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After an unplanned “vacation” (thanks, COVID) – I’m back!

And I have a question for you: how do you feel about asking for the order?

I see a lot of entrepreneurs delivering amazing free content during their launches, only to stumble at the finish line because they’re afraid of making an offer.

If that’s you, I totally get it. I don’t enjoy feeling like a salesy sleazeball…

But I do need to make sales. Every business owner does. 

So in this week’s video I’m sharing a simple perspective shift that explains not just why asking for the order is nothing to be afraid of but…

… why it’s actually the ultimate way of serving your audience.

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11 Replies to “Taking the Fear Out of Selling”

  1. Tony Robinson


    Loved this Jeff – thankyou – so relevant to me and your timing with this is impeccable 🙂

  2. Suzanne Brown


    In my practice, I have used the idea of consuming a fear in the flame for years. It can be very helpful in many areas of our lives. This concept has given me an idea of how I could help others. Thank you, Jeff.

  3. Jeff, first of all, SO GLAD that you’re feeling better…Covid is no joke!

    Secondly, THANK YOU!! Your message is so frickin amazingly timely, I almost can’t believe it (though I can believe it because I know how the universe works!!).

    I am just wrapping up a big summit leading into opening up registration for my Membership Program for people with Long Covid and ME/CFS and I’ve been experiencing a lot of conflicted energy around the “offer”…

    You have just reinforced my ultimate goal of helping people AND them being super invested in the changes they want to see.

    So much love to you and everyone on your team!

  4. Debra Feroce


    Awesome so happy your back and feeling better then ever! Thank you for your time love and energy and timely message!!
    Love it!

  5. W. M. Raebeck


    And here I imagined you joyously floating down the Colorado River all this time…. Sorry you got bit by the bug! Glad you’re well.

    My newest book (“Nicaragua Story—Back Roads of the Contra War’) came out Friday, after a drawn-out launch taking way longer than expected (always more to the story). And I know a book isn’t nearly as complex as coaching. But I’ve learned a lot—mostly from you, Jeff—and not only was I not worried about ‘asking’ or providing links to click on, but I felt a new ease in this launch sequence. (I don’t follow PLF to the letter, but the fundamentals are always in mind.)
    1. I now know the process works. So that hesitancy is gone. It’s not experimental anymore.
    2. I know that my list EXPECTS me to suggest they buy the new book. That’s what we’re doin’ here!
    3. With more books out and more reviews, I’m better fueled/positioned.
    4. I no longer fight the launch process, but enjoy it. An intimacy has been created with my list.
    5. I understand and accept marketing for what it is. It’s not fuzzy or whoozy, it’s MARKETING. Totally different animal from writing and publishing, but equally important for getting books to readers.
    6. People who resent my marketing are either envious or don’t comprehend entrepreneurship. (And they’re irrelevant.) Plenty of people want us to succeed and admire perseverance.
    7. People who like my work like knowing what I’m up to, And they’ll only know about a new book if I tell them.
    8. I only have people on my list who want to be there.
    9. It would only be hokey if I were selling something without value. My list knows I deliver.
    10. I have reasonable sales expectations. Marketing is also planting seeds for later.
    11. Thanks to Shark Tank and the internet, EVERYONE understands what marketing is, and that it permeates everything. There’s no need to try to hide that you”re selling something.

    Done with integrity, the launch process works. And even though this book took over a year longer than expected, I knew that extra time would actually benefit my launch! Because I understand marketing now—once a necessary evil, now an intimate connection with my own personal club.

    • So Well Said!

      So what I got out of this is when you authentically connect with those who who’ve shown interest, your sharing through “Marketing”, (which is just a name for all your plans to reach out, connect and serve people in some way), it’s a Win/Win, bound to grow and expand over time, and we all get to Enjoy The Journey more together because we’ve met here… in your/our Community!

      It’s a Beautiful Thing!

      Jimmy Z

  6. Yes, very relevant. I’ll delve into the patterns and see how they served me. I’m ready to let them go. Thanks

  7. This message on fear of making the offer was so powerful! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and passion!
    So glad you are finding relief from your time being effected by Covid/it’s still such an scary unknown.

  8. Mr Bryan A Worn


    So true and the principles also apply in 1-2-1 selling. Peter Cook says that your prospect is waiting for the offer! That we should give it to them and let them decide.

  9. Thank you for this, Jeff! It’s right on, and timely for me. I very much appreciate it, and I’m glad you’re feeling better. I wish you continued good healing and good health!

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