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“Jeff Walker? Oh yeah… he’s the ‘do three videos and launch’ guy, right?”

Some folks watch my launches from the sidelines and think that’s all there is to Product Launch Formula.

But there’s more to it than that. Way more.

My students are having enormous success – not because they’re doing three videos. But because they’re following a sequence designed to build trust, deliver value, and lead naturally into the sale.

Time, technology, niches, and markets may change, but after 25 years, this sequence never has. 

CLICK HERE to get a peek inside my Launch Workshop. See if you can spot the tried-and-tested sequence… and come away with some ideas for your own launches.

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5 Replies to “The Secret Is in the Sequence”

  1. Venetka Marinova


    Thank you Jeff! Thank you!!! You are HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Jeff Walker, you are relentlessly real and refreshing –

    Where is the best place I can ask you questions about
    where i am and what I might be overlooking?

  3. Sir, your content is superb. It taught me everything I know today about launches.
    The way you teach human psychology and building authority is superb.

  4. Mark Nelson


    I’m a retired teacher and launching my course. Teaching people how to build an online course. Any examples of someone doing this?

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