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You know those tales of Product Launches that do thousands in a week, or six figures in seven days… or my story of a million dollars in a single hour? Well, there's something else going on behind the scenes… here's the rest of the story… (along with a a peak at my new Secret Headquarters!)

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51 Replies to “The Rest of the Story Behind Those Launches”

  1. Hi Jeff! – I really love your positive energy and how “real” you are. Thanks for the insight and I like your example about the front stage and backstage. Thanks again for taking the time to shoot the video…. Sasha

    • Jeff,
      Thanx again for your inspiration!
      You ask for questions:
      A bit of reality building about me:
      I am a professional building contractor (started down that path in 1978)
      I do mostly high end custom carpentry projects and cabinets.
      My passions are sailing and off road motorcycle riding.
      Both of which I am very good at.
      I recently read your book, loved it.
      My question is: With these passions, how can I transition those passions into an email product? I’m a decent writer, good at doing videos.
      How do I get an e product going that would or could capture a great volume of people? How many people want to “read” or “see” on video some dude passionate about sailing or dirt bikes?
      I can certainly teach anyone how to sail and in fact feel quite confident about that, I love to teach but 1. How many people are going to be interested in learning how to sail ONLINE? It really can’t be done. It’d be like you teaching people how to mountain bike or better yet, how to ride a bike at all from the internet.
      Thank you so much for your dynamic contributions to the people of the world.
      Jake =)

  2. Lucas Figueiredo


    As usual, you have a cristal clear concept shown in your speech, Jeff! Thanks!

  3. Greg Poulos


    Lookin’ good, Jeff. Great video, and killer quote. I’m stealing it for my next launch 🙂

  4. Jeff, great content, as always. I’m curious, though, about the constantly shifting “seasick” camera. Is that something you’re testing, or what’s behind that?

  5. Hi Jeff – Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙂 your videos always get me to look at things a little differently. I’m making the transition from a Technical Management Consultant to a Product Creator and Information Marketer, and I’d love to work with you directly – you the man!!

  6. Jeff,

    This is so timely. I actually shared “the rest of the story” — my own version, earlier today before seeing this, with my readers. I teach and write about metaphysics and spiritual topics like consciousness and happiness. So often we can think that a great life or reaching our potential will come somehow by magic…without the type of dedication to build the inner habits of thinking and creating that support your dreams. I am consistently supported by your sincerity and your practical, experiential wisdom and insight.

    Have a terrific day in your new secret Jeff Walker PLF LAIR 🙂
    Ha ha! and thanks for sharing this!

  7. This is an awesome spot on video. Because it’s so spot on, I’m going to feature it in my next blog post on Friday. I will email Mary to make sure that’s ok with you. I speak on the power of “discipline” and Napoleon Hill quite often. All too many people quit 3 feet from Gold.

  8. So true Jeff, two of the most valuable lessons I learned from knowing some very successful people in my life (I was lucky, I learned these early on)

    1. Base your business on a passion – this makes the “backstage” effort less painful, increases your chance of sticking with it and allows you to connect with your market (partners, mentors, teachers as well as customers) to a far greater degree than if you are mis-aligned on your true purpose and passion behind that business

    2. Expecting setbacks…ALL of the successful people I know have not only accepted that they learn best through experiencing setbacks or challenges, they often embrace these setbacks as affirmation that they are making forward progress and now have a chance to break through to the next level because we always learn something from each setback

    So yes, effort and working hard is critical, add that passion and “fail fast” mentality to make you unstoppable.


  9. Beatrix Willius


    Great video. There is always work involved, which is good. Getting lucky makes you learn nothing and doesn’t help you grow.

    Lovely new headquarters with a steam train nearby.

    I now feel just a tiny bit seasick 🙂

  10. @Beatrix: that’s the world famous Durango to Siverton train that you’re hearing in the background. People come from all over the world to ride that train through the mountains… which is awesome, but I didn’t expect to have it in my video when we started shooting. 🙂

  11. Hi Jeff,

    So refreshing to the truth about marketing – work, plus a great strategy. The only reason people pay money is to get value.

    I teach about about transforming relationship, dramatically increasing the amount of love and intimacy people experience and express on a daily basis – great relationship are work… and strategy too…

    Paul Sterling
    Intimacy Coach

  12. Hey Jeff.
    Great video!

    Please notify me as I have a unique product that needs to be lauched.

    Jay Harris

  13. Jeff, thank you for a great video. I think, you are doing good job and that’s how the best in this market got to do. I’m passioned with your sideways sales letter and I have few questions about it.
    FIrst: how I’ve got to explain to JV’s (especially new ones) that they woudn’t see any comissions instantly, just because it will take some time for this letter to make it’s job? People are used to bring traffic to the sales page and just wait few minutes to see who is gonna buy and who’s not, so that’s the question.
    Another question is: what is the conversion increase of sideways sales page over the normal sales page?

    Thank you. Don’t stop, buddy!

  14. Bring on the hard work RARRHHHH!!

    Nice post as always Jeff, I couldn’t agree more and with all your great tactics and successful students you’ll be able to purchase a camera stabiliser sooner rather than later.

    Never been seasick on my computer before, another Jeff Walker first



  15. This one is a “need to watch on the days it’s not going quite right” and probaly should be a “watch on the days it’s going really well too”. Eddison was right and it adds to What Bo Eason said at WGST..”you need a different relationship to practice”

    Thaks for the momentum you generate every day Jeff

  16. Hey Jeff,

    Another great video. I’ll have to remember that quote. It’s a good one. You always have nice scenery in your videos. I guess that’s your signature. Love the view from your new HQ.


  17. Jeff – great reminder of the miles that need to be walked before we reach the mountain top! That’s just what the doctor ordered today as my launch has been a struggle. I’m reminded that building my list is all about creating and sharing great content. Thanks for the great reminder and the sneak peak of your new digs! Congrats!

  18. Hey Jeff,

    Great pep-talk, it was very inspiring to hear your views. One question, when will the next PLF Q&A be taking place? I’d love to be able to get amazing feedback on some launch strategies I’m implementing.

  19. Hey Jeff, I would love sometime to hear about your worst launch ever. Your biggest fail and why it was critical to where you are now or if there was critical lesson. It would be very inspiring for those of us starting out.

    I just had my first seed launch. I got a whopping 3 sales. And, one of those might be a duplicate entry. Last night I hosted the first webinar with 5 people in it. It would be really easy for me to go, “Wow!, what a fail on my part.” And I felt a bit of that. But fortunately, I realize it’s just part of the price of admission to the next higher level.

    So someday, if you would, tells us about a miserable launch. Tells how you completely botched the offer or stayed up two nights in a row trying to get the video right. Tells us how picked probably the worst time possible. And then say, “But hey, that’s part of it. If you going through that right now. Awesome. You’re on course to greatness. Go out there and screw up some more. Screw up bigger and better. And then celebrate.”

    Thanks Jeff for all you do.

  20. @John: first off… getting your first launch one and having any sales at all is a huge win. I’m sure you learned an amazing amount from the experience. What you’re selling is not an run-of-the-mill offer, or a simple sale – I think it’s going to take a while until you get the offer really tweaked. But you’re doing important work… and I think you’re going to get an amazing amount out of delivering your product.

    And THANK YOU… that’s a great idea for sharing some of my big failures. That will be an interesting vein to mine…

  21. This video tells it the way it is. And that is why I like reading your blogs and seeing your videos. You don’t get something for nothing in this world and you inspire through truth and inspiration to succeed, which is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work-you might even inspire me to pull out my old bike and start riding again!

  22. Thanks Jeff – for showing up as real person each and every time and tracing your success back to good old work, learning and patience. Expecting setbacks and challenges as in racing – and still doing it is part of the game we’re all playing. Thanks for the reminder to remember the learning through hard work comes first.

  23. I have put in 20+ years developing training solutions in ergonomics. I don’t know any other way to do it. I am encouraged by your personal evidence that sustained and focused work can lead to success – with the right strategy.
    Thanks. I am now going through the PLF 3 transcripts for the second time and you are right. Twice through makes a difference to understanding. Hope I can someday show my children the results proudly.

  24. Hi Jeff,

    I also like the saying: “The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary!”

    Great video. On a side note I was looking through the “Product Creation” bonus training in my PLF 3 course I saw when you held up the diskette…I knew exactly what it was as I had spent money on “Turn Your Computer into A Money Machine” back when Compuserve, AOL and Prodigy were household names. I have always been attracted to the idea of selling information but had not taken action on that desire until recently and am now making a product. I appreciate your style and that you teach putting out great information above the making money drive.

    Thank You!
    Rob Anderson

  25. I once heard a dancer say, “there is an old adage in show business that goes, it takes ten years to achieve overnight success.”

  26. Roland Varduhn


    Being honest, transparent and real in marketing is a rare currency theses days. Jeff Walker has it all.

    Thank you Jeff!

  27. James Klobasa



    Great video and message. And funny to hear the train…great memories of visiting Durango.
    Plan to return again…

    All the best… James
    p.s Still feeling the hurt and lovin’ it… 😉

  28. Thanks for the empowering message Jeff. I’ve been following your work for a while now and every time I read something you write or watch a video of yours I am humbled by the amount of information you give away.
    I’ve done my very first product launch a couple months back… after 200+ copies sold mostly by affiliates I was more than grateful for the experience and for being able to share it with others (so they won’t repeat the mistakes I made).
    Loved the mountain biking analogy – if you can out-suffer the next guy, then that’s how you win races. 🙂
    Thank you Jeff, for everything that you do.
    Tudor Pangal

  29. Jeff,
    Thanks for this great message and inspiration. Success does not come overnight. It’s achieved through hard work, dedication, perseverance and tenacity. You certainly are a great role model! I look forward to your pearls of wisdom via these videos.

    BTW: How’s your knee these days?

    See you in Phoenix,

    • @Lucy: my knee is AMAZING, thanks for asking. I started riding a few weeks ago, and I”m starting to build my strength back up…

  30. Hey Jeff,

    I can say with hand on heart that your emails are the only ones that I never miss, – and for good reason. Someone else up above (no, – not that far ‘up above’ – I mean in an earlier comment !) said they admire your ‘realness’. And I do too. I love the short, sharp, simple but crucial messages you impart with each video.

    For this video, the first message was the Thomas Edison one, and equally huge was ‘don’t compare your back stage with someone elses front stage”. Buddy, that is a massive realization because, although it’s kinda obvious, it’s also something that I do all the time. And truth be told, to keep comparing my achievment with everyone elses much greater achievement can wear a bit thin.

    So I’m moving on with renewed passion. Thanks a bunch Jeff for the wake up call.

    To your continued success,

  31. So right about the work. Same in showbusiness. People see the “overnight sensation” but totally ignore the years of practicing and trying of an artist.

  32. Hi Jeff – did someone say Durango? You’re in Durango? I have fond memories of my trip (from the UK) to Durango. In fact, my Facebook picture is of the Durango to Silverton train!

    I rode the train to go zip wiring at “Soaring Colorado” – and what an experience; both the zip wiring and also the fantastic train journey. Beautiful place and Colorado is a beautiful state. I also stayed there at the best guesthouse in the world – with dozens of hummingbirds around the feeders on the back porch.

    My favourite phrase from your video is: “I was an overnight success – after 10 years”. That’s funny! But it’s also very true.

    Best, Malc

  33. This message never gets old to reinforce what you know to be true… thanks for the message Jeff, beautiful view, makes me miss living in Breckenridge!

  34. Great points Jeff, thanks for sharing.

    I too am wondering what’s going on with the ‘seasick’ camera. It was very good at tracking your movements, but after a bit it became a distraction (just my humble opinion).

    Looking forward to the next iteration of PLF!

  35. Great video Jeff. I like the link to mountain biking and anything worthwhile – you gotta work for it! Love the location – that’s the lifestyle! I miss the mountains. Thanks for your positive energy as always.


  36. Nice video, Jeff. Enjoyed it. You are so right.

    The one thing I am definitely learning is that, contrary to what some claim can be done—success does not happen over night. It takes time.

    Thanks for the good advice.

  37. Great advice Jeff.. Absolutely agree than anything worth having doesn’t happen without hard work! The development of our skills is a process that takes time, and it’s definitely worth it!

  38. Karinny ANK


    Hey Jeff,

    I knowed your work by Erico Rocha in Brazil and Sebastien in France. I really want to go to USA to make the same training they did. I’m brazilian, have 3 diplomas about communication and marketing. Have worked years in online marketing with Brazil, and all Latin America, Portugal, England, and USA. A have a thousands of clients/leads and I’m working on developement my product. I love my clients and I want to delivery to them the best product. I’m already convinced is going to work and I already left my job. 😀

    Please, I just need to know when you’ll make the next one meeting for learning the launch formula, althougth I live in Paris and Sebastien is making this right now, I wold prefer to do yours 🙂

    Greetings from Paris and please answer me as soon as possible :***

    • We haven’t set the dates for our next training yet… the best thing to do is go to and enter your email address. We’ll send an email next time we start up a new class.

  39. Superb video Jeff, you have a way of expressing what needs to be said in a refreshing way that is never ‘preaching’ I tooks a lot of encouragement from this, and I have my overalls on!

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