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Starting a new venture, whether for a new business or an established one, is a scary thing. This video is about how to succeed despite (or even because of) that.

Let me know what you think of this video and leave me a comment below!

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74 Replies to “Why Confidence Is Overrated”

    • Hi there Jeff
      So glad you did this talk today. Was wondering about the energy that is propelling me to form a new business with my partner Michaela. It is the commitment that pushes me over my fear. There’s a lot of love in it this commitment and I remind myself that I have infinite love for life and my purpose in it is to reconnect others to awakening their commitment to living life fully.
      Great Video

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Related to confidence and what I think holds me back as well as others, is that negative spiral of who is going to want to buy a service off of me or is this product good enough etc.? Do you have any ideas or methods for overcoming this?

    • Nicola
      If you truly believe you would buy your product others will
      And if look in the mirror and can truly say ‘ I like you’ others will trust you
      If you have come this far light that fire sister

  2. Hi Jeff, like you’re questioner you’re videos are among very few that I actually bother with. I love that they’re so short and to the point. I know I’ll always get great value without having to find half an hour or more to watch it! And this one is no exception. I just really needed to hear this! I think a lack of confidence can protect us from rushing headlong in without a proper plan or any thought for the downside but, when it leads to paralysis and inaction it’s fatal to your business. So thank you for this. Has definitely got me pumped up for the week ahead!

    Keep it up Jeff. Have a great week yourself.


  3. Thanks Jeff Walker for the inspiring video!
    I personally feel incompetent as well, but this video helps to align my focus.

  4. Hi Jeff, This video message was right on the money! – Confidence will come later and I love the way you put it – Commit, take action and then confidence will come – 100% agree!

    Confidence comes from winning but you must take action first

    Great message



  5. Heather Fraser Fawcett


    Great point, Jeff. Sometimes you just have to dive in. I think preparation is important, as is confidence, however, you can’t adequately prepare for something to which you aren’t committed. I have Tony Robbins books and dvds, and also Stephen Covey’s books. I find when I’m stewing about something or spinning my wheels, I go to them and after a few minutes reading or watching, I am back in touch with commitment. Likewise, I am beginning to use your posts and videos to keep me on track. Thanks for your inspiration!

  6. Awesome vicdeo Jeff. Especially powerful for me cause I launched my coaching program today (and yep I’m in Australia) and I’m terrified of putting myself out there. It’s inspirational seeing you talk about it in plain terms.

  7. Hey Jeff, thank you for addressing my message. I now have a new direction to travel.

    • Good luck to you, Steve. Thinking of you and sending my best wishes.
      In a way, you have nothing to lose because everything you do will bring experience which is invaluable. It is experience that teaches us or enhances our learning.
      Lovely guidance from Jeff Walker – thank you.
      Go get ’em, Steve!
      Kindest regards,

      • I’m so glad you asked this. I’ll be 65 in a few months. I started my online business of digital downloads in June 2008 at age 56. I had to close down my other local art business at the end of that year because it did better than expected. It exploded.

        And YET right now I’m needing another shot in the arm. I lost that committment, allowed BAD feelings and an old person attitude to almost put me under.

        Thankfully I have no choice but to commit again and do those things I use to do. And new things, like listen to Jeff Walker. Shake it off and do the hard things that you know you have to do. Don’t quit.

        You have YEARS of wisdom, YEARS of experience and skills you are probably taking for granted. And happily I can say with confidence (lol) your location is no longer a problem if you are looking to create digital product!!! I wouldn’t go any other way.

    • Hey Steve, I’m glad you showed up here because I had some thoughts for you. (And great video, Jeff!)

      First, I don’t think anybody has confidence on tap, and Jeff spoke about it eloquently. A lot of what appears to be confidence I think is actually fake confidence people muster up to get through stuff. Real confidence I sense comes from a deeper place, maybe during quiet time, when you actually REALIZE that you’re not just okay, but endowed with all sorts of abilities and even a track record to prove it. When you almost have to laugh at yourself for being a scaredy-cat about trying something new. When I think about the real challenges and blind-sides I’ve been through in my life, entrepreneurial ones can pale in comparison.

      And the “i’m too old” fear is absolutely to be banished from the mind. It’s like ‘I’m too sick,” “I’m too fat,” “I’m too poor,” or any other limited thinking. My father’s 93 1/2, has been bed-ridden for 3 1/2 years, and still doesn’t attach himself to old age. He IS old, but he isn’t OLD. I’ll be 65 in a few days, and aside from writing/publishing my books, I do massage—something that really adds to my life and others’. Recently I wondered when one should stop dragging one’s table around, and also…do I appear odd to still be in such a physical business? Then I realized that 75% of my clients are my vintage or older—we’re a HUGE demographic. So I wanted to remind you how lucky it is to be part of a giant generation, because you’ll always know exactly what this group is going through, what they need, how to help, how to interact with them, and how to do business if you want to. Without all these ‘aging’ Boomers, I’d have half the work I now do. And they’re not judging me, they’re inspired by how active and involved I am instead of being retired—just the opposite of what one might fear…

      There’s a lot of “I’m too old to work” going around. I hope I’m always too young to stop working.
      Thanks, Jeff, for a great one.

  8. Thanks Steve for asking the question ! Jeff, your smart , simple answer will be in the back of my mind next time I stall with self doubt. Thank you all.

  9. Jeff, good point about confidence, but there is one thing, which I totally don’t agree with. And it is that fears and anxiety are inevitable.
    The whole point of my business is to remove unconscious perceptions & beliefs that make people afraid, anxious, angry, etc.
    And currently, in the middle of starting a business, where a lot of things don’t go as planned, I don’t have any fear or anxiety about that. And, most importantly, I can help anyone to reach the same kind of state within a very short period of time.
    Surely, I might not be able to help everyone at once just yet, but I’m working on it.
    Unfortunately, I have to battle exactly the belief that you have expressed: “Our fears are here to stay and nothing can be done about it, we only have to take up courage against them.”
    But I intend to win. 😉

  10. Jeff i m from Argentina. This video is awesome. First commitment, tren take acción and the confidence will appear. We need to define our why to commitment. What do you think?. Thanks a lot!

  11. Hey Jeff, Incredible video. Found myself taking notes. Here’s my take-away…
    1) Commitment… when starting something new & having no confidence
    2) Courage… when diving in and facing incredible fear
    3) Capable… manifests itself in the aftermath of struggle & often much failure
    4) Confidence… is the transformation as my track record builds
    I’m rounding 2nd base and heading for 3rd… Capable. Thanks for your ongoing, unflappable support.
    Dan :o)

  12. Jeff,

    As always, you are very inspirational and informative. Quick question. I hope you can address it in a future video. Here it is.

    How do you shoot your video to include a close-up and distant shot. Your eyes seem to focus on one camera. Do you use two cameras or one? I’d like to know how to shoot my videos with this feature.


  13. 🙂 what a good Sunday morning video 🙂 well I am watching it on a Sunday 🙂 thank you Jeff…be careful on those bicycle rides!

  14. For the most part, I agree.

    However, before you can commit to a project, you need to have at least a SMALL degree of confidence that there’s at least a possibility of the project working out. This is one of the things I teach in my “Choose To Believe” materials, and the methods I give folks help them have enough confidence to start and commit to a project so they can see it through to the end.

    Of course, as you say, 100% confidence doesn’t usually come until later.

    Start small, with easy projects, and as you develop a history of success, it becomes easier and easier to be confident that you can attain higher levels of success.

  15. Wow! Love how you are so transparent and encouraging at the same time. I am going to share this with potential associates. Thanks and Blessings

  16. Thanks, Jeff! This is the most moving video of yours I have ever watched. Believe me, I have watched plenty. And all great. What is different is your call for courage to commit and re-commit. Fear will not keep us safe. It will laugh behind our back if we head back the way we came, forgetting how far we have come already. Hope is our true friend. Hand-in hand we can move forward. Confidence is waiting. Bon voyage!

  17. Thank you Jeff. This is what I have experienced. JUST DO IT, NO MATTER WHAT, JUST DO IT. I understand what he talkes about, because I have felt the pain for not being brave or not have confidence to do it, becasue I have been listen to the lies from inside telling me it was not good enough or Perfect. But then from within myself by God’s Grace, I got what I needed to push myself to get it done. The pain of not moving got stronger in me, and I started to say what Ray Edwards say; “Done is better than perfect, because perfect never gets done”. And I said I will do it anyway! Just had to thoughen myself up and say I will do it nomatter what – I WILL DO IT. Based on this I just published my first-not-perfect YouTube video. And based on that I just started my first-not-perfect blogging. Not perfect – BUT I HAVE DONE IT, AND NOW I TELL PEOPLE I DID IT. Just like John Acuff said we should do. Great content Jeff.
    So, thank you for your great advise in this video.

  18. Great stuff, Jeff… As always! Moving into a new venture or new product line is always a rush. Im a pro at standing up a business (a great starter), but sometimes need that kick in the butt it takes to committ fully and start marketing and getting the sales. (A finisher) Thanks for keeping it simple, Jeff. Much appreciated!

  19. Hi, Jeff –
    May I suggest a trick that inspires commitment. It’s called “getting out of the building.” Take your idea (your product or service) and go out and find your customers, or people you think might kind of be your customers, in a mall, or train station, wherever, and ASK THEM what they think. The ARE out there.
    The first time you will need to find 20 seconds of insane courage to do this… Can you commit to 20 seconds? It’s worth it because people will tell you if your idea is good, or bad, or partway there… the second time will be easier… then you begin to refine your idea… and before you know it, you have a product the public has helped you build. They will tell you they want to find out if you ask them. (Don’t ask family or friends. That’s cheating. They will lie and tell you your idea is awesome.)
    Commit to 20 seconds. This is called the Lean Start Up method.
    It works. Don’t spend six months dreaming. Get out of the building. Say to yourself: “All I need is 20 seconds of insane courage and something amazing will happen.”
    Blue skies,

  20. Hey Jeff, I agree with you 100% on making a commitment which comes before confidence. But I also think that even before commitment comes inspiration. Maybe it comes from seeing your video or talking with someone else who gives encouragement or just one day waking up and knowing and feeling ready to move forward and take action. Trying to move forward without inspiration is kind of like pushing yourself to do it no matter what and that is not always the best road to follow as we may not be really lined up for action. But when we feel inspired then we are lined up and the motivation and energy are there and we can create great things.

  21. Jeff – I was out on a semi-run this morning – tired from Friday’s epic hike – and thinking “how am I ever going to pull off my launch at this time in my life?!” I’m 71 and related to Steve’s concern of his age. And then thinking “boy what I need this am is a little vote of confidence”. Perfect timing, thanks for being here for us and continuing to encourage us.

  22. Thank you, Jeff. I needed to hear “commitment” and reinforcement of creating my own products. The road has been slow & wandering since attending Product Launch Formula in Oct. 2013, because of not being clear on what product to create.
    However, the one recommendation taken to heart at PLF has been to keep adding to my email list. I also now send out a “Monday Morning Vitality Tip” blog post every week without fail – which is designed to be read in under a minute by my e-list. T

  23. Hello Jeff,

    You are already doing a great job to inspire us,

    What about going to the next level and prepare a new coaching program, an innovative one that belongs to you and prepared by your own synthesis? This can be a different topic than product launching.

    Kind Wishes,


  24. Thank you so much, Jeff.
    This one was SO needed today! Perfectly timed.
    Again, thanks!

  25. Thank you very much for your inspirational videos, I think every great project should scare us a little but get excited so much. Greetings from Mexico…

  26. I have been in sales a long time, and I can relate to what you are saying. Some people want to research and have all the answers before they take action. But, confidence comes from making a plan and taking immediate action, and through practice you gain confidence. Commitment keeps you going, like you said. And, that comes from making a decision and sticking to it (persistence – the difference between success and failure). Great subject, great video. Thanks again, Jeff. Keep ’em coming.

  27. Is confidence a real thing or is it a construct built on self-talk? If you habitually tell yourself discouraging things about your abilities and about the attractiveness of something you want to do, you won’t have even enough steam built up to get started. So I think you need at the very least to encourage yourself enough to let the magnetism of the contemplated project work on your imagination. Question your negative self-talk, in other words, and make sure it’s pretty positive.
    But of course Jeff is right to point out the fallacy of the belief that only the confident few can be successful. All you need is enough self-belief to try and to ward off any discouraging belief systems.
    I appreciate Jeff’s tackling this question, because it’s a common stumbling block for so many people.

  28. OMG Jeff I’m binge watching your stuff like it’s Breaking Bad! Lol you’ve made my Sunday 🙂

  29. Thanks for the great video Jeff and please keep sending me emails/newsletter regularly. When I have been able to stabilize my offline biz (service based) I will join your launch program.

  30. I agree 100%. I’m in that place now where it’s time to just “Do IT!” That’s the only way for me to move forward – I can’t wait for the stars to align.

  31. Jerry Perlmutter


    Your video was brief and so focussed; you help me to focus. I so agree, commitment then fear and then comes confidence.

  32. AAhh I can so relate to this. Feeling the intense richness of pushing through resistance, trying to be kind to myself in the process, winning! and starting over the next day. Commitment is amazing and sooo scary!!! Thanks so much for the video – I so appreciate it.

  33. Hi Jeff, I have been following you for years. I definitely appreciate your motivation videos and even add them to some of my own blog posts. I watched this one and wrote out my interpretation today. It was that good. Thanks 🙂

  34. That’s so useful, thank you. In 1:1 sessions I know what I’m doing and I have the confidence that you are talking about. I hadn’t connected it with commitment before, but that’s a great description of doing what you do and making it work because it’s what you want. I describe it to clients as meeting the future with resoucefulness. Getting my online business going is requiring the same thing. I particularly identify with the fear, it’s calling on a lot of personal resources. Thanks for such an honest description, it has helped a lot.

  35. Greg Bishop


    Great insight, right as I’m getting ready to launch another product and feeling the nervousness and doubt. Perhaps a great lesson is that I should recognize the uncomfortable place I’m feeling, make sure I’m resolved and committed and then know that I’m in the right place BECAUSE i’m uncomfortable. Now anxiety can become excitement.
    Thanks Jeff. Look forward to seeing you again.

  36. Andrea Scalici


    Awesome video, Jeff. I never thought of it that way but what you’re saying makes complete sense. Thanks for the boost!

  37. I agree with the person who said that if it doesn’t scare you it’s probably not worth doing, and I also think it’s a little dangerous to believe your own thoughts, especially if the trend is toward the negative.

    Over-confidence has its own dangers; it can lead you to underestimate the challenges ahead in any given project. It’s important to have enough confidence to start, along with realistic assessments of the difficulties involved and your determination to meet them.

    Putting gratuitous obstacles in your own path, like worries about age, just borrows extra trouble from an already uncertain future. There will be enough real problems to deal with to keep you occupied as you take on the entrepreneurial lifestyle, so try not to add any to the list.

  38. Can totally relate to the fear when going through the first launch … and my second one is coming up … and the same fear is there … Pushing through to victory! Thanks for the encouragement!

  39. So, basically it boils down to:
    Commitment creates action creates confidence creates a bit more action creates a bit more confidence creates even more action creates even more confidence ∞

  40. Hi Jeff. I always love your videos. I just have a comment about commitment and fear. I work with entrepreneurs starting their businesses. And sometimes their fear overrides their desire for commitment. When that happens, we heal the fear from its point of origin and have ongoing tools to overcome future fear as it comes up. Because it will come up. Every time we make a change. I think what works best is guided meditation for healing at the point of origin. I have seen clients propel themselves forward after sometimes just listening one time!
    And I agree, confidence only comes from experience. Thanks for all you do!

  41. Jeff: I found the reminder that what we do will benefit and impact other people an appropriate nudge to get back on track with getting my series of eBooks published. I let learning the technology stand in my way. Since I have an issue with that, I have to seek help rather than continue to stall.

  42. Allard Keeley


    I hope you can tune that Les Paul Sunburst Jeff. That customized headstock alone is probably worth more than most guitars I’ve ever owned.

  43. Loved this and perfect timing. I just went through the email and pulled up this video on the day I decided to leave my job and stick with my company that I’ve been building. I have loads of student debt and there is some risk but running the numbers I’m confident it’ll work out. I always manage to land on my feet.

    I made the decision this afternoon to put in my notice tomorrow. Started texting the friends and the 20 questions they each had. The fear after the commitment is real and I felt it, even started to doubt my decision just a little. But I knew it was the right thing to do and the confidence built up again. Then I come across your video tonight and it solidified everything I felt in the past several hours. Thank you.

  44. Excellent Jeff! Thank you, I really needed that boost today! I feel back on track after watching your video. I was on track and started sliding down slope, now know what I need to do! Your encouragement comes from your real life experience is incredibly valuable. Keep it up! Thank you

  45. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the motivation. Keep up the great work.
    Q: You have a unique video and audio quality and I was wondering what tools you use for creating your videos
    Could you please share some video tips?

  46. I’m really just getting started on my business. Haven’t made my first $1000 yet. And I definitely struggle with confidence. I’m not a really talented expert in my niche, and there are other bloggers in my niche that I have great respect for. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m bringing anything unique to the table. But I think the key is as Jeff said: Commit, and Take Action. That’s what I’ve been focused on, and I know that someday it will all pay off 🙂

    Thanks Jeff!

  47. Hi Jeff. Great Video. Yes, I’m still watching your videos after almost 2 years of studying your materials. I am preparing a launch for my fall MENTOR ME! Inspired Leadership program and found this video as I was preparing. That’s why video is so great….they still inspire even many years later! Thanks!

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