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What a ride this decade has been already. 

A pandemic, a war, surging inflation, bank failures… there’s a lot of turmoil in the world, and it just seems to keep on coming. A lot of folks are hurting right now. 

But, for entrepreneurs, there’s always hope.

No matter what the world throws at us, we have the power to change lives.

Business owners can look at any situation and find a way to show up and serve – to offer something valuable and communicate a powerful vision that inspires. 

In challenging times, this is more important than ever…

And it’s why being an entrepreneur is the ultimate form of security.

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12 Replies to “Entrepreneurship = Security (Here’s Why)”

  1. gary morton


    I appreciate your videos. Short sweet and to the point.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise.
    Best regards

  2. I feel I can do a lot in life, I have the love of helping people without wishing for anything in return, with me being self-employed doing Counselling and life coaching and spiritual coaching, I send healing with love n light to over250 people everyday. How could we learn from each other or work together in some ways, I’m in the UK & I 60%of my work fore free.

  3. Thanks for that Jeff, I’m glad I’m a boot strap start up. We had a bank collapse here in the UK a number of years ago. I am grateful it didn’t affect my bank nor at the time my employers bank but I saw how scary it was for others around me.

  4. Thank you so much Jeff! Your wisdom is always appreciated, especially at these challenging times!

  5. I totally agree with you Jeff, I feel the same way!
    This is the reason that I am starting this wonderful journey and because I know I’ve got the best help I can get, thank you guys!

  6. Yes, Jeff this video post is right on time. You’re absolutely correct, as we entered this new decade, it has been much turmoil. I am so lucky to have started my investment advisory business back in 2008 – believe it or not. I wanted to prove and challenge myself that if I can start, survive, and maintain a business during the Great Recession, that’s a success. I’m still here!

  7. “Ability to create Value”: what a great principle to live by! Thank you Jeff!



    Hi dear Jeff, I´m from Brazil and just started my journey with the PLF with Erico Rocha, probably one of your best students ever ! lol Unfortunately, we´re going through hard times everywhere and here is not different. But here I am trying to do my best and not giving up. Serving and offering what is valuable to people I believe it is still the best option. God bless us. Hope to meet personally one day. Gratitude.

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