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I’m coming to you from the ski lift with two thoughts…

One has to do with resistance. The other is about your “master plan”.

How you approach these will determine whether you perform at your very best in business – and in life. 

Join me on the ride to the top…

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27 Replies to “What Top Performers Know”

  1. As a reader and fanatic of Launch, I know that I’m part of the pre launch, but damn, this is good. It wants me coming back for more. I can’t wait till Jeff drops his next email to me. Props to Jeff and the PLF!

    • Solveig Warren


      These snippets as “flash points” are great. Keep them coming!

      • Ali Kherdouci


        i always find this good but,i never anderstood what or how to do things online

  2. Holly Gibson


    Hi Jeff, Thank you for taking your time to email me and to send m need the video while you are in a mountain top!! Very thoughtful. I’m not even sure where you fit in in this story, but I have learned an great deal here, even though IT didn’t Involve training.. I have been being surrounded by negativity but have become more positive! 😃 thanks again! Holly

  3. I was literally just now looking at my blank doc with “website copy” typed at the top and thinking, “I’ll do this when I feel in the mood.”

    And in pops the email with the link to this video…. BEST timing for a poke to pull up my socks ever!!

    Thanks team. 🙂

  4. Brandi Chin


    You have now idea how right on time this message was for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear. On to action! Later Jeff.

    -Brandi Chin

  5. Matthew Harkness


    Jeff, Love it I need that this morning!!! Headed to the slopes in 2 weeks with my son!! From Florida!

  6. At first I felt called-out and embarrassed. Then I realized the truth of the message hit hard because it’s my truth. I cannot believe how much tinkering with MY PLAN is what I have substituted for action. Action is now and never honing another piece of MY PLAN. I am still embarrassed but I know that’s my mind trying to stop me from playing better game of life and not me. Thanks Jeff.

  7. Thanks, Jeff. Such a valuable post for me. I was chatting with Annette over our morning coffee and affirming our next step. Knowing we want to go bigger, we started the conversation with our next step of uniting her oracle/empowerment focus with my labyrinth business. Thank you! Now to get out and unload that van after another successful labyrinth construction project. I know. Unloading a van is not your exhilarating dance with gravity down the mountainside. And, it is some good physical exercise. <3
    I'm gettin'em this week.

  8. Patricia Casello-Maddox


    Love your thoughts today, Jeff. I am finding your 2 ideas truer every day – take action without waiting to be in the mood and build your plan as you go. This is especially a time of flexibility and change.

    The sun and mountains look heavenly. I am looking at a sunny day and 17 degrees in Minnesota this morning. Just seeing the light makes me feel better. I will get out in it later today as a gift to myself and a thank you to you.

  9. Good post. Jeff mentioned Steven Pressfield. Everyone ahould read Pressfield’s book, “The War of Art”.

  10. Linda Illsley


    action to get in the mood and two bricks ahead, not the whole plan…thank you Jeff, always good to have you cheering us in our journey.

  11. Steps…no, BABY Steps…no, MICRO BABY STEPS!!! Sometimes it’s just the shift of one grain of sand that will move the mountain! Thanks Jeff for the inspiration…one grain of sand at a time, I’m doing this!

  12. Since you mentioned Pressfield, I’ll add this gem from him. “Some people wait for the muse to show up. I show up to work at 8 am, no matter what. Coincidentally, so does the muse.”

    Thanks for modeling high level creativity for so many years.

  13. The video was right on target- action and especially the morning routine are just what I need to DO!!

  14. Gerard Bennett


    That was just what I needed to hear about taking the next step and not worrying about the 10th or whatever step. My mentor told me last week to launch because I have already completed 3 other experts trainings and it is time now for me to get ready to launch.

  15. Elaine Danforth


    Great perspective (philosophically and physically), Jeff. Thank you. As a fellow skier, I always enjoy seeing you out on the mountain.

  16. Bonnie Brindle


    Thank you, Jeff! With ESPs totally new to me, I got overwhelmed just by digging into Mailchimp for the 1st time. Ugh. Your smiling, sunny face telling me to take action moves me from checking my email (again) to diving back into learning how to email my 1st lead magnet. No matter how hard all this new learning feels – I will not give up! Gratitude for your inspiration!

  17. Lisa Cavender


    We’re all building the plane as we’re flying it. Classic quote Jeff! Love it!

  18. Brian Chivumo


    Jeff you are my kind of guy. I always enjoy your nuggets of wisdom but this particular is a bomb, simple concept maara (but) very effective. Kudos Jeff i am with you all the way, you are my hero

  19. Gerard Bennett


    I really really needed to hear your message today, Jeff on trying to over figure things out then never getting finished to the point where I can launch. I’m one of those people who likes to get all the known information together before I move on a project. By profession I am a new home builder. In that field I could excel because building a new home is not that difficult, at least not for me. But launching my training course online and figuring out all the tech stuff and mastering the different launches, now that is a completely different thing because there is such a wide body of knowledge out there. PLF is my fourth major training and I still have no email list and of course have not launched anything because of my analysis paralysis. Thank you Jeff for setting me free from my own undoing. Love the work you do. GB

  20. Mood follows action- brilliant Jeff thanks!
    I am going to print this on a T-shirt!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this simple wisdom and so practicle for all of us! I love your videos. I feel so much spontaneity and sincerity in your messages, I am delighted every time!

  22. Great video, Jeff. That said, I have a different approach to mood and action that seems to work for me. While I agree that action can get the juices flowing in the morning, when confronted by a thankfully rare bigger lack of motivation, I take some time to wallow in it.

    I stop trying to be proactive and spend time drifting by either playing my guitar, watching a movie, grabbing lunch (beer or ice cream) out, tinkering on the boat, play fun games with my 8 year old daughter, etc.

    I find bigger shifts in mood are often like the weather and will just dissipate with a short break, or I figure out why it’s there. Your answer to this might be that I have sprung to action doing these other things, so applies to me too which may be true. The thing I find I cannot do (or don’t want to) is force myself to take action on the bigger things in my life when my mood is counter to it in a big way. I just perform under my potential and it makes me dislike what I am doing.

    It feels like I should listen to my mind/body/soul and do what it wants to do once in awhile. The upside is I come back not only as motivated as ever, but with new perspectives on what I was doing and I catch right back up in a better way.

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