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Sustaining Energy and Passion After Years

I've just wrapped up my 15th PLF Live™. It's been a phenomenal journey so far, but the question I always get asked at the end of every event is:

“How do you keep going after all these years?”

To me, the answer is simple: inspiration.

I'm constantly inspired by my students and clients. Their determination, courage, and passion to create rich, abundant lives and do life-changing work drive me to not only keep going… but to get even better.

Their energy and joy fuel my passion and remind me why I do what I do.

Leveraging AI to Enhance Marketing

The 15th PLF Live™ centered around one major theme: leveraging the power of AI in marketing.

We spent three full days exploring how to use AI to help create marketing easier and faster than ever.

The attendees were blown away by the work we accomplished using free AI tools. From ideation to execution, AI played an instrumental role in getting over one thousand launch plans done in record time.

However, as we delved into the world of artificial intelligence, one thing became clear – PLF Live wasn't about AI… or tech.

Ultimately, PLF Live was a celebration of our humanity and the unique contribution we each bring to the world.

AI as a Tool, Your Voice as the Strategy

The takeaway that resonated most with the attendees was the idea that AI is an awesome tool, but it's your VOICE that is the strategy.

In all my years in business, this has always been the case. And I don't see this ever changing.

It's your unique perspective, your voice, the way you connect with people, and how you resonate with them that are the pillars of business success.

Your voice has the power to influence your customer's lives and build a sustainable business.

When you realize this, you recognize AI for what it is – a powerful tool you can use to leverage your voice, skills, and talents.

AI can help you dodge the intimidating blank page, make writer's block a thing of the past, and generate a ton of new ideas. But remember…

AI is only a tool… your voice is the strategy.

Recovering and Looking Forward

After three exhilarating days at PLF Live™, I always take time to rest and recover.

Pouring my heart and soul out at this event is always an amazing experience. If you were there, you'll know what I'm talking about. And if you weren't, I hope to see you at next year's PLF Live so I can walk you through creating your next launch plan – in super fast time.

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