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I’m willing to bet your vision of “success” doesn’t include working long hours as you battle an endless to-do list.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Annie Hyman Pratt. 

Annie’s shown many of the top leaders in our industry how they can grow their business without getting stuck in the weeds, doing every little thing.

The first time she presented at my mastermind, I couldn’t shake the voice in my head saying, “I want Annie to be my CEO”. I spent the next year trying to hire her… and she spent the next year saying “no”.

Thankfully she finally agreed to coach me, so I’ve experienced firsthand the amazing impact Annie’s work has. 

If you want to experience true freedom – where your business grows while you do more of the things you love – be sure to check out the video.

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8 Replies to “Learning to Lead (and Love It)”

  1. Jay Rodgers


    Jeff & Annie! Thank you for the GOLD!! I appreciate the focus on the massive bottleneck – for ALL of us who are passionate about growth. My big takeaway from this training was appreciating the fact that the people part is a learnable skill that will make (or break) the quality of my business. Book Bought!! Can’t wait to devour it….. Keep up the great work & again, thank you for sharing & perpetually over-delivering value!

  2. Allen D’Angelo


    Thank you Jeff and Annie… just got the book and audio combo. I am acquiring companies at this time. The temptation has always been to over-focus on systems and processes, thinking this will somehow solve the people stuff. I love Annie’s take on conscious agreement and alignment to support effective action. This topic is much needed. Annie you’re filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle with such elegance and grace.

  3. Arrow Gonsalves


    Thank you Annie and Jeff. Delighted to find an Audible version and eager to dig in.

  4. Louis Di Bianco


    Thank you, Jeff and Annie for your clarity. Just bought the book.

  5. Another great discussion Jeff! I heartily agree: success in business involves effectively working with many people. Now, for me, what is not so obvious is the investment your team makes or what they hope to gain working within the company goes beyond just earning money! Thank you Annie, can’t wait to learn more valuable information from your book.

  6. Deb Newberry Puterbaugh


    Totally what I needed to hear this morning….I just contacted Fiverr, I need some help, a team! It’s truly all about PEOPLE! I need the PEOPLE PART…I’ll get the book! Thanks

  7. Brett Rodger


    Bought the book after the first 3 minutes, this is such a HUGE subject and is really at the heart of many many failed businesses, can’t wait to read this one.

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