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Sometimes the size or strength of your offer doesn’t matter as much as HOW you make your presentation…

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23 Replies to “Why Good Offers Fail”

  1. Really valuable difference Jeff. Thank you! I have been really struggling with message and offer, this was very helpful.

    ps: So lovely to see Kyoto in your clips. I was there in April for Cherry Blossoms, back again in September. It’s a beautiful place. 🙂

  2. Great tip! I’m crafting my offer right now!

    P.S. I almost skipped your video because I’m really busy putting it all together. But yesterday my mind went back to your video when you were wearing a smart jacket and tie – in response to someone who complained about your unprofessional attire. Then you panned out to show your boxer shorts! I’ve laughed about that on and off ever since, so when you explained why you were wearing a kimono, I had to watch!!
    Thanks. Loved it.

  3. Really helpful information, Jeff. It is often the little things that make such a huge difference. Thank your for sharing your expertise.

  4. Thanks Jeff!!! I am about to lunch tonight and I am now going to reshoot my offer and add the first 15 people discount in the right place! Thanks Again! Love you Sean

  5. What I want to know is, do the people who paid $225 for the program not get angry that you lowered the price? Are you not, in a way punishing them for signing up early? But thank you for the power of the deadline.

    • @Theresa: that’s a good question, and it’s the type of thing I focus on quite a bit. This was for a subscription-based product, and the lower price was only for the initial subscription period. And offering a lower introductory rate is something that happens almost everywhere in subscription-based offers – for example, when I had a paper delivery route when I was 12 years old, they offered a special discount for new subscribers. And they still do the same thing in the newspaper industry… and same thing with cable TV, Internet service, cell phones, magazines, etc..

  6. salve Jeff MarketingWalker ! funny you should mention sequencing… this is a nice wisdom nugget ! cheers from Rio

  7. Jeff, speaking of feudal times in Japan, when I was there I read that the samurai considered money to be kind of dirty and not something for a respectable person to deal with. Might be interesting to ask about how business was conducted in those times and who did it. The transformation that occurred after the samurai were disbanded must have been monumental. It may also be worth it to ask what those famous samurai families have been up to since then. Did capitalism enable the power to fall into different hands or did it just go right back to the same ones via a new avenue? So much interesting history there!

  8. Annamarie Muirhead


    I envy you being in Japan, last time I was there was in 1988. Hope you are having fun. My husband didn’t, because there was no English at all. Byt luckily I had studied some Japanese for a couple of years prior to our trip.

  9. Thanks Jeff – very timely – doing my first webinar this week for my launch after using your PLF!
    PS – can you turn down the water noise ? 🙂

  10. Very, very good, that’s something I had to hear. I would never have thought of it. Wow, that’s really doing it the pro-way.
    Thanks, so much, Jeff.
    Also I love these videos seeing a different culture. I can be an armchair traveller.

  11. Montie L Heitzeberg


    Love hearing you share your Wisdom with us. It’s so helpful to have an experienced entrepreneur give us such great tips. Thank You !!!

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