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No matter what you’re selling, there are three things every customer needs to believe before they’ll buy anything…

They have to believe in you, your offer, and themselves.

The first two might seem obvious. But it’s just as important – maybe even more so – to help your customers develop the mindset that your product or service will work for them specifically.

Can they clearly picture themselves in the future, experiencing all the amazing benefits of your offer? 

That’s how you seal the deal.

And after enrolling tens of thousands of students over the past 20+ years, I’ve discovered another powerful mindset shift that can seriously boost your optins and sales.

But here’s the twist…

It’s not a mindset shift your customers have to adopt. This is a shift YOU have to make.

Let's dive into the concept of enrollment. By enrollment, I refer to the moment when you present your offer for your product, service, mastermind, coaching program, or whatever you're selling. This is the critical instance when you ask for the money, the moment you invite people to sign up.

In doing so, you're prompting them to invest in your product, in you, and most importantly, in themselves. If you're in my line of business, you know we're here to provide some form of transformation to our customers. We aim to enhance their lives by alleviating pain or amplifying pleasure. And when we achieve this, we're essentially urging them to embrace a new, improved version of themselves.

To illustrate, if you're selling a course on meditation, you're inviting your clients to picture a future where they maintain a regular meditation practice and reap all its benefits. If you're offering dog training, you're asking them to imagine a future where their pet obeys their command. If you're teaching people how to improve their tennis serve, you're inviting them to foresee a future where they have a consistent practice routine and see an improvement in their serves.

Remember, it's crucial for your clients to believe in you, in the system you're offering, and most importantly, in their potential to transform. My product launch formula, for instance, is proven and has been endorsed by tens of thousands of students. It has helped them generate over $1 billion in sales. This formula guides you up to the point when you ask for enrollment. It helps establish your authority, create compelling training and teaching narratives, and leads your clients to the moment where they are ready to believe in you and themselves.

However, it's essential to remember that you need to maintain a degree of detachment. It's natural to be desperate for those first few sales, to get that feedback, to earn that money. But you need to strive to see the bigger picture. You'll make this offer numerous times, and you'll ask for enrollment multiple times. And the beauty of operating online is that you're not facing direct, face-to-face rejection.

When you put this offer before your audience and ask them to enroll, strive to avoid being needy or begging for the order. For example, when someone considers my Product Launch Formula®, I'm concerned about them making a decision. However, I'm not tied to whether they sign up or not. Ultimately, it won't materially affect my life, but it could significantly impact theirs.

Therefore, I guide them to the precipice of making that decision, urging them to decide either way. Because if they choose to ignore the training I've provided, they're still making a decision. So, being unattached to any individual's decision increases the power of your offer.

In summary, invite people to enroll, but avoid becoming overly attached to the outcome, and you'll see an improvement. I'm Jeff Walker, and if you found this helpful, please share, like, or give me a thumbs up. Share this with a friend, and let's go get them this week.

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2 Replies to “WARNING: This Mindset Shift Could Seriously Increase Your Optins”

  1. Louis Di Bianco


    The image that struck me most in this video is “leading your prospect to the precipice of a decision.” i love it because the image really captures the psychology of what’s going on. All decisions involve a degree of fear. Standing on the tip of a precipice triggers a fear response. Thank you again, Jeff, for shining your light.

    Thanks also for recommending Waking Up meditation training in a prior video. I took the free trial and then signed up for the program. Love it.

  2. am shifting my mind to agreater height.
    by making a difference. thank you jeff walker,
    GOD bless you.

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