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Hearing I’d be unreachable for a week as I head off for a wilderness river trip, a friend asked:

“How do you do that?”

When you have an online business, it can be hard to imagine going offline for more than a few hours.

But going offline is the easy part – you just have to find someplace with no electricity, Wi-Fi, or cell signal. The real question is:

“How do you get comfortable stepping away from your business?”

For me, taking time to disconnect and recharge has been one of the keys to my long-term success. It can be for you, too…

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10 Replies to “Are You Always Connected?”

  1. I am trying to create “wild experiences” for people always connected and need to disconnect and recharge in nature for min 1 week. Your testimony is SO valuable for me. The decision to take time for you and not be connected to your business for 7 days or more is very important in many aspects of mind and body health, new perspectives and strenght to come back to business and crash it! Amazing. Thank you Jeff Walker

  2. TDiane Nguyen


    Hi Jeff,
    Thank You so much. I like what you said. It reminds me of my connection with nature when I did take trips in the wilderness in the past – The wonderful scent of forests of fir trees in my region, being in contact with nature, it’s very empowering like you say. So I’ll go back to the botanical garden I guess… Laughs… [I’m not into big trips…]

  3. Michele Ashby


    Hi Jeff,
    Your message today is perfect for me today. Thank you. I am headed out on a 5 day vacation with my husband. I’m burnt out as a solopreneur. And need to step away and recharge. But in my fear is reaching out and telling me to take my computer on my trip to plug in for a few hours every day. Ha! That’s no vacation!! So your message today was what I needed to hear. I’m leaving my computer at home and am committing to this week as mine for recharge. We won’t be sleeping outside – ha ha. Have a great trip and thanks again,

  4. Howard Bush


    Never thought about it, being under the stress to be able to take a break. But starting out by taking walks without my phone will have to suffice for now. Thank you, your message planted itself in me and it will always be there to remind me of a essential tool to advance my thoughts and processes. Working on my NFT now.
    Thank you Jeff

  5. Kate Twhigg


    Hi Jeff,
    Love rafting! Love it, love it, love it and camping with no tent and the possums hanging around. So happy you did this video. We need reminding to give ourselves permission to step away and reconnect with nature!!!! Have an incredible trip with your family xxxx

  6. Jeff, as you say, this wilderness rafting trip amazes each year, so I’m happy or inspired to day dream about some wonderful activity I can enjoy while building up my business today! Indeed, the imperative to plan ways to recharge can/should factor into the work I do now. As always thank you for these practical yet vital lessons.

  7. Deb Newberry Puterbaugh


    Ha Jeff…this is WHY…I do it! This is #LaunchLife and it is my whole…WHY! I spend 4 months off the GRID…in Baja Mexico! I have VERY limited wifi…and my Business still runs!!! I come back with a way better mindset! My niche is really supporting the future of HUMAN REPRODUCTION. I stay on a beach next to the Bahia Conception and my time next to her gives me the recharge I NEED to do this WORK. Have a great walk-about…my friend. Seeking Vision…for the future. #LaunchLife

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