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What's the highest measuring bar for a teacher? It's a simple question with a simple answer – but that answer will grow your business faster than almost anything else…

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Let’s talk about long-term success, especially in this business, which I’ll define as the “knowledge business” or the “wisdom business” or the “expert business” or the” information business.” There are lots of different terms, but this idea where you’re out there teaching, whether it’s in an online course or a membership site or a seminar, workshop, or mastermind – lots of different ways to deliver the knowledge. 

If you’re in this business, if you want to have long-term success, well, that’s what I’m going to talk about real quick. I started to talk about this last week when this idea of how it comes down to being a servant, a servant leader, a servant teacher, a servant expert, and showing up and really serving your people and getting them results. That’s the way you get long-term results. If you’re getting results for people, they’re going to tell other people about it. You’re going to be able to share their stories. That was last week I talked about that. 

Just some perspective, I just came out of my latest release of Product Launch Formula, and the first release was October 21, 2005. To my knowledge, there is no other product out there, another online training product that’s been around for this long period. Let’s just say I think I speak from some amount of knowledge on this topic. 

Here’s another thing. First, show up, serve, get people results, celebrate those results. Really, I think one of the marks of a great teacher is when his or her students actually start to exceed the teacher. I have students who have had more results, better, bigger results than me in their launches, and I celebrate that. I celebrate that. That’s a win. 

In fact, I have an event, my LaunchCon event is coming up in a matter of a few weeks. It’s in early November. That event is basically built on the celebration of my clients sharing their biggest… well, not so much sharing their biggest wins, but sharing what they’ve learned. It’s the absolute latest cutting-edge. I have Product Launch Formula, which teaches you how to do this, my PLF Live live event, which is me walking through the curriculum, but LaunchCon is all about the stars of the PLF world, the stars of the Launch world coming out, stepping on stage, and sharing their latest learnings from their latest launches. I love this event. 

This is our fourth year we’ve done this event, and basically I created it because I wanted a way to celebrate the community and celebrate their wisdom and celebrate their learnings, and, frankly, I didn’t have another venue to share the latest cutting-edge stuff because within Product Launch Formula, you know, I put everything in. I put the whole formula in there, 100%.  But we, as a community, are constantly developing new strategies, new tactics, new tweaks, new extensions to the formula, and so LaunchCon becomes where it’s at. Really, it just started off as me saying, “How can I celebrate these amazing people, these amazing clients of mine, these amazing PLF Owners, these amazing mastermind partners?” I’m looking forward to that event. 

This is the deal. If you want to have long-term success, show up and serve your people and get them results and obsess as much about your delivery as about your marketing. Oh, by the way, your delivery is the start of your marketing. Does that make sense? Your delivery of your product and the experience and getting people results, that’s the leading edge of your marketing. Show up, serve them, get them results, celebrate them, and hopefully you’ll have the amazing students I have, that will actually start to exceed your results. 

I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you are, scroll down, leave a comment for me, and let’s go get ‘em this week.

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22 Replies to “When the Students Become the Teacher”



    1. SMART

  2. Olivia Sinco


    Really grounding, to think of training and educating people so well that they gain their own momentum…. wishing them success in huge ways such as surpassing the teacher, is for me, the definition of service

  3. David Roper


    This community “fits” my life-long philosophy … learning the value of selfless service and the rewards that go beyond material things. So happy I found it! God Bless your life, Jeff 🙂

  4. Thanks Jeff,
    It’s always an inspiration hearing you speak. Thanks for the encouragement on getting
    to events and not being the lone wolf.
    With Appreciation,

  5. Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna


    Hey, Jeff – new PLF owner here. Just getting started. I ADORE your approach – service is IT!
    Thank you for being you!!

  6. Chris Hatton


    Looking forward to LaunchCon. Always fun hanging out with fellow entrepreneurs.

  7. Thank you for the very insightful messages that you so generously share. I appreciate how you present information from both a personal and business perspective.

  8. Such encouragement and motivation. Just beginning and have so much hope and vision. Thank you for giving us your time, energy and wisdom!!!

  9. Thanks Jeff,

    Trying to start a business blog in Sydney!

    Thanks for the Inspo as always


  10. So raw real and has happened to and for me when I taught at the Vancouver Film School – some of my students have gone on to do amazing things with their published books, pitching their films. TV series etc. This still feels so great and I am so happy for them.
    Blessed be Jeff

  11. Greetings from Nairobi Kenya!!. Jeff., Thank you for enriching the world. Just bought PLF and I’m super excited about the possibilities . Now packing my bags to attend the LaunchCon.
    Bringing lots of love and positive energy all the way from Africa.

  12. LaunchCon was amazing Jeff! The new strategies were awesome . . . small book with barcodes, serialized vs. episodic, crazy spreadsheets. Loved it all. (Holding back from using too many exclamation marks). Thank you so much. -RobotGrandma

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