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How did I go from being a stay-at-home dad who hadn’t made a dollar in six years to selling over $100 million worth of products… and having students who’ve generated over one BILLION?

It all started when I realized that success is a decision – it’s the “all-in” moment you decide, once and for all, your life is going to change.

Because no one achieves success by accident. You have to put in the work.

And you can start right now, by deciding you’re going to be successful.

At the time I’m writing this, we’re just a few weeks away from my annual Launch Masterclass™. Over a million people have gone through this free training. And here’s what I’ve noticed…

The people who get the best results – those who go on to build six and seven-figure businesses – are the ones who make up their minds to succeed.

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27 Replies to “This Decision Could Change Everything For You”

  1. Good morning,

    I have taken the Master class before but was not able to fully comprehend it due to my learning disabilities. We learn by repetition. My heart’s desire to launch a program and stop direct care.

    Thank you for your consideration.


      AND I DID.

    • Yes, I am in a similar boat to Jody, struggling with a health condition also. Some days my brain is “on” I’m catching everything, some days I’m struggling to get a word out and feeling super self conscious.
      I’ve been regretting not putting that $100 down for the launch lab consult all year. Because of feeling like I knew I didn’t have any more income after that, despite how much I wanted to just try- how do you tell a group of professionals, “look, I’m super motivated, and I want to pay you, but I have no idea what my body’s going to do tomorrow, and because of that my wallet has had nothing but butterflies for some time…” I totally discouraged myself out of it, but when the window closed, I wished I’d at least tried! It’s a particular type of challenge for those things to feel out of your control- although, true, many things are out of all of our control whether we have health problems or not. I’d like to see a case study on that though!! I definitely need this launch from scratch motivation, part of what I’m working on is trying to deep dive into methods for any ‘body’ to be successful, health condition or not…

      Jeff… If you’re out there? I love your case studies- would you consider a focus group/ work study? My minds been on it for some time, and my big dream is to learn via collaboration :)’ just saying!

      Okay, I’m being one of those people- making up for past regrets in the comments section- my bad…
      I guess my brain is “on” today!
      I’m just gonna put it all out there while I’m feeling chatty like this and cross my fingers, cause it’s time for me to make the decision to put myself out there. I’ll practice self editing later. Right now I internally edit so much its stopped me from saying anything out loud. Talkative today! 😀 Thanks for the motivation.
      Best to everyone out there!

      • Good for you Brittany!
        Sounds like this time round you’ll be ready to jump in with conviction! When the timing is right, the timing is right🥳

      • Oh, I just love you Brittany. You give off such an amazing vibe. And I resonated deeply with when you said “I internally edit so much its stopped me from saying anything out loud.” You don’t need to edit anything in my opinion. You’re real and it’s so refreshing!

        We are in the same boat regarding health conditions and a wallet of butterflies as a result. But, I’ve started building my business now and I’ve learnt a lot over the past few years about how to achieve success despite my health issues and “on” and “off” days, so much so that I graduated from college in May and in my final semester, I took almost double the full-time course load and passed everything!

        Now, I had to stop working because it got way too intense on my body to try to build my business and work at the same time. I got to make the decision that if I have to focus on one thing, I’m putting all I’ve got into my dream business and I’m committed to becoming successful. I’ve given myself 1 month to get this business going and make my first sales because it’s high time I do so. I learnt a lot from different mentors (including Jeff Walker) on the side while getting through college, so I already know all I need to know to build my business and I know how to do it with my health issues.

        This means it’s time to make a decision and jump in! And it sounds like you’re at a point where you’ve made the firm decision to go all in, whatever that looks like for you. Mine was 1 month to make a sale. Yours may be different, like investing in yourself with whatever you had. That’s how I’ve been learning so far to be honest. I would love to chat more about this with you because it feels like we just get each other.

        Starting a business from scratch demands a lot from anybody, but even more from those of us with long-term, chronic health issues, and unpredictable bodies & minds. We’re going to be busy bees with butterflies in our wallets for a little while, but this doable!

        I really hope you get to take the leaps you’re excited to take (because you’re worth it!!!), and I would love to connect with you on this journey as we develop our businesses from scratch in our peculiar health situations (and also because entrepreneurship can be lonely when you don’t have business besties who get what you’re going through and y’all can lift each other up). I’m @ coachkemzi on Instagram if you want to connect.😊❤️❤️❤️

        Way to go, Brittany!!!
        Even if we don’t connect, I’m Team Brittany for the win!!❤️

  2. Joe Zingone


    I would like to listen to the masterclass. Hoping to get some positive forward motion

  3. Jennifer Bradley


    I’d like to attend. Am already applying the information in your book to my October launch. This will be my third launch and I’m planning for it to be my best.

  4. Barry Chandler


    Looking forward to what you’re going to be teaching. Let me know where to sign up.

  5. Barry Chandler


    I am excited to work diligently making a success of this program. Thanks for the opportunity you are providing.

    Sincerely Barry Chandler

  6. Is there a link to register?
    Or share with someone else who is interested

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