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I just spent three days last week at PLF Live™ showing folks how to use AI to make their marketing lives easier. And one big takeaway that emerged is understanding the difference between a tool and a strategy.

ChatGPT is incredibly helpful when it comes to generating ideas and getting past the blank page problem. But if you want to create marketing that truly resonates with your audience, you have to add your unique perspective and humanity to the mix too. 

Think of it this way – AI is a tool, but your voice is the strategy.

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9 Replies to “A Key Takeaway from My “AI-enabled” PLF Live™”

  1. Duane Sprague


    Thanks, Jeff for your insights on AI being a tool and not a strategy. My CEO (Scott Brandley) and I were just talking about this a few days ago. But not just AI, I think the same goes for all apps, software, and plug-ins. For example, 90-95% of websites on Shopify fail, despite the fact that they have access to 6,600 apps, tools, and plug-ins. The tools don’t create success, they can only amplify a great strategy.

    Your book is absolutely amazing!

    • Dr. RB Hernandez


      So spot on! I strongly believe and I say this often with my clients, AI will force us to be more human. Using it as a tool is doing just that.

  2. PLF Live was more than great. It was spectacular, mind- blowing and awesome. Even ChatGPT couldn’t put it into words for me. PLF is a new direction on my compass.
    ChatGPT is like brainstorming in a room with a dozen researchers bouncing ideas around together to create your a story. Still my story, but with Chat and Launch Club help I will now tell the world.

  3. Yes! You definitely deserved the rest. You and your team worked hard. Job well done.

  4. Sylvester Eyo


    Thanks Jeff for sharing. Clarity of AI technology as a tool, with emphasis on our voices as strategy is awesome.
    Transfer of enthusiasm to our tribe in specific niche market simPlifies selling framework perspectives.
    Touch points on various marketing and selling blind spots provides top of mind presence awareness.

  5. Ines Nangue


    First of all Thank you Jeff, for creating with your team, a phenomenal, fun and very inspiring PLF Live Event. Congratulations. The value I got exceeded my expectations in many ways: New Beginning – Level up. With Chat GPT as a game changer combined with my voice, using my story to really connect.
    The videos section was especially helpful as I’m creating my YouTube channel. Also the community, energy, and music were amazing!
    By the way I love the soothing magnificent background of this video. Is it the ocean or sea? Enjoy your recovery time!

  6. Dr. RB Hernandez


    Thank you Jeff foor all your work. When is the next one…:)?

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