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If you’ve got something that’s working for you, why would you risk messing it up by “fixing” something that’s not broken? I usually don’t make that mistake… but last year I took my annual launch (that was already working super well) and completely re-invented it. Here’s what happened…

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I want to talk about how I fixed something that wasn't broken, and the overlay or the interlay or the interplay of that  – of fixing something that wasn't broken – with this fundamental approach I have of taking what works and keep on doing it. 

So, last year, we did our launch, and we changed it up quite a bit. Once a year, I do a launch for my Product Launch Formula. We're coming up on it real soon. We're about two, two and a half weeks out from this launch. Last year, we did it as a completely live experience. Normally in my launch process for years and years and years, for well over a decade, we would release a series of training videos that would lead into the launch of my product. Last year, instead of doing that, we radically reinvented it, and we did it as a live launch.

So instead of releasing these videos, I had four training sessions. And each train session went three hours. Really, it was about 14 hours of free training, and it ended up being a fantastic experience, the launch did fantastic, but it was completely new. 

So we took something that was doing really well, we had this well-oiled launch, and we completely blew it up, and we reinvented it, and we did it as a live launch. So, what's up with that? Why did we reinvent something? Why did we break something that was already working? 

I think, really, especially – it’s one of my core tenants – to take what's working and keep on doing it… Really, if you look at it, what I did was I did take what was working, because the core strategy behind Product Launch Formula is to deliver fantastic value before your launch. Once you deliver that fantastic value – I like to say, “Give away your best stuff for free,” and there are some caveats to that and some secret sauce behind it – but give massive value, and prove your worth and prove your value and prove your authority before you actually ask for the sale. If that's the core tenet of Product Launch Formula, and it is, it's one of the core tenants behind Product Launch Formula, that's what we did. We just took it, that strategy, and we used a different tactic, which was doing it live. 

Why did we do it live? Because I just had this sense… I think I do okay on video. I'm talking on video right now. I think I do okay on video. I think, actually, I'm being a little self-deprecating. I actually think I'm quite good on video, but I do know I'm better live because I do these events, and they're absolutely amazing. So I said, “What if I could do that live? And what if, because I was doing it live, I could add in a bunch more elements and deliver even more value?” 

One of my guiding lights is when I go into a launch for my course, I want to make my free stuff the second-best launch training in the world. The best launch training in the world, in my not-so-humble opinion, is my Product Launch Formula Coaching Program, and I want to make the free launch that I do before that, the free Masterclass that I do before that, the second-best launch training in the world. I think we did that last year. Last year, we had 14 hours of content plus a bunch of extra video content, plus a bunch of case studies, plus this Facebook group where my coaches are in there answering questions, I'm in there answering questions in the Facebook group, plus downloads.

It was an epic experience, so much so that people wanted to buy that free training. They wanted us to package up those videos and the complete experience and sell it to them. People were offering us $500 for the free training, so off-the-charts value. 

That is what I want to do –  I just want to create value. 

Does that mean that every launch should be a live launch? No, it doesn't. It just means for this specific instance, for me launching this course, for me with my certain set of skills, it works really, really well through a live launch. 

So this year, we're going to do it again. I'm super stoked because last year was the first time, and I know we will make the second time so much better because we had that experience and we've had a year to plan it out.

So I'm totally stoked about this. Save the date. This is our first live training for you, September 12th, and it's going to be awesome. That's just the first of the four training sessions. Save that date, click the link down below, go over and join the notification list so we can send you an email and get you all set up to come to this. It's not going to cost you $500. It's not gonna cost you $2,000. it's just going to cost you your email address. It's going to be just epic value. It's going to be a blast. I'm looking forward to this. I'm looking forward to sharing this Masterclass with you, so click that link, head on over, and let's go get ’em this week.

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12 Replies to “Fixing Things That Aren’t Broken”

  1. Malcolm Slone


    Just at the very start of my journey, creating facebook, youtube and website. As well as creating my first digital conent. Super hard to spread time over all these as well as working full time.
    Love your inspiration.
    kimd Regards,
    Mac underdog gsd

  2. Jeff, I just can’t wait for your Launch!

    I am preparing now my second launch and I feel that my first one was absolutely awesome.

    I had 33 clients and a revenue for 4k USD.

    I know, this isn’t much for USA but for me, it’s more than I have expected.

    I live in Romania and here 4k USD is the average income for 6 months.

    So YES! PLF is working and I know that on my case, this is just the beginning! 🙂

    Thank you Jeff for ALL!!!

  3. Here’s my big issue with Live launching…or Live anything: you announce ‘save the date’ for Sept 12 & my heart sinks. I am leaving on a long-planned trip of 5 days with multiple dear friends. In other words, I cant change it. I sadly just write off being able to participate in what you are doing (or any live offering is doing)) and subsequently tune out since I wont be around. We live in a busy world and my audience I am trying to reach is overwhelmingly busy but truly needs my health product. How do you address those who want your product but arent available “live” so they tune out or turn off ?

  4. Hi Jeff,
    What a brilliant video that is! I’m a PLF owner and I think that it has huge value; that said these short videos are so inspiring and great value, thank you so much!

    Looking forward to the new launch, I always learn something new.

  5. You’re the expert… It’s all new to me. So lets wait and see. Thank you for the invite

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