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No matter what you’re selling, there are three things every customer needs to believe before they’ll buy anything…

They have to believe in you, your offer, and themselves.

The first two might seem obvious. But it’s just as important – maybe even more so – to help your customers develop the mindset that your product or service will work for them specifically.

Can they clearly picture themselves in the future, experiencing all the amazing benefits of your offer? 

That’s how you seal the deal.

And after enrolling tens of thousands of students over the past 20+ years, I’ve discovered another powerful mindset shift that can seriously boost your optins and sales.

But here’s the twist…

It’s not a mindset shift your customers have to adopt. This is a shift YOU have to make.

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2 Replies to “WARNING: This Mindset Shift Could Seriously Increase Your Optins”

  1. Louis Di Bianco


    The image that struck me most in this video is “leading your prospect to the precipice of a decision.” i love it because the image really captures the psychology of what’s going on. All decisions involve a degree of fear. Standing on the tip of a precipice triggers a fear response. Thank you again, Jeff, for shining your light.

    Thanks also for recommending Waking Up meditation training in a prior video. I took the free trial and then signed up for the program. Love it.

  2. am shifting my mind to agreater height.
    by making a difference. thank you jeff walker,
    GOD bless you.

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