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Someone recently asked me:

“Jeff, do you think you would have invested in Product Launch Formula when you were first starting out?”

Here’s my answer to the person who recently asked me that, and my advice to anyone who’s where I was 25 years ago:

Learn from folks with practical, real world experience.

Fancy college degrees might look nice on your wall. But if they saddle you with a mountain of debt and a job you hate, are the ooh’s and ahh’s you get from visiting relatives really worth it?

If you’re reading this, you have the technology – and the opportunity – to learn any skill, from practically anyone, from anywhere in the world. 

Not only that but, odds are that you have a skill that someone else would love to learn – and happily pay you to teach them. And if you’re looking for practical strategies you can use to turn your know-how into a thriving business…

Check out my FREE Launch Masterclass on October 28th, 29th, and 30th.

Although there’s no financial cost… you do need to invest the time to visit:

… and enter your email address so you can access all the goodies!

My team and I are working hard to make this the best masterclass ever – with new live trainings, Action Guides, case studies, and bonuses.

You’re not going to want to miss it!

Until then, here’s a sneak preview of what we've got in store for you…

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5 Replies to “Would I Have Invested in Product Launch Formula?”

  1. lorna macintosh


    Letters following a name have as much ‘go’ as a horse behind the cart – to market, to market – I don’t think so.

    And that horse is pushing a debt in that cart toward the unknown of marketing.

    Thanx as always for your practical wisdom and looking at the 360 around your topics.

  2. Jeff, just want to said this is good timely information as a setup for your Master Class Launch happening in a few days. I invested in PLF during your last Master Class and am so happy I did! Although I’ve been delayed in Launching my own product, not related to any knowledge I’ve acquired from your Product, on the contrary, it’s instilled in me the very things you recommend in these videos, namely, research the market you intend to serve. Best wishes on your next Master Class. And for any one reading your blog and comments, I say, “You don’t want to miss this awesome opportunity!”

  3. Florentino


    Thank you for the opportunity, I really appreciate it. God bless you.

  4. Crystal Wright


    Very insightful. I always appreciate steps that I can follow and then expand upon. Thanks for giving me better questions to ask.

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