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Let’s talk about enrollment.

What do I mean by “enrollment”?

When you make your offer – for your product, service, membership site, mastermind, group coaching, or whatever you’re selling – you’re asking people to enroll in your offer.

It’s the moment when you ask people to sign up and give you money for your offer.

When you’re asking prospects to enroll, you’re really asking them to enroll in three things…

  1. Your product
  2. You 
  3. Themselves (their future transformation and all the benefits that come from that desired result)

Because when you’re in the knowledge business, you’re in the business of delivering some kind of transformation. You’re making their life better by either taking away pain or increasing their pleasure.

When you do that, you’re asking them to enroll in this new future version of themselves. 

So if you’re selling a course on meditation, you’re asking them to enroll in a future where they have a meditation practice – with all the benefits of being someone who meditates.

If you’re selling dog training, you’re asking them to enroll in their future self of having a dog who comes when it’s called.

If you’re teaching people how to have a better tennis serve, you’re asking them to enroll in this vision of being someone who goes through your practices and routines and starts to hit better serves.

My Product Launch Formula has helped thousands of business owners make over $1 billion in sales, and it’s a proven formula for leading your audience up to that moment when you make your offer and ask for enrollment – including building the kind of authority that makes people listen to you and trust you to give them the transformation they’re looking for..

The key mindset shift for enrollment 

The best way to get people to enroll is when you’re not super attached to the outcome. 

Of course, it’s natural to want to make sales, to get feedback, and to generate income. But you have to try to divorce yourself from any individual person either enrolling or not enrolling in your offer. You have to take the long-term view that you’re going to make this offer many times. (And the great thing about selling online is that you don’t have to do it face to face!)

When you do make your offer, you don’t want to be needy. You don’t want to beg for the order. The way I see it, if someone is looking at PLF or any of my trainings, I’m not attached to their decision. Their decision won’t have a major impact on my life. But it will affect their life in a big way. So I hope they say yes; but I can’t make them. All I can do is lead them up to the precipice of making the decision.

The more you can be unattached to an individual’s decision, the more powerful you will be in making your offer. 

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