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Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about AI and online business (as of right now)… 

The bad: I just saw this article where someone used ChapGPT to create a complete marketing campaign in 30 minutes. It included emails, a landing page, social media, etc.  

It was impressive except for one thing… the campaign completely sucked.  

There was no way it would actually work in the real world. (I say that from 25+ years of marketing experience.) 

Now to be fair, the person who wrote the article made it clear that he wasn’t a marketer – so he didn’t realize that what he created was generic drivel that wouldn’t make sales.  

Key takeaway… AI is not a magic wand that will create your marketing start to finish. And you need to be able to tell good marketing from bad. 

Which leads to… 

The ugly: this one is simple and predictable… all those people in your inbox and social feed telling you that you can get rich using AI. If you buy their magic system, you can just set up AutoGPT and it will magically start making money for you. 

I imagine you’re smart enough to see through those – AI isn’t going to make us all billionaires while we sip umbrella drinks on the beach. 

Another bit of ugly – ChatGPT will literally make stuff up. It will tell you stuff that is completely fictional. And it will do it with complete authority, so you might actually believe it. So be very careful with anything you use from ChatGPT that is fact-based. There will be business disasters where people publish or use erroneous stuff generated stuff from AI. 

And finally…  

The good: here’s two things that AI is amazing at right now for online business (and these two things eliminate some of the hardest parts about growing your online business)… 

First, the “blank page problem” is gone forever. (And this is one that’s always been a particular problem for me.) ChatGPT is great for creating initial ideas and the first draft of any creative that you’re working on – emails, offers, social, landing pages, etc.  

What it creates will be “good but not amazing”. But it will be a great place to start, and it will give you some really good ideas. Then if you know how to “iterate”… you’ll be able to use AI to make those ideas better and better. (i.e., you’ll use AI to make AI’s second draft radically better.) 

This is huge – and it eliminates some of the hardest parts about online business.

A second big problem that AI solves is “perspective shifting”. This is about putting yourself in your prospect’s mind… so you can create great offers, products, and marketing that they’re hungry to buy and consume.  

This perspective shifting might sound easy, but it’s really hard for most people.  

If you look at any of the great marketers, this is something they’re really good at – it’s the superpower at the core of their success. However, most people really struggle to do it (even if they don’t realize it). 

If you’ve had offers that just didn’t convert well, then you might have messed up the “perspective shifting” part. 

And here’s the thing… AI isn’t perfect at perspective shifting, but it’s pretty darn good at it (if you use the right prompts). 

ChatGPT won’t get you to “superpower” level… but it will get you to “better than 90%” – and that’s good enough to succeed at business.

Bottom line: AI isn’t a magic wand, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool for your business… if you use it properly. 

I think this is a “before and after” moment for business (and very possibly for humanity, but that’s another blog). 

In fact, I think it’s such a gamechanger that I’ve completely remade my PLF Live™ Workshop to focus on using AI to build out your marketing. That’s a big deal since PLF Live is a well-oiled machine that I’ve been doing every year since 2010 – a complete makeover is quite a thing. 

At PLF Live I’m going to show you how you can use AI to build your launches and campaigns way more easily and quickly… and make them a lot more powerful. 

And since PLF Live is a true workshop, I’m not going to just tell you how to use AI in your marketing. I’m actually going to lead you through the exercises to actually build out your next launch or campaign.  

It’s coming up in just a few days, and I’ve kept the tuition incredibly low: 

Get all the details about the AI-enabled PLF Live Workshop at this link:

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