing platform, product hosting & delivery site, shopping cart, etc.
    I’m learning one at a time but it seems like it will take forever. Learned already that if I screw up one, it impacts the others. Any tips on learning all this more quickly?

  8. Jeff – Great video. And I love the concept of asking and listening to create content. I’ve just started delving into Reddit and Quora and reading the instructional design posts. What an amazing source of information! It’s given me a lot of ideas to begin building content.

    My question is this: What is the best way to organize and keep track of comments coming in, especially if you have multiple content streams (email, blog, YouTube, social media, etc.)? Thank you!

    • Thanks for the Masterclass. I have the parts. Now I need to put them in motion.

      Me and my business partner are offering a Master Class in developing Skills using a new model built on backwards engineering the success of thousands of clients over 10 years.

      We have developed a psychlogical instrument and a cherry picking toolkit that we can teach in 1 hour sessions over a 9 day challenge.

      For some reason our main challenge seems to be choosing which CRM for our list to grow in and how to nurture that with automation. There are many choices and ways. The monthly cost is fairly high. We said ”heck lets just start with Mailchimp” and now we are running into questions.

      So. My question would be: do you learn to do this or did you outsource? It seems crucial to understand what platform(s) to use.

  9. Doug Elliott


    Hi Jeff, I have an info product called Elders Safety Blueprint that I don’t believe is suitable to be a course. I would love to give it away as part of my list building strategy but once it’s gone out I have nothing else to follow up with. Is it acceptable to have my landing page linked to a sales page for something like a fire extinguisher or carbon monoxide/smoke detector which would likely be missing from most elders homes. I have personally lost 3 out of 4 elders from accidents in the home, that may have been preventable if we would have had a blueprint for safety. Now that people are spending more time at home because of covid and going into winter, I believe a tremendous amount of my avatar’s stress could be reduced easily and in a short period of time. I currently have no list and unsure of where to start with my product. Thanks for listening.

  10. Hey Jeff,
    I’ve been watching you for a while and am a big fan of what you do. I’m afraid I’ve not purchased your courses as yet simply because I don’t feel I have a business idea strong enough to put forward. I am an artist and regularly post on insta, that’s the only publishing I do and I’m sure I don’t use that to the max. I have to admit though I know it’s a big opportunity, just the thought of trying to build a business as I have watched you do, fills me with dread. So finally my question, in my situation, where would you begin? What would be a good way to ease in to doing business online, though as I ask I can already hear you say “take the bull by the horns and just jump in”.

    Thanks for all your great content

    Warmest regards

  11. My question is how to start a business online? I don’t have a product, I haven’t written a book, I don’t have a list or a website and I haven’t made any videos because I don’t know what I would video about. What I do have is desire, a set is skills in an area I haven’t seen how to package yet, lots of life experiences from making mistakes and learning from them and a goal to help people become free from the “distress of debt” and experience true financial peace of mind (not trying to sound like a cliche) and true joy. What would you have to say over over coffee please and thanks?

  12. Hi Jeff,
    Which media site is the best. Facebook, LinkedIn, or you tube for beginners?

  13. Whats the best way to get an email list managed so that it is growing consistently. I have a new list which just has 40 people and already I am feeling overwhelmed by the thought of all the content I would have to send out daily.Is there a system you use that makes this more manageable.

  14. My focus at this instant is pricing my product. As an online video dictionary, I plan to provide rather tiny slices of info. I have a price point in mind for a single use and a monthly. membership price. A freind who I respect wants me to price far higher….so Jeff, as my guru, what say you?

  15. My question is:
    I have a product that is intended for teenagers, so I’m trying to figure out if my marketing efforts should go their parents or themselves. I want to speak directly and crate a community of teenagers around my offering, but I’m not sure what’s the wisest way to make business for this niche.

  16. Liliana Salomon


    Hey Jeff,
    Great video. 🙏
    I’ve been a fashion jewelry designer for the last 17 years. Now I‘m making the transition to be a silver and gold smith and create luxurious, artistic fine jewelry. I’m not interested in teaching how to make jewelry or paint or DIY. I would like to empower women, but can’t seem to find the right contact that would bring value to my audience and eventually bring to more sales. Do you have any advice for me?

  17. Thank. you Jeff for encouragement the ‘lean in’ and respond’ approach feels a bit scary….I have only ever done that in face to face teaching…and on the basic of a really well planned but flexible course in the back ground.’ Scary, because you can’t look people in the eye and gauge what they really are asking. I teach art courses.
    If I was having a coffee with your right now I would ask you about the best way to talk to potential new customers about my expertise and long experience , ….50 years….. without making them feel like I am ‘past it” ….
    Do I just say ‘I have a lifetime of experience in…..” or do I get specific…”i have 50 years….” or ‘I have over 20/30/40 years experience////etc
    I want people to know I have authority but I dont want them to dismiss me with out tasting because they think I am too old…..I would welcome your thoughts on this. Thanks so much.

  18. I’m just starting to publish and I’m having a hard time recording my own videos. On your 1 st video walking by, it struck me that you were so comfortable and relaxed, probably not holding your phone with your hand. How do you come about it? Any special gadget?

  19. My question is very basic and about building a list. At first it would be just a list of people with contact details email/mobile nr? Then you contact them via email or some sort of messaging and provide the link for your squeeze page and hope they click on it? Once they click that they’re on your email list and that’s where the auto responder fits in? Maybe I answered my own stupid question? I have a website where people can either join my currently non existing newsletter/contact me via email/get alerts of new artwork. Now I have no idea where the squeeze page fits in, would that be a separate pop-up or something. Sorry more than 1 question 🤔😊

  20. what CRM and comminication tools do you suggest and how can i best make safe places for private conversations and segment my audience. etc.

  21. Thank you very much for your video. Each video helps me in positive ways.

  22. My question is how often should you be publishing content on the various platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog and email list? Is it monthly, weekly or daily?

  23. Does the country where you sell predominantly make a difference to the approach? In the UK people are more reticent and I’m scared of driving folk away.

  24. G’day Jeff/Team,
    The single biggest question I have on this in particular issue, (and this might seem off-point, but for me, it’s critical) how do we schedule time around the research, designing, planning delivery of this ongoing content?
    Yes, right now, I’m doing your PLF, Camtasia’s instructions, Setting up mail and Page Builder which of course has their tutorials etc. I’m working an average of 12 hrs/day on this (Thanks Lockdown!) and the single thing I’m struggling with the most is how to Plan and share your available time to get the best and most balanced outputs. I get that once my tech stack is functional and I’m proficient with it, the load will lighten, but what I can’t envision is an appropriate time budget for research, content planning, content pre-production (ie graphs, slides etc), recording, editing, hosting/Posting, monitoring results per video, then overall course design time ie: scheduling out topics, number of modules, lessons/module.
    Next, a time allocation for building relationships with JV partners, etc.
    Then, time required for overall management, administration etc.
    Ideally, I’d like to see a week planner for a full timer (say 40hrs/week and a part timer (say 10hrs/week.
    YES, I get this will be very different on a business by business basis, I’m just looking for ballpark numbers or percentages to set up a week planner to ensure I don’t bog down on the first tasks (and procrastinate!). As I said, may look a little off topic, but I think if I don’t start to practice time management firmly, now, I will crash and burn before I get through the Stratosphere.
    Many thanks for the presentation so far!

    • Hey Neil, very good Point! Time management when it comes to planning and creating content! If you need support please let us chat through LinkedIn! Would love to support! I’m Content Manager and helping entrepreneurs with their content strategy! Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Facebook. Thanks! Ceyhun Yakup Özkardes-Cheung

    • Eva Rottenanger


      Hi Neil,

      ALL of what you wrote, is what I’m struggling with too. I don’t think it’s off topic at all because a plan for even baby steps is needed. For me the threat is not procrastination, but overwhelm, so a plan as you say, and focus is really important.

  25. Great video Jeff! If I could sit down for coffee with you and ask questions, I would focus on these topics:
    -My social media audience is varied and vast. Which is great. But as I build an email list, I can’t quite figure out what my market needs from me because the variety of people signing up is so different. For example, I have other photographers, past brides, friends from college, etc all signing up. But since my list is still very small, I don’t want to lose people this early on because I talk about things they may not be interested in.
    -How do you get over the nerves of launching? I find myself procrastinating some tasks because I’m nervous about actually launching my product.
    -I have had an email list for 2 weeks. When is the right time to go into PLCs?


  26. Jeff, Thank you for another outside video with reassuring content! I’m in the baby step arena as For the next few months am still working full-time. Now that fall
    And better weather has arrived I can shoot content outdoors. What are you using to get such crisp vocals? Thanks so, in advance!

  27. I am interested in launching B2B.
    If I have a leadership program that I usually sell as an inhouse series of workshops and a large corporation pays for this – how can I turn this product into a product that gets bought online.
    The participant himself is the client – but the company pays. Could you maybe talk about this and share your thoughts?

  28. Hi there – how do you structure the content so that you can make offers consistently. Is there a formula to the content of posts?

  29. Hi Jeff,
    A simple question(s)—when you say “dangers” and “objections” in reference to our avatar, what do you mean.
    Thank you for everything you do to help us build extraordinary businesses that help the world!

  30. Hello Jeff, I just bought your launch program. Enjoying it immensely. Thank you! If I could sit down with you, I would ask you about the timing of my seed launch in terms of 2 main variables that you attribute to your own success:
    – Constant list building
    – Giving people what they want.

    I work daily on list building. The second one is less clear. I’m not sure that people would tell me they want what I am offering in my envisioned video course because they might not even imagine the possibility. But when they hear about what I am offering, I suspect that would change.

    In a nutshell: My course will offer a blend of learning how to sing with an emphasis on some of the many “well-being” aspects of singing that are often left unexplored in lessons. My clients are over 40. In truth, likely over 50 & into their 60s and 70s. They are not singing to have a career. They want to enjoy their singing voices.

    My vision is to go beyond that. To help aspiring older singers not only sing better, but also to benefit from some of the many well-being aspects of learning to sing: improved breath control, (calmness), improved memory, (stemming the tide of memory loss), improved appearance, (standing better), greater speaking confidence (a less “old-sounding” voice.) Etc.

    Can a seed launch begin with a ‘hunch” that people will respond to this idea?

    Or in your opinion, should I spend a few more months doing research, and publishing to lay the groundwork and get more feedback?
    Thanks for considering… – Barbara

  31. Perfect timing for a video reminding us to take baby steps! Towards the end of this week I’ve been digging into writing my course with Thinkific. Looks like a great program but the price is unbelievable. I can’t do that now. What I really need help with is selling my inventory of paintings. Can you give me access to this information a head of time. I’m thinking that the quick launch will work best for this.

  32. Hi Jeff,

    I’m looking for JV affiliate software that tracks which affiliate sent a prospect to my Landing Page and which affiliate sent a prospect to my sales page so I can pay commissions correctly. What top two software programs do you recommend?


  33. Hi Jeff,
    How could you help me tô create a good and new business in my life, in my business life! I don’t know how can I start! I can’t come to be your student for now, but I will! I bought your book and trying to construct my business now with success! Could you help me? Thank you any way for your vídeos, book and notes in my email!
    God bless you!
    Vinicius B Cobra Vivas

  34. How do you get through your down cycles? I find really creative periods where I can produce a lot of content, and then I crash and can’t stay consistent. Have you ever experienced this and how do you handle it so that the outside production of the business stays stable?

  35. My avatars are people who are in twelve step programs for food or need to be. My launches have been very small; in the last one, ten of the twelve people had worked with me in the past. My list keeps growing, but my commitments do not. What am I doing wrong?

  36. Hi Jeff,

    one about the ressource “committing time ”

    What reasons did you have to stop podcasting; change of focus, opportunity e.g.?

    Thank you

  37. Hi Jeff, thank you for this video. This is one area that has stopped me dead in my tracks from taking my 1-1 Hypnotherapy Life Coaching Practice on line. I sit down to start writing content, create a program and my brain freezes on how to affectivly put all my knowledge and thoughts into content that flows well. I’ve even gone through the process of writing down all that I do with my 1-1 clients to apply that online. How do you affectivly get whats stored in your brain into content to publish and launch?
    Along with the right email platform and platform to do a launch. I have found the right launch platform thanks to having to take my yoga business online.
    Thank you Covid. 🙂 I uploaded my email list into mailchimp. Is there another email platform you would recommend?
    Thank you so much for your program and creating a space of community and support. Suzanne

  38. ☕️ What would you recommend for someone that hired a mentor for 5K, followed their advice to a T and spent 6K+ on ads, and didn’t make dime off the whole experiment?

  39. The one thing I’m always asking (myself) is about how to transfer all those (online) marketing ideas, approaches etc. from the world of single decision makers (either B2C or B2B) into corporate world (beyond SME) with its rather complex sourcing, procurement and decision making processes which are embedded into some sort of corporate strategies especially when it comes to intangible products like training, consulting, coaching, etc.

  40. Thanks Jeff,

    What’s the best way to grow a dedicated tribe? I’m starting out in the gaming industry and I am ready to start publishing.

  41. On my mind right now is a beginner’s tech question I am stuck with after having gone through the tech bonus material.
    Searching for a provider that will host my:
    – website
    – blog
    – courses
    – email list (from opt-ins etc)
    – and provide payment solutions
    I can go to the one that offers all this in one place, but I am being mindful that I am just beginning and cost is an issue.
    Can this all be integrated with products from different vendors, some of which offer free trials? Will that still mean a seamless service? But what happens after the free trials or if I want to change providers at that point?
    Any information or advice will be most sincerely appreciated.

    • Denice Basnett


      Just gone through the Tech Bonus material again!
      Thank you Don and Jeff. The information is all there.
      Just tricky making good choices at this early stage, but clarity is slowly emerging.

  42. OK, so I am just starting out. I have lots of thoughts as to different products/services for people and I have no list or email as of now. how do I start it? What do I do to get going. I’ve bought the PLF program and am listening/watches the teaching and I still feel stuck as to what to do first. Watching the teachings is great but I’m stuck as to where to go from there??? How do I implement what I learn?

  43. Anthony Crothers


    Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing more great ideas and concepts. I was with you for the whole 15 hours while you ‘taught your butt off’ in the Masterclass. I’m currently working out how to get my seed launch up and running so I can become a PLF owner next year. Please don’t wait until November!

    If I was able to buy you a coffee, in the interests of ‘first things first’ I would ask how to grow a list from zero, well actually not zero since the Masterclass, I now have a list of two!

    Can’t wait to be part of the community, in the meantime I’ll do my best to channel my ‘inner American’ which like Cathy, is pretty tough for us Brits.

    Best regards,


  44. Thank you this is really helpful, particularly the ‘principle of recency’.
    My question: when you refer to becoming a ‘publisher’, do you mean just emails? Or is there incremental benefit in having an ebook, white paper or series of such things to supplement an auto-responder?

  45. Hey Jeff, I would ask you about my lead magnet. I’m just starting out and have zero people on my list. Last week I’ve created my first lead magnet and ended up with a three day mini course (3 videos and 3 handouts). Now I’m wondering if I give away too much or if this is a good starting point. I’m a master at being self critical and tend to overthink things 🙂 Another question I would ask over a cup of coffee is this: English is my second language, I’m originally from Switzerland and speak German. I think I would like to publish in both languages because it makes my market bigger. On the other hand this means I’ll create everything twice: Lead magnet, launches, etc… which is double the work. What would your advice be?

  46. Hi Jeff, You say in your video, what would you ask me? Well, Jeff, I am a long time follower of you and your videos are so amazing what others ask usually answer my question, so that why you do not get lot of responses it because others already asked you and your reply cover lot of people question that why low responses. As always another great video. Thank You for great insight.

  47. Good day, Jeff!

    I am willing to start my own English course for Ukrainian and Russian children. I work towards it every day. I created the name and themes and gather materials: collect encyclopedias and visual dictionaries for children, best books, games and mind maps. I am a student of Brian Tracy also. I was offered a coach but I can’t afford it. Plus to make videos I need a specialist. Is there any way I can achieve my goals? I see two ways one to earn money for coaches and do it but it will take time or I can spent 5 or 10 years by myself managing how to do it through books and courses. Thank you for your time. Olena

  48. So glad you asked, Jeff! Here are my questions: I am weeks away from publishing my first book, which leads directly into a program for those who want to go further and deeper. I have no list, no website, no email provider. (Which is why I’m here!) I planned to use Kajabi for my website and to host my course, but have held off until I heard from you about tech. You said Kajabi is light on email features, so is that a serious consideration for me right now, and something I need to get right from the start? It sounds like I don’t really need a website from the start (just a lead magnet and squeeze page), but I do need my course hosted in the next few months. Thoughts?

  49. darryl killion


    Hi Jeff
    It’s Darryl in Big Bear California!
    I love you brother really love your heart
    I’m a newly retired English teacher
    I discovered the power of eating raw Brussels sprouts after suffering a deep depression due to stress and broken marriage!
    Yes raw Brussels sprouts!!! The electrical energy will soar thought your body… my daughter dubbed me The Brussels sprouts Guy … I’m doing YouTube channel to share my love and experience with Raw Brussels sprouts… the big advantage is reduced inflammation in men’s Prostate!!! A huge problem for over 50 men I can solve it for you!!! How do I launch my content??? On YouTube or FB… I love you man!!!
    Darryl The Brussels sprouts Guy!!!

  50. Hi Jeff! I have been following you for only a little while but I am already a huge fan. I have developed a rental property management software with my family to manage our properties but we want to start selling the software to other landlords/property managers. I have started making videos on you tube but I feel like I am speaking to myself. Is this normal when starting out?

  51. Hi Jeff,

    My question is: how frequently should one publish? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? I currently send out a quarterly email to my list to update them on the latest goings-on with my creative life. I had been podcasting weekly during the last few months, but found it hard to keep going at that pace.

  52. Hi Jeff
    How do you interact with an
    already existing mailing list. Just send more mailing lists.? i usualy just send a newsleter when i have e new product ….Should i send more often?

  53. Jay Jennings


    I’ve been out of the online business world for most of a decade, and really want to get started again. My previous experience happened almost by accident and took off. But now? I’m just not sure what to focus on. What product/service to I want to offer?

    Of the thousand things I’m passionate about, how do I come up with THE THING that will give me the most satisfaction? (Satisfaction = continued passion for the subject + financial rewards)

  54. Hi Jeff, I want to know how do I become a thought leader and recognize in my field of expertise which is overcoming fear and anxiety?

  55. norman t sowell sr


    Creating a blog on Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition for beginners. What kind of information should my welcoming emails (maybe 3) contain?

  56. Hi Jeff, I am an artist and spiritual teacher. I designed and produced my own oracle deck and book. I find that I have 2markets. An art based business and spirit business and I find it hard to know what to focus on and try to do both. It can feel overwhelming and I tend to then not do it well. I have online course but only got signups when I offered them for free, found it hard to sell them. My question would be do I focus on one part and build that or slowly build each part?

  57. Hi Jeff,
    I just wanted to say I’ve been following you for probably the longest I’ve followed anyone. I just recently bought PLF and although it was my first big purchase (I bought ‘Launch’ a few years ago), I have noticed something about you that has kept me “loyal” to your work. You’ve remained constantly and diligently humble and genuine. I think that sincerity is sometimes difficult to express, but you do it. Even experts that I followed very closely at times – to the point of attending their live events – grew apparently arrogant and disingenuous over the years in my eyes. Would you speak to that? I’m so scared to launch for a number of reasons, but feeling like an imposter, and then worrying about being seen as arrogant are two things gnawing at my confidence.

  58. Eva Rottenanger


    Hi Jeff,
    Loved your video, Thanks.

    My questions relate to sequencing in order to structure a clear path. I’ve been trying to figure out what I can offer as a course that is both a service and a background income generator as I pursue my own writing while at the same time helping others to find their voice and improve their writing skills.

    My background is teaching academic writing at a university (last 12 years, before that – general English at high school).

    1: How do I sequence the following:
    a. Book launch (the manuscript – travel memoir – is with my beta readers now, the publisher is locked in: they say 4 months from receipt of manuscript to launch)
    b. Website launch: (one-to-one writing, editing and proofreding service: I’ve held off putting this online because I want it to also sell my course (not written yet) and the book ad & cart (not published yet)
    c. Course launch: I envison this as a writing course, specifically for people who think they can’t write, or are not native English writers. Too often, their ‘voice’ remains silent because of this. I’m passionate about writing, and as a teacher for many decades, I want to help people become better writers. There are many writing courses out there that teach various genres of writing, but they all expect students to be able to write before they start. I want to target the people who feel they can’t.

    2: How do I get to these people?
    3: Where do I go next?
    4: Does my plan so far even make sense in the business world?
    (book, website then course) I wrote the book firstly because I felt compelled to write it, and secondly, because I thought that being a published author would lend some authority to offering a course on writing, otherwise, who the heck am I to offer such help?

    Thank you for any suggestions.
    Eva 🙂

  59. Eva Rottenanger


    Wow Jeff!

    I’ve never heard that said so succinctly:

    Our mantra, each time we come across something negative should be:
    “Mother Teresa, Ghandi and Churchill each had their haters. They even crucified Jesus!”
    Followed by:
    “I’m OK!!” “I’m in the BEST company even when criticised!”

    Thanks for that! 🙂

  60. How to really narrow my focus? Have had clients one on one with all types of issues. doing my research and still not sure how to narrow more. Women with spiritual problems and relationship issues. These people don’t use this language-they are disappointed in broken relationships and they don’t want to repeat this.

    Not sure how to name this.

  61. Hi Jeff
    What shall I teach people?
    I mean I have a Thai restaurant and I was thinking about a how to cook Thai food course.
    Do you think it would work?

  62. Christi Gass Wilson


    Just starting with PLF & a product in my head for a course not yet written. Spending the $$ and time for this causes me to feel mixed emotions such as fear, uncertainty, but also fun and excitement. I really have passion for my topic & avatar. Can you explain the mindset a new person needs to develop in order to stay the course and be fully committed?

  63. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve been posting on Instagram to invite people to a free live group healing on most Sunday nights or full moon evenings. This is my first experience with taking my energy healing practice from 1 to 1 to 1 to many, but it’s been successful since May. I tag a friend’s IG post since she adds her breath work and sound bath following my clearing of trapped emotions from the group.
    Is this a way to build my list?
    Thank you,

  64. I appreciate the invitation to reach out. I really need to break this down into baby steps to manage.
    My full time teaching Art PreK to 8 and my daily studio practice leave very little energy for anything. With the addition of hybrid, virtual and face to face to the teaching my inventive problem solving is fairly chaotic. I am all in and really need to get a course up. I am posting and asking some questions on Instagram. No real response. Looking to engage where my avatar spends attention. Please advice next steps.- maybe a checklist. I have an idea of my avatar. My list is only 90. And interested in my paintings I don’t have a lead magnet but I do have an outline for a course to help moms who want to establish or get back into a daily art practice build the habit. I have done it. But I also seriously need to market my art. Generating a better income from my work is a priority.

  65. Hi, Jeff! I love this video.
    /first, were you using a selfie stick? Or did you have someone with you?
    What type of mic did you use? Sound quality is excellent.
    And last…do you think it’s ok for a woman to do video in this casual way – no makeup, hat, sunglasses? That is the one issue that keeps me from publishing more videos.
    Thanks for your response!

  66. Hi Jeff,

    I’m a new PLF owner. My question for you (if we sat down over a cup of coffee) is: what are the top three traits you see in your successful owners (those who launch a million dollars or more)?

    Here’s to an amazing brand,


  67. Thank you loved the decency reminder. My question for you to you is what is your most successful marketing formula? I’ve read you book I’ve gone to allot of your 3 day wonderful give back of your PLF . Is it affiliate … thank you . Blessings

  68. Hello Jeff,
    I know you have lots to read, so I’ll keep this quick. Two questions/comments:
    1) Love the Alternate Path. Would love to get some more details/examples of how this would play out in a launch.
    2) Know this could be a whole other course in/of itself…but would love a bonus on the ‘framework’ of designing one’s class/workshop. Best practices, platforms, delivery methods, technology, etc. Like a Quickstart for Building a Class.
    Thanks. 🙂

  69. I have a school safety business that provides staff training in violence threat assessment and everyday school safety. How do I tap into fears and concerns without exploiting school violence incidents or using fear tactics?

  70. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you so much for your amazing content and guidance. I’ve only recently discovered you (hello recency!) through an IG ad for your launch masterclass, and I look forward to buying PLF next year and following your journey until then. I have already learned so much and I am so grateful.

    If we were to sit down this afternoon and have coffee together, I would have to ask you something that’s been on my mind FOREVER but has never been truly resolved by any thought leader I have come across yet. I would ask you, how do you get over or reconcile the fear of limiting yourself to just one specific brand? Is there even a way to broach 2 entirely different industries without compensating your perceived authority/professionalism in either?

    I am one of the most rational people you could ever meet, but I *know* in my heart that I want to help people understand and get the most benefit out of their natal charts in astrology. It’s just something I cannot stop thinking about. What is holding me back from launching is the idea that once I attach my name to that content, my fear is that I will never be able to be taken seriously again if I wanted to pivot or encompass another industry like activism which also holds a close place in my heart.

    Perhaps this is just an ego problem more than anything – perhaps the solution is something on the lines of making sure your content – no matter how “out there” like astrology is – something you can genuinely be proud of no matter what anyone thinks; I don’t know. But Jeff, it would literally mean THE WORLD if you could address this in some way. I know you’d have such an brilliant perspective on it – and I’m sure there are countless others like me out there just hanging on your every word!

    Your friend,

  71. How do you make these walking videos? Is someone walking beside you with the camera? Are you by yourself and holding the camera on a selfie stick?

  72. Among all the very successful followers you presented during your Launch week formula week none were authors. I got a general idea of how this would work for selling books, but I wish you would address this specifically.

  73. Hello Jeff,
    My name is Janine. I am a fashion designer that became an Appearance coach.. My avatar is a woman between 35 and 65 that is in a transitional period of her life, stuck in what she unconsciously became: the comfy woman, the stagnating employee and the dull image of herself. She needs the push and the knowledge to re-ignite and reflect in her appearance the REAL matured, beautiful, knowledgeable person that she is …so she can be happy, confidente and alive. And this is where I come for help. ;-))
    My question for you… well, where have you been all these years??? Cause I am finding every single answer to my questions in your program!!!
    May God be with you always and thank you for bumping into my world!
    Might have a question later on in the program.. till then, stay safe and all the best!

  74. Perfect timing Jeff! I‘m happy you published your thoughts in the present moment, no special lighting effects needed, it made the teaching even more powerful.

  75. Hi Jeff!

    I started following you when you were first starting out. Your authenticity and integrity was obvious then and all these years later that feeling of being a good guy with a wheelhouse of skills to share is true.

    If I could sit down with you, I would ask you how to get my technology IQ to a place I can send auto responders, take payments, schedule group zoom calls and get my book and course published. Basically, I’m trying to download all the years of experience from my brain to digestible pieces of information.

    Then… I would ask how do I shift from my area of specific expertise to a new area of expertise? I want to serve people in the area a of education/ learning differences first. But I already know I want yo move into more healing work and business success work. So it’s the transition… I’m wondering how to make that shift with my current following and build up a new clientele.

    Thank you for being a person I feel cares about the real outcomes for people. I am eager to be competent in technology do when I have ways to serve I can get going full steam ahead.

    Sincerely and grateful ,
    Kelly Fedge-DuBose

  76. David Crabill


    Jeff, having followed you for quite some time now (5+ years?), I don’t think I’d really need to ask you a technical question. You’ve given away so much for free that I already know most of the basic information… probably too much information, in fact. 🙂

    I think the only reasonable answer to “What would I ask you, if I sat down with you for only 15 minutes?” is that I wouldn’t know what would be the most important question to ask. You would probably know that question better than I would.

    So with only 15 minutes, I’d probably just share what I am doing and what stage I am in, and see what you would likely do if you were in my shoes, and what my next step should be. That kind of personalized response would probably be invaluable.

    So I guess my question would be “What should be my next step?” Which, now that I think about it, is quite fitting for the theme of this video. 🙂

  77. Hi Jeff,

    I would like to ask you how you would start interacting with new prospects when you’re selling a physical product. You can’t teach them about your product, right? Because it will actually mean that you’re trying to sell from the start. So how can you give value without talking about your physical product benefits? I would also love to hear more case studies of physical products to understand how it actually works.

  78. Linda Listing


    If we could sit down and have coffee, I would ask you about platforms, pluses and minuses. Specifically I have heard some not great things about mail chimp. So what are the alternatives and how easy are those to add surveys into? How or where do I get forms like the one I’m typing in onto my webpage since I sell a physical product? Some shopping carts don’t allow for certain interactions. Basically, rather than trying out all the platforms out there, how do I find out the pluses and minuses to choose one that works for me without having to go through painful switching?

  79. Jeff, thank you for your generousity and honesty. You are an amazing person. You are the best in explanation.

  80. Hi Jeff,
    The question I would ask is: Is my niche too small?

    Here is the order (niche-wise) in which I would create my program. I want to niche it down to the very last item, but this may be too small. People 50+ > Beginners > Learning an instrument or singing > Rock Music. My own journey right now involves singing in a rock band (metal/rock) writing original music, getting the band going, creating videos, and rocking out the world of rock! I’m 55 and I truly believe that I’m not too old to take this somewhere.

    The program would include: 1. Getting Started (How & Confidence), 2. Finding Other Musicians, 3. Writing/Creating Songs, 4. Promoting Your Music, 5. Advanced Strategies (Marketing, Managing, Touring, etc.)

    FYI…I am not a guru on items 3-5, but I know enough to be ahead of my “students”, and I can ramp up pretty quickly. I know a lot of folks in the business, and I study this stuff like crazy!

    My Plan B is just to create a program for folks over 50 who want to “Begin” anything where they worry that they are too old. (For example, I started learning figure skating when I was 51).
    Thoughts? Anyone?

    • I realized that I wasn’t entirely clear… I was in a hurry when I typed. “Beginners” could be people who do already have some skills, but they’ve been put on the shelf for years, and now these folks are ready to play again. They’re ready to “begin” taking their music somewhere. They may also need to hone their skills quite a bit.

      For true beginners, there would be affiliate programs for learning how to play/sing, and also encouragement to still play with other beginners while learning. There are TONS of musicians out there who are willing to play with beginners. Musicians are kindred spirits.


  81. What is your number one tip for writing compelling subject lines so people will open your emails?
    thank you!

  82. If I could ask you a question, what is the best way to determine what business to start first when you have have 2 very different passions. I am a certified Law of Attraction Coach and I am a Project Manager professional who loves to teach Project Management to Entrepreneurs?

  83. Hi Jeff! I would ask you if you’re looking for an in-house, certified (remote) yoga teacher for the Jeff Walker Team!

  84. How do you know when you’re ready to leave your day job and go full-time in your business? I’m afraid to do it when I first hit the equal of my wage, in case it’s not sustainable.

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