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Blogs. Google. Social. Mobile. 

I remember when all of these started. They were big. 

Yet they all pale in comparison to AI.

And if you have an online business (or are thinking of starting one) you need to know these 3 things about AI – for better and for worse.

P.S. I’ve been in business since 1996, and I know my audience really well. But AI taught me things about my ideal client I hadn’t thought of – and I’m using what I learned to make my upcoming PLF Live™ workshop even better. Here’s the link to grab your ticket:

Let's delve into the topic of AI. I've received many inquiries about it, and here's what I think. In my view, AI is a total game-changer. Its trajectory is so vast and unpredictable that we cannot even fathom where it's headed. The speed at which it's evolving is breathtaking, with new tools emerging every day. Although it's hard to predict the future of AI, one thing is clear: its impact will be massive.

For those who are new to my channel, I've been in the online business sector since 1996. I've witnessed many trends and fads come and go. Some have made a significant impact—like the advent of blogs, the rise of Google, the emergence of social media, and the inception of mobile. Yet, all these changes are dwarfed when compared to AI. AI is definitely going to be a game-changer.

There are three points I'd like to share in this context: one potential pitfall and two key strengths of AI. First, the pitfall: the heightened competition. If you operate an online business—whether it's a membership site, an online course, or a coaching program—the competition has already escalated due to COVID. Now, as AI enables individuals to generate articles, blog posts, video scripts, and courses at an extraordinary pace, the competition will become even more intense. This surge will necessitate improved marketing strategies, and crucially, efficient utilization of AI in marketing.

Despite this daunting reality, AI has proven extraordinarily useful in two aspects. First, AI effectively tackles the ‘blank page problem.' If you're seeking content, article, video, or course ideas, AI is a phenomenal resource. You can think of it as covering the ‘middle 80%'. You initiate the first 10% with your ideas, AI fills in the next 80%, and then you come back to finish and add your personal touch to the remaining 10%. Your unique voice will help you stand out amidst the competition.

The second advantage of AI is slightly unexpected—empathy. For a marketer, the ability to empathize, to step into your future client's shoes and understand their thoughts and emotions, is invaluable. AI can help with this. You can ask AI about the hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations of your future clients or your ideal client. Once you've briefed AI about your ideal client's profile, you can then enter into a conversation as that person.

A recent experience demonstrated this ability of AI to me. I've been conducting the PLF Live™ workshop since 2010, helping participants create marketing strategies for their next launch or promotion. This year, for the first time, we're making a significant change by integrating AI into the workshop. To prepare for this shift, I turned to ChatGPT to understand potential objections from my potential attendees. It provided eight potential objections, two of which I hadn't considered before. Despite my extensive experience and understanding of my audience, ChatGPT provided insights that were new to me.

In conclusion, the rise of AI is inevitable and it will drive competition to new heights. But on the flip side, AI can solve the ‘blank page problem' and aid in fostering empathy for your future clients. It's safe to say that AI is going to revolutionize the landscape.

If you're interested in my PLF Live™ workshop, where we'll delve deep into how to use AI to improve your marketing and get it done faster, keep an eye out for more details or a link below this video. Until then, let's go get them this week.

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    Total disbelief!! I have been following you for years but this is miscommunication.

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