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“What are the top two skills you’ve intentionally developed that have benefited you most?”

It’s a great question, and I had a hard time narrowing down the list. But two skills stand out. 

That’s because both of these skills impact everything I do in my business. And it’s not just me…

To get your audience’s attention, attract more customers, and make more sales, these are two of the most valuable skills you can learn…   

Tony College asked me about the top two skills that I've intentionally developed that have significantly benefited me in life and my career. After a lot of thought, I identified two that might, in essence, be one. Firstly, there's copywriting, which involves effectively communicating to people in a way that piques their interest and persuades them to buy what you're offering. Secondly, there's positioning, which pertains to how you are perceived in your industry, whether it's by your clients, potential clients, partners, or other influencers.

I've learned the hard way that many people make the mistake of believing that others genuinely care about what they are discussing. To be successful, you have to channel your inner teenager – you know, the one who rolls their eyes because you're just so boring. Remember, your prospects, your social media followers, they don't care. They're too busy, and you're merely an interruption. So it's not about making them feel bad, it's about impressing upon you the fact that you have to earn their attention and trust. Every line of every email you send must pull them deeper into your story.

The key to all of this is understanding your Most Wanted Response (MWR). Every time you share a piece of content, you have to know what you want people to do and how to guide them from grabbing their attention to pulling them into your narrative. It's all about showing them why your offer benefits them, leading them down the path to click where you want, and doing what you wish them to do. And above all, you have to convince them why it's crucial for them to drop everything – even with their kids screaming in the background, their spouse needing their attention, their parents needing help, or their community needing them – to pay attention to your message.

This is the essence of marketing, and it's something I've been working on for over a quarter of a century. Until you can pull someone into your world, get them truly engaged, persuade them to click and pull out their wallet to buy from you, you won't achieve the life, business, and impact you desire. This applies to all copywriting tasks, whether it's writing emails, sales letters, scripts, or just speaking extemporaneously.

The other skill I've developed is positioning, which is closely related to copywriting. It involves determining how the world perceives you. I always want to be seen as a top-tier teacher, trainer, consultant, and coach, helping people build their businesses. To achieve this, you need to step outside of yourself and see how you're perceived by others. Everything you do either enhances or detracts from your positioning, so always keep an eye on the messages you're sending out, how you're showing up at events, or on broadcasts.

In summary, over the years, I've developed a lot of skills, but copywriting and positioning have been the two most significant ones. So let's go and apply these skills this week.

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7 Replies to “Two of the Most Valuable Skills I’ve Ever Learned”

  1. Precision communication and presence. Just the awareness of those two skills begins to bring about change for me and maybe others too.
    Beyond that message I just wanted to tell you that one unexpected experience has proven truly meaningful to me. It is the way you and Daniel interact, father and son, talents working together. I’m at a place where that meta-message caught me off guard. I see my work now as a vehicle for getting closer to those I love, develop deeper levels of understanding and cooperation, gaining in mutual respect and seeing the best in each other. As soon as that clicked, I was able to forget about my worries and concentrate on what my family needs to feel successful and fulfilled. I’ll do what I must to achieve that. Who knew, right? I certainly didn’t. I like what you two have together in mutual respect, playfulness and trust. I believe I can too with some work. Thanks for embodying the goal I was looking for and didn’t see till now.
    Sincerely, Tom

  2. TDiane Nguyen


    Hi Jeff !
    Thank You for your advice. Copy and positionning… You inspire us to move forward !
    Have a good day Jeff !

  3. Jack Kinney


    Thanks Jeff,
    I was told my business would fail because I wasn’t a “schmoozer” salesman. I researched the Internet and learned to ask open-end questions such as “What is your greatest challenge?” Then listen. And listen more. And more. Eventually you’re asked for your thoughts. Then and only then you offer your solution.

  4. W. M. Raebeck


    Jeff, I think this is one of your best videos.

    ‘They don’t care!’ really clicked for me. Because it’s true.

    Usually we hear how they really DO care, just FIND the ones who want what you’re offering.

    But the fact is they don’t care — about anyone who doesn’t wow them.

    And we can’t take it personally — ‘boo-hoo, they don’t care about ME and my brilliant products.’
    With our digital lives, we’re ALL self-involved to a mind-numbing degree. But so be it.

    But understanding that they don’t care is more helpful. Tough love.

    Yeah, it’s ‘sad’ they don’t care, sad more people don’t say “and how are YOU?” sad we’re all so self-obsessed. But the digital age greenlights unprecedented self-involvement. So be it.

    We must realize that WE don’t care much about other people’s offers either…….unless they convince us, wow us, or entertain us.

  5. Yes to the eye roll. As I still teach college students – many of whom are 18 or 19 – I see the eye roll quite often! Great analogy. Thanks!

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