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Just about three years ago, I loaded up a selfie video to YouTube… and that was the real start of this channel. I shot the video in a moment of pure inspiration. I really wasn't giving much thought to what the future would hold.

But now here we are a million views later, and this is what we learned…

(The best part is that what we did is easily duplicatable. So if you're not already doing these things, you can start tomorrow.)

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

(Watch: Part 2: Lessons Learned From Our First Million Views)

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96 Replies to “Our First Million YouTube Views (Lessons Learned)”

  1. Hi Jeff

    Yes and hope that we can see part 2 of this video.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks Jeff – is an iPhone good enough to get started or do you recommend buying some equipment?

  3. Daniela Tedesco-Stranges


    Love it! Motivating for sure. You seem so down to earth. I want to start to do something like this and I definitely want to get more instructions on how to do video posts.

  4. I am looking for Part 2 and Sunday to watch your videos. It is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think even to this day people don’t understand the power of YouTube – where else can you create a video media channel for zero cost, essentially a T.V station if you like. Plus YouTube is not called the second largest search engine online for no reason! So that was a really inspired idea you had Jeff, I am only starting to understand how amazing YouTube is and I have been on it since 2006 when it first started.

  6. First of all, congratulation for the 1.000.000 views Jeff!
    Thanks a lot for all the AMAZING content you share with us.

    – Tiago Simões

  7. Hello Jeff,

    Big fan of your topics! Every one of your videos is pointing to the next topic which pretty much
    answered what I like to ask you myself. Since watching your videos it seems like I got what I was suppose to ask you for,
    and that’s awesome.

    So my question for you on this topic is (like you did mention about coming up with next topic etc) I was wondering how you
    do it? Like how you were able to come up with a topic now that your videos is still in counting and all?

    How do you layout what would be your next topic is all about and how did you execute that idea from? especially when you are in
    the IM Niche which is pretty hard to do. Everything else besides IM is easy to execute like personal life etc, but IM how do you do it?


  8. YES–please continue with the 2nd video. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel and I’m going to watch some of your backlist.

    I’ve written 6 books and I’m trying to grow my email list, so I’m searching for that topic on your channel.


  9. Thanks Jeff for this video and for your constant inspiration! Yes, please do part 2. Question: How do I add the “Click here to subscribe my YouTube Channel” button on the video? Thanks again!

  10. Hi Jeff. I love the consistency. Have you ever considered taking the audio component of your videos and publishing them as podcasts? I made the decision to publish an audio version of my articles as a podcast. I am contemplating now adding a video version. My thought is it could all be shot together.Have a great week.

  11. Please do a video about important notes on lighting, sound and video equipment! Even with your more casual videos (on selfie stick), you still have good lighting and sound, plus good definition. Thanks in advance!

  12. Jeff, I look forward to each new video. They percolate in my brain for creativity as I start my blog. Doug

  13. Great topic, Jeff! My takeaway: having themes to come back to. This really drives home the message. I would love to hear about how you select key words, if you have a system for optimizing search on YouTube.

    I started my channel a couple of months ago. The videos are very DIY, but I’m looking into having them professionally batch shot. In your experience, DYI vs high quality, does it positively affect user engagement?

    I uploaded the first video of my launch to my YouTube channel a couple of days ago (in addition to my launch funnel). I’ll post the remaining launch videos (I did 3) there too, and take them off after cart close. In the video description, I’ve included a link to my launch page. What do you think of this strategy?

    Thanks! It IS a ritual for me to watch your video on Sun mornings, before the day and the week begins. I look forward to them!

  14. Really enjoy your weekly videos Jeff…

    I think your point about consistency is so important. A friend of mine is a big YouTube star but it took him three years of publishing content three times a week to become an ‘overnight success’.

    Look forward to watching your future videos.

    – James

  15. I just watched several of your videos & your timing, as well as your messages, are perfect. I own a dog training business & have been posting a blog, as well as a monthly newsletter so several years. I was a creative writer in the corporate world for 16 years, so thus was relatively easy for me. However, many professional dog trainers are now posting “before & after” video of dogs they’ve trained & I’ve wanted to also, but just haven’t figured out how. (My only 2 employees are dogs, & cameras aren’t exactly paw-friendly.) What a relief to hear you say that it doesn’t need to be perfect… just get it out there. Whew! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Jeff until now I don’t see what is your real business. I see you videos but I do not see what products you sell


  17. Hey Jeff

    Thx for sharing great stuff — again. BTW it seems you don’t use the YouTube video on the blog. Is that on purpose? Just curious how you see the blog and YT channel working in tandem.

    JP Maroney

  18. Hi Jeff, congratulations! I like your videos because you appear so natural and authentic. And of course I find the content very useful. My next baby step will be the first video. I managed to set up a Youtube channel and hang out on air. Now I am struggeling with the technique: will the quality of the webcam be enough? Should I buy a video camera? Can I afford one that is good enough? And yes- do I have something interesting to say? Hearing you talk about selfies, themes and no need to be perfect helps a lot. Thank you. I am looking forward to your next video.

  19. First of all, I am one of those people that never fails to open the Sunday morning video. I like the consistency of the delivery date/time. I also like that they are always around 5 minutes. This time I was moved to go figure out how to leave a comment. I click through to yr video from yr email in my inbox. So today I went to FB and typed in Jeff Walker. I didn’t see your video there as it’s clearly your personal page. When I typed Jeff Walker into search in YouTube, I got many suggestions……I clicked one of them (perhaps two) and I didn’t see today’s video….so I just went to your blog. I would suggest that when you ask for a reaction at the end of your videos, you give the name of your FB page and YouTube.
    p.s. I find that MANY podcast people say ‘give me a comment on ITunes, but I am on Android and have no Apple products…..this recently happened also w/ a fellow Launch Club team member. These a small and easily corrected errors of assumption.

  20. Hey Jeff – 3 quick questions – loving the Sunday sharing videos and also click to open. Agree that consistency is working (also in the duration of them):
    – I have heard that it is not a good idea to create a channel on YouTube b/c then you don’t own the content. I don’t know if this is true. Perhaps this is something you could address in your video series.
    – As I mentioned in a previous comment, if you are delivering your video link in an email to your followers how can you get a like or a comment on YouTube
    – On your Sunday series videos, do you post them only on YouTube and your blog or also on FB ?

  21. Hi Jeff, ex-Durangoite Paul here. I’d love to see part 2 of your 1st million views……how about a step by step to grow a business from scratch.


  22. Thanks Jeff, I am just starting out with my video posts offering relationship advice to women, so sounds advice. Thanks. Choosing one day is such a good idea do I know I have to post on that day. Could you offer some advice on length of the videos?

  23. Hi Jeff! Congrats on the 1 million views….wooohoooo!!! Quite a milestone!

    We’ve done some video content for our blog but you’ve given me a bunch of new ideas. This is something we could more of, possibly while we’re traveling and unable to put out our usual content. Thank you!

  24. Thanks Jeff for your down to earth video. I can see why you are doing so well. You come across earnest, helpful and warm. I am going to start watching you on YT to find out what it is you do. Love to see part 2.

  25. Jeff I always enjoy your videos because they are real and helpful. Here’s my question. I have a Vimeo account but it sounds like you just use you tube; is there a reason?

  26. ( what is this red book in your hand? )

    I just made “Formula de Lançamento” in Brazil and I absolutely loved your speech.
    I’m planning to make a product talking about “photography as self expression”

    if you have time to take a look in my web site I will love to hae your feedback.

    thank you for your positive energy, the greatest lesson you give me.



  27. Thank you, Jeff, for your consistency and all the amazing videos. You have been a huge source of inspiration for me and my business. This last week I shot my first impromptu video. Please keep them coming! I’m excited to aking on the challenge to shoot every week.

  28. Great behind the scenes video, Jeff! (Thumbs way UP!)
    It’s encouraging, as I’m about to start a weekly blog/video. I’ve been struggling with consistency and I have considered a core themes idea like you mentioned, so I’m going to work on that.

    I’d love to see Part 2!

    Thanks for all you do Jeff 🙂

  29. Thank you Jeff for your tips and nuggets of inspiration! What rang true for me was “Consistently Create Content” …..valuable and actionable content based on Core Themes. A great reminder to revisit our own business and personal goals weekly.

  30. I really enjoyed your book, Jeff. I will be trying video this year. My stuff is about the best work we do, that it’s done automatically, and how that happens. I follow with Chris Brogan’s framework for planning and construction and work in your stuff for public exposure. It’s a great combination. Thanks!

  31. A really helpful video as always, and please do part 2! Sunday is the best day for me because I’m not so overwhelmed by too many other emails (guess I should houseclean the lists I’m on. . . .). I definitely open your emails and watch your videos because they are weekly, not daily, and because Sunday is a good day for me, and of course of the excellent content. The idea of themes is really helpful, thanks!

  32. Jeff,
    Thx for keeping it real, kiss it, do it, be authentic, is the message.
    I sometimes I get stuck in the being perfect also, we all need the reminder to just go with inspiration.
    If you ever need help on your team, I am in your neighborhood, I live in Ridgway, near Telluride.
    Thx Jeff,

  33. Hey Jeff,

    Part 2?…of course would want to see it. Your videos always have a nugget of gold in them, and great food for thoughts and ideas. I get tons of other emails from experts, all great! But YOU are the one I have been starting to watching consistently. Always look forward to them. Many thanks Jeff!!!

  34. Hi Jeff,

    Congratulations on 1 million views!

    Great tips also on the ‘themes’ you have used to get where you have.
    I’m on the verge of ramping up my own you tube video and this video has
    come just at the right time to provide inspiration.

    Many Thanks

    James Hughes

    Question: What to do you in terms of keyword SEO on your video’s, do you have a particular strategy?

  35. Yes please bring on part 2! Making videos is something I’ve been procrastinating about for ages so this was inspiring to watch. Thank you!

  36. great info. the thing about your videos is,, you come off as real. no fake, no pretense. I believe this in its
    self is a big part of the reason people have viewed your video more than a million times.

      • A again, thank you so much being being such an inspiration and a role model in life. You have been a key mentor and I guess that I would not be where I am now without your wise and generous guidance.

  37. Luiza Prigenzi


    Congratulations Jeff!!
    And yes!! Part 2 please! Thank you for keeping this connection with us.

  38. Joey Osborne


    Congratulations Jeff on 1M Views!! Even if it’s anecdotal and just your best guess, how many dollars in revenue, realized or future are 1M Youtube views worth? My guess is at least $10M.

  39. Hello Jeff, I have always wanted to start making videos for You-tube. and post them on my blog like you do. This video has boosted my spirit in continuing and working harder towards achieving this goal. I look forward to seeing the part 2

  40. I found it intriguing that two guys go to an internet marketing seminar, sit next to each other, find common interests, and both become entrepreneurs, successful, and great friends. I’m talking about Jeff Walker and Jeff Johnson. The college you guys went to really taught you well, and you both have been giving great content ever since. Thanks for the ongoing education!

  41. love your videos Jeff. any info you might share on mics or what you shoot with, etc., more tekkie stuff, like that and helpful.

  42. OHHH ! it’s SOOOO true! to hit 2`000 videos is so great !! and when 109`000 was reached it was all amaizing! and 1`000`000 must be exciting !!!! looking forward to it !!! It is exactly how it is: a ritual to watch your video each sunday!!! I am walking in your footsteps: I am publishing a bolg post every saturday!!! not videos yet but will get to it soon!!! I love it!!! Blessings from Switzerland! Isabel

  43. Great video Jeff, and great advice. I’m going to shoot my first Natural Alchemy
    video today and keep posting videos every week. In 3 years i will have published 156 videos, just like you. Awesome. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  44. Spot on Jeff Thank You

    I only started week this year yet already can see the difference consistency and posting at the same time makes

    Best regards

  45. Thanks, Jeff – plenty of food for thought in there.

    Do you think you might experiment with posting on a different day or is it a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

    Congratulations on the 1,000,000-view milestone!

    Cheers, Tim

  46. Thank you for the inspiration! Here’s a question: When you were first starting, how did you keep your confidence up?

  47. I definitely want to see part 2. I just made a commitment this week to myself to fire up my youtube channel so this was right on time.

  48. Jeff, awesome content. thanks!

    Can’t find the scroll on the right hand side. Not enough contrast. Black on black.

  49. Thanks so much for this video! It’s sort of the last piece I needed in order to get started creating regular contributive content. Your stuff has been so valuable to see, but also the “way” you post it and be with it all. I’d love to see Part 2, and am so grateful for the contribution you are!

  50. Jeff,
    There are so many platforms to connect on social media. How do you pick the best one to build your business? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc…

  51. Congratulations on the milestone! Glad to be a part of the first million 🙂

    Yes, please! Part 2!

  52. Jeff, you are so likeable and relatable! I feel like I am chatting with my brother (brother I don’t have:)) or my dad! I LOVE that you use your everyday language and are not trying to be as “polished” as your comment-or suggested! I would absolutely appreciate more information on the technical side of creating a video! Keep it up and be your natural self!!

  53. Jeff,

    Thanks very much for this video, and also “Mental Triggers” and “Listbuilding Blueprint”; both very helpful as I put together my Platform and Launch. I made lots of notes for later referral.

  54. Jeff,

    Thanks for this video. It was very good. I’m looking forward to #2.

    I love all of your videos because you are answering the questions that people have and I do too. I love how open you are with the answers. Others tend to answer questions and then say “For the details, go login and buy this program. ” While I know you have programs to get people going, it is great to see the inside and then as we grow and need the rest of the story we know where to go to get the next steps from the expert.

  55. Hey Jeff,

    This answered something I’ve been mentally grabbling about. Put it in Youtube and then the blog. I’m ready to do a product launch (inspired by your book “Launch.” My only problem is how to get the comments turned on beneath my blog articles. I love the way you do it. Is that a plug-in? By the way, I vote for a Part 2.

  56. Thanks Jeff,
    Love your content. . .you are one of the few people I follow that I actually watch all the way through to the end of your video:) Well done and keep up the great work. Looking forward to Pt. 2.

  57. well, when you said , that just tree years ago you started, and that for 3 years , you go so much, …than i looked on my life, for last 3 -4 years my life had changed so much , I got everything what i wanted, my own life is a big inspiration for me, see, four years ago i was living in the Forest , in an old cottage, had two small children, and a man who did not work. Well living such a wild life was our decision, …but i love to travel, and living this way in ‘my country’ would not let me to travel too much. I spend that time 100 pounds a month to live my life. i decided to move to England. I asked universe to get easy and good paid work, and i got it, …but in England, I saved money, ..took my family to England, …on the way my marriage was in a bad time, …for half year I was in separation, … but I trusted, I was loving, I was asking for power , …..well, i am on the way to write a book about all that, but just wanted to say, that life is powerfull, and helpful when you are in contact with yourself with universal love, ;-),. and now i am also on the way to start to record my videos ;-), thanks.

  58. may I ask you, what kind of camera do you use. i want to buy now one, to be able to start to record my videos . thanks

  59. Yes part 2! Jeff I count on your weekly videos for an energy boost. It doesn’t really matter what the topic, they’re all helpful and you are simply ‘good in the world’!
    Thank you!

  60. Jeff, you provide great content, but my favorite part of every video comes at the end when you say, “Let’s go get ’em this week!”

    Every time I hear that, I’m encouraged, inspired, motivated!

    You should put that on a t-shirt. I’ll buy the first two.

    Thank you for sharing your gift!
    On to 2 million… Let’s go get ’em this week!

  61. Eugene Zimmermann


    Great video, Jeff. A quick question … do your Core Themes for your videos connect to your Core Premise? If so, how tightly? Looking forward to part 2! Thanks – Gene

  62. Jeff,

    You asked for a question and your video made me want to make one. I get that when you asked for reaction from your public, the reaction increased. But you already had people responding to your publications, am I right? I started a blog and I found hard to create the kind of engagement where people comment on things. I have viewers, regulars, but it is not a big base. Maybe that’s where the difficulties arise. So one thing, I imagine, is to augment my readers base. But besides that, is there any other idea to help me create a kind of dynamic where people interact more?

  63. Mahalo for the info on video. Preparing for a launch and want to employ your methods As my guide. The book is filled with valuable content vs just inspirational quotes from others.

  64. david lapid


    Great Video,

    thank you for your generosity.

    you are very inspiring



  65. Great video Jeff. I do look forward to your Sunday videos; truly inspiring and congratulations on hitting the 1 million mark!

    Many people focus their efforts on FB and YouTube seems to be forgotten. I am definitely going to put more effort into my YT presence this year.

    Once again, well done.



  66. Thanks Jeff. Loved these 2 videos and appreciate being a part of the PLF tribe. I tend to script my videos/audios very carefully. I wonder though do you script out your vids and have a teleprompter or do you just riff off of highlights or a bulleted list? Would be helpful to know how much is scripted and how much improv’d.

  67. Hey Jeff, I love making videos too–I do video book reviews at One thing I like about your videos is that they are consistently short, which means I have time to watch them. I get many emails about podcasts or webinars, which usually run 45 minutes to an hour. It’s harder to fit them in. Knowing your videos are short snippets of good ideas makes me more likely to open them. So I also try to keep mine under six minutes or so.

  68. Great video Jeff. I had heard some people suggest that asking for comments or thumbs up/thumbs down would get loads of spam, but it seems not to be the case. I have just started on on this journey and look forward to publishing a similar video.

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