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I was busy working on some copy for my upcoming PLF Live™ when it occurred to me that PLF Live™ might just be the longest-running event in the entire online marketing, online entrepreneurship, and business-building industry.

2023 will see our 15th event. And more than 12,000 folks have attended it since we launched it way back in 2010.

From Physical to Virtual: The Evolution of PLF Live™

Before the world came to a grinding halt thanks to the pandemic, PLF Live™ was a live, in-person event – where thousands of people would gather in a hotel for three fun-filled days.

However, the world going into lockdown gave us the opportunity to create a virtual option — one that allows business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world to map out their next launch from the comfort of their own homes (and PLF Live™ to continue to thrive)

I can't think of any other live business events that have stood the test of time like PLF Live™.

It's the same for my Product Launch Formula coaching program, which has been running – and continuously updating – since 2005.

The One-Word Secret to Our Longevity

Why have PLF Live™ and Product Launch Formula continued to be successful for so many years? For me, the answer lies in one word – results.

PLF Live™ isn't a typical business event – with a never-ending conveyor belt of speaker after speaker. It's is a transformational, three-day workshop where you and I roll up our sleeves and plan your next launch.

PLF Live's promise is powerfully simple – walk in with an idea, and after three immersive days, you'll walk out with your own personal, meticulously planned launch plan.

The high energy, fun environment, and connections you make over the weekend are a nice bonus. But, make no mistake, what brings seven and eight-figure business owners back to PLF Live™ again and again is the results.

Striving for Mastery: Constantly Upping the Game at PLF Live™

In my preparation for this year's PLF Live™, I'm rewatching the recordings from last year's event, looking for small improvements I can make to make this year's event even better.

This is something I do every year. I've done the math…

So far I've dedicated over a month of my life – 42 full days – to being on the stage at PLF Live™. That's just a crazy number. And it's only going to get larger…

42 days on stage is a huge amount of time, but it's worth it when I hear the amazing success stories of the folks who showed up and did the work at PLF Live™.

Fifteen Years and Counting: The Legacy of PLF Live™

So there you have it – fifteen glorious years of hosting the longest-running event in the online business industry – PLF Live™… and we're still going strong.

The inspiring stories that emerge… the amazing progress attendees make are what make this such an exciting journey.

If you want to find out more about PLF Live, click here and enter your email address at the top of the page to join my email list and you'll be first to hear about our next event.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, or where you stand in your entrepreneurial journey—whether you're on the verge of making your first sale or preparing for a six-figure launch…

Join us at PLF Live™ and let's get you launched!

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