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When I first started, I had this crazy habit that I was embarrassed to talk about. Back then, I just didn’t know anyone else who was into this kind of stuff. But when I started meeting super successful people, I learned this habit wasn’t quite as weird as I thought…

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57 Replies to “My Weird Habit…”

    • This is so true, i try doing every thing but it falls apart because my inner game is not there

    • Jennifer Ritchie Payette


      Thanks Jeff, for sharing a compelling snapshot of the intersection between personal development and entrepreneurship. I have engaged in both since my youth and they have both been key to my success. You are right on target as usual!

  1. Great thoughts, Jeff!
    Definitely know what you mean about those who are successful being into PD – also, there’s a greater sense of integrity with such folk like yourself and others I tap into such as Ed Dale and Mike Dillard.
    My wife and I have shifted from being out of the circle to being in the PD circle and have formed strong habits that we’re heading into the successful subset too: we’re more balanced, don’t worry about money, have created a big deal on our old property, and personally am transitioning into 100% internet business: authoring books [through Chandler Bolt’s Self Publishing School you recommended!] and coaching clients online.
    We’re from the UK but for six months we’re doing this in the Dordogne region of France! Best wishes – Alex

  2. Thanks for this, Jeff. I’ve got the same weird habit, too! And I’ve got to say, it’s working for me. I have a great life and businesses. My relationships are better. I can definitely endorse what you’re saying. Have a great day!

  3. Love this video Jeff. So true. PD in action creates results. I would hazard a guess to say that the people in the red circle you drew last that were just outside of the “Success” circle, were rapidly moving towards it if they were making PD a habitual foundation of their life. Thanks for the great insights.

  4. Great stuff. I understand how important personal development is but I do have great difficulty subscribing to AND THEN MAINTAINING a personal development habit. I believe I need a programme, a schedule or check-sheet of tasks that I need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. Then I need to focus and to almost automatically carry out the necessary tasks.
    My personal development favourite is “Think and Grow Rich” and of course Tony Robbins is a great motivator. But what are your favourite personal development programmes?
    Does anybody else have any personal development favourites that actually work for them?

    • Liz Frerichs


      Have you looked into the Sacred Six by JB Glossinger? I discovered it last year and the framework he provides has really helped me be more productive in every area of my life–including personal development. I spent years not getting things done and then have consistently had my to-do list finished AND had time to do other important things (e.g, daily EFT, exercising) since I’ve implemented his method.

  5. Hey Jeff, Monte Stewart here from Pagosa Springs. This video really hit home. I’m in the music instruction market, currently aimed at the ukulele market (there’s a world wide movement going on). I started buying guitar instructional materials (first cassette tapes, then VHS, then DVD, now streaming). back in the 70s. Recently, I did a video to show what I’ve studied. I realized that I have over 150 titles on my Homespun Tapes online library alone, another 75 on Truefire. Adding books, VHS & DVDs I was able to assemble over 400 titles in just a few minutes. Now that does seem a bit embarrassing, though I know you play and can probably relate. And then I started studying the internet marketing thing. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on instruction in this market. This has been my little secret that I don’t talk about. Thanks for helping me see my habit and desire to learn as a strength rather than a failing.

  6. As always awesome video Jeff. Your videos make my Sunday mornings interesting and give me food for thought that helps drive action all week. I have been a self-help/personal development “junkie” all of my adult life. I’m not in the successful entrepreneur group yet as i have not taken action on personal development, always looking for the next “magic pill” of wisdom. My next habit will be applying all the knowledge of personal development by daily taking action. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us.

  7. Personal Power II by Tony Robbins was the first product like this I ever bought too. It made a HUGE impact on me—life-changing.

  8. Sheila Carder


    Thank you, Jeff. I love your words of wisdom and your videos. thanks a million.

  9. Jeff: This is a great video! Your message spoke to me this week as I need to up my “inner game” and start taking more actions. You talked about habits which are an important component to taking action for personal development. My question to you is, how do you find mentors, both online and offline (more important), that can help you stay accountable to your habits and goals based on your “why” for personal development. I’ve always struggled with this as I feel like often times I am alone in my journey to self-development when I could truly use someone to help me stay focused, motivated and driven to improve myself. I know that I should already be self-motivated which I am to a degree but not enough to push myself to next level of success both in personal development and entrepreneurship? I would love to hear your thoughts on this and I wish you continued success in your business and personal endeavors!

  10. I started on the internet late in life. I”m 64 and you were one of my first gurus. I have been to one of your seminars in Austin.Your video e-mails always inspire and I now shoot my own e-mail videos in my home. They definitely connect with your clients effectively….

  11. Honestly, I don’t know how you grow into success without personal development. It’s really unfortunate that there is almost a stigma around it that makes people feel ashamed when they start out on this path of growth. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, anyone that strives to step fully into their potential, who wants to become the best of themselves, or who wants to make their time on this planet matter, goes through various levels of personal development. And that’s an awesome thing. Yet it seems to be this dirty little secret you carry around until, like you said Jeff, you recognize that so many successful people understand its power.

  12. Jeff, I too purchased Tony Robbins course years ago. It had a profound impact on my life. It was with money I didn’t have to spent at the time. I have only purchased two courses in my lifetime, Tonys and yours. That was over a year ago and I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t had the time to get going with my online business. Life keeps getting in my way. I can’t find the time to get my online course put together because I’m on the paycheck to paycheck treadmill that I so want to get off of. I know one day I will find a way. Thank you for doing to great work you do. John

  13. Hi Jeff, I certainly enjoy your videos and your success story. I’m traveling my own path and in very similar and in the different self development programs I am products I purchased over the years. I have finally written my own program which I will be launching soon which is very intense and I have spent many years writing. I work full-time as a VP of finance for a company but I have always been the entrepreneur I truly love the information business. It has really changed since the early days of Tony Robbins and his early Programs. I have been a follower and fan of his for many years. I always wonder why so few people are drawn to developing a plan of self development for themselves? Thanks and I look forward to listening to your videos and hopefully meeting you one day.


  14. I am an avid reader and so into PD. Sometimes I can get too catch up and forget to do the actions so I have to find the balance. It’s so vital though so thanks for the video!

  15. Jeff,
    You rock!! Thank you for presenting it in a different way. I need to change the way I look at my course and my constant development. Glad to know I’m not the only weirdo out there.

  16. I love PD.
    But as you said…
    I just share the awesome quotes.
    No $ Habits.
    No $ Action.
    No $$$$. (success)
    Lots of frustration.
    For me PD is like a full time
    job; only without the paycheck.
    Money going out,
    No money coming in.
    My “delicious dilemma” 😉

  17. Thank you, Jeff! I love the diagram showing the intersection of successful people and personal development. Thank you for making it visible!

  18. I felt this way too having an online marketing for about 8 years and having worked in advertising for 25+ years… thinking “how in the world am I to blend personal development with this “techy” stuff”… ” nobody will get me” I thought. And many still don’t. By I get myself and that’s been the springboard of faith I needed to stop. Rethink. Redo. Act on it. Today I’m rebuilding my business and bringing in the best of these two worlds. There is no real lasting success without personal development. Thank you Jeff for your message because it’s like a HUGE sign on the road that I’m on the right path.

  19. Betty Neyer


    I can’t help but wonder how many of those successful people into personal development are also into personal development of others? You certainly are and from my point of view you are very dedicated to developing others. I actually thought you were going to talk about the desire to help others will be an integral part of success.

    • @Betty: you’re right… that’s another trait I see in most of the super-successful folks I know: a true desire to help others.

  20. Darlene Atkinson


    Jeff, My personal development begin most likely in my teenage years. I a 50’s year born what called baby boomers, so I gotten into this P.D. many years ago. I also had those say thoughts I felt like I was the only one and did not tell any body I knew because of feeling strange about that habit.

  21. I definitely felt a little weird about being into personal development, especially when I was in high school. My first time being in a community that was into p.d. was when I went to PLF Live earlier this year.

    That’s probably one of the biggest reasons why that event was so awesome! It was such an incredible, positive group of people.

    Something I hear Brendon Burchard say a lot is that “common knowledge doesn’t equal common practice.” I think that lines up well with what you mentioned about actually taking ACTION and creating HABITS… it’s simple but not always easy.

    Eben Pagan also talks about creating “habit gravity.” Like a spaceship, it takes a lot of fuel to break away from the gravity of old habits, but once you reach a certain threshold, it gets much, much easier. Then we can build gravity around good habits so that they happen automatically with little effort.

    In your Launch Club community, 4 of us created a mastermind group based around the principles of Think and Grow Rich. One of your case studies, Kara and I helped found it. It’s pretty awesome that you created a community where we could find other people who are as committed and weird as us. 🙂 Thanks Jeff!

  22. Truth! I came to it in reverse…working on my personal development led me to unlocking my transformational message…which ultimately led me to embracing my marketing mission because sharing our gifts in the biggest possible way is the whole dealio, right!? I’ve been saying for months now things are shifting…People are buying transformation over information! We can all google any information we want (check the source, of course)…but it’s getting the results that counts. That’s were the innergame masters can help you get to the intersection of self-improvement, marketing/outreach — what I call sharing your transformational message — and strategy where the magic happens. I’m super grateful for your sunday vids Mr. Walker. Look forward to meeting you at launch con some day 🙂 As a student of your student (Christian Mickelesen) I feel blessed to learn from you both. Thanks!

  23. I totally agree! Believing in yourself and ideas by writing them down, definitely, helps to reinforce “Self Esteem”, “Self Worth” along with the “Driving Independence” to succeed! However, not just this, it allows you to see a good overview of what is needed and not needed. It allows you to “Manifest” everyday of what you want to bring forward in yourself, work, family and life!

  24. That’s awesome Jeff. It is also a great reminder for those of us teaching something like online business that the personal development component is NOT optional 🙂

  25. Hello Jeff,

    I am living in a remote location in Alaska and have very little ability to network and do some of the things you mention. I am a fish biologist and have been trying to get an important environmental message out for some time – but my inability to successfully network has hindered my effectiveness. Is there any way you can help me out?

    Dave Cannon
    Aniak, AK

  26. Maria Lucassen


    I enjoyed watching your video. It is exactly how I feel right now. My friends are not in PD, but luckily I have joined several groups and coaching programs that help me in my quest to become financially independent and retire from corporate America. But there is so many different self help personal development programs and courses that is creating overwhelm to catch up on everything that I subscribe to. Now I use FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful).

  27. Thanks for the reminder about wisdom marketing business. Yes, we all are in need of growing ourselves. It’s time for me to share more widely the wisdom I have gathered about ‘Caring for CareGivers.’

  28. Dear Jeff,
    I purchased Personal Power II back in the 90’s when I was struggling personally. It didn’t resonate much back then; but, I pulled them out again a few years ago. Sooo refreshing. Timing can be everything. In the last several years I’ve been submerging myself in inspirational, motivational, spiritual, forward thinking, rethinking, and TED talk binging. I’ve been spreading the word in my world and have gotten people really interested in what I have learned without hitting them over the head about it. I think more people are ready for this type of information than in the past. 10-15 years ago, I might bring things like this up and I’d get sideways views of people who’d think that I was starting a cult or something.
    I think the information explosion and the interest in entrepreneurial stories have given more credibility to personal growth in a big way.

    Stay the course,

  29. Hi Jeff,
    I chuckled watching this video. I am actually most of my clients dirty little secret! Doesn’t matter if they are CEO’s, entrepreneurs, celebrities or the person next door, most of my clients keep the fact that they are working with me to themselves. Not great for building a huge business, but my integrity with working with my clients who are working towards BIG things in personal development is way more important. So glad you are sharing this so that more people can learn about the value of working on yourself first.
    I am wondering one thing; we you too embarrassed because you thought maybe other people would think something was ‘wrong with you – in the personal development way’ or because you wanted people to think you already had it all together? I would also love to hear if it was anything else…this has been my greatest challenge with marketing to my avatar.
    All the best, Michelle

  30. Thanks Jeff for the inspirational videos. The last time I invested in my PD was college 20 years ago! In the last year, I have invested in myself twice and I will continue my investment as I launch my business this year. Thanks again!

  31. Love your videos. I know I need to hang around with the right people. I have been going it alone literally. While embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, this has been the most stressful year ever with some huge changes going on in my personal life. I want to learn, grow and network with people like you.
    My financial situation is strained at the moment due to my personal circumstances so I am keen to move through it. I’m totally into self development and have found the work of mentors like yourself and Anthony Robbins deeply appreciated. Lots of love xx

  32. Just learned about yu today, and I’m loving what I get to watch… Success it’s must definitely not all about how much you make, but about who you become in the process and how many people you help on your way

  33. Barbara Dowling


    Great video Jeff! Loved the diagram and also enjoyed reading some of the interesting comments! I love PD but afraid I’m guilty of not always taking action on it. You have motivated me to get back on track! Thanks for sharing with us!

  34. Great to see that I am not alone in thinking my ‘crazy habits’ around personal development are embarrassing and something to keep quiet about

  35. This video had the most profound impact on me of all the videos you have done. I have struggled with personal development. In my heart, I love it and am inspired by it. But I am torn by the feeling that it’s all BS being sold by “gurus” just trying to make a buck. Now hearing that someone who is all about business and marketing also believes in it, puts my mind at ease a bit. Thanks.

  36. Yes! You are right on point! I’ve been committing to learning dally, reading lots and applying the principles. It really does mean ACTION, however it is consistently being able to focus on the present future rather than looking at past results.

  37. Your inside hook-up is all that matters. Integrity and following your inner guidance. Life is a spontaneous happening.

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