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I thought I’d share a little “behind the scenes” with you this week… 

A little over a year ago, my team and I were putting the finishing touches on “PLF Live” – our big flagship workshop (and the longest-running event in the industry).

So last year, after months of planning, everything was set for over 1,000 guests from 40+ countries… 

And you probably know what happened next.

Due to the pandemic, everything got canceled.

That left us asking how we could offer the same deep dive, all-absorbing PLF Live experience… virtually?

And then – how can we get it together in less than a month?

By nature of the timing, PLF Live was one of the first big events in this industry to go virtual, so there was no blueprint to follow. We were going to have to figure out everything ourselves… and fast!

Of course, whenever you try something new, there’s always going to be a lot of learning experiences and “aha!” moments, and this was no exception.

But by all accounts, we pulled it off. 

In the end, the virtual PLF Live 2020 turned out to be an extraordinary experience, and the attendees have gotten some amazing results.

Now, as I’m getting prepared for this year’s PLF Live, I was going back through some of the lessons learned from last year… and put them in a video for you:

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13 Replies to “A “Behind The Scenes” Peek at PLF Live”

  1. Darlene Atkinson


    Hi Jeff, I personally totally understand if you needed to go over 5 minutes, I am retired at home and to be really honest, I stay up late so if most human being have lot of common things within them, I believe many people are kind of in my same situation at home often time can not sleep so you are God sent giving great content in your videos and I love your launches just thought you should know how some of your fans feel. Thank You for serving and providing great content in your videos.

  2. Hi,
    yes we did stay up late at night for PLF Live;) It was such a great event and pushed us to lauch right after that. We have worked on our launch during PLF Live and after that, and it was a big success. Thank you for this!!! I has changed our business in a big way!

  3. Looking forward! We built our business through in real events (helping women connect + network to level up their business). Transitioning was certainly a mindset more than anything but it took us about 6 days to pivot and get everything online when the pandemic hit. Still working it all out but I’m so grateful to learn from you now and see how you are doing it!

  4. Thanks, Jeff! Your actions in 2020 – wow, this is an interesting theme.. Yes, ‘in-personal-events’ are awesome!! :-))

  5. .. and your ‘online-event’ was very, very good, too. I learned much things and liked it very much!

  6. Rachael Stout


    Last year was amazing, Jeff & team! Since I am ill so often it’s always been a commitment to travel, but it was amazing to hear everything from home. It really got me pumped up and excited to go through PLF and finally launch.

    Can’t wait for PLF 2021! 🙂

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