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If you’ve been slowly working on a knowledge product for years, but still haven’t launched a thing, it’s time to stop. Stop perfecting. Stop procrastinating. And most of all, stop waiting. This is what you need to do…

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No product survives contact with the customer… so get it in front of them sooner than later. (Click to tweet.)

Make your first sale and get a proof of concept. (Click to tweet.)

Waiting to put your product out is actually counterproductive. Here’s what you should do instead. (Click to tweet.)

Movement inspires movement. When you get moving, you’ll see your next step. (Click to tweet.)

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36 Replies to “Why It’s Generally A Bad Idea to Wait…”

  1. azeem diwan


    Hi Jeff
    Like everyone these days I receive a lot of online business offers. Every day. In my case, again I am sure it is not in my experience alone, ‘I saw I took I regretted’ It has happened so many times I have lost count. Maybe it is me! .
    Of one thing I am sure. I need a definite streamlined PLAN of ACTION. But that is not nearly enough! I am very certain now that a QUALIFIED and CARING mentor or coach is VITAL to succeed.

    Warm regards
    Azeem Diwan

  2. Another good video Jeff

    Money generally loves speed so it is important to take massive imperfect action! I think perfectionism is a real problem for many would-be entrepreneurs and I struggled with this a LOT in the past and this causes you to procrastinate massively.

    But, like you said, get your product out there and see what happens and you can always tweak it as you go; if you are making sales, at least you know there is a demand for your product/information/service!

    And many people are afraid of rejection and that others will ridicule or belittle them or their efforts; this is a fact of business that you will never make everyone happy so you have to grow a thick skin! It is better to stand up and be divisive because that way you will attract those that resonate with you whilst filtering out those that don’t.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is always good to be reminded. I have the tendency to focus on the nitty gritty and it usually take up a lot of time.

  4. I agree Jeff. I see a lot of people try to make something perfect before releasing it. And if there not careful they could spend a lifetime doing that instead on making money now with what they already have. Thanks for sharing Jeff.

  5. Warner Williams


    Thank you for this excellent video. Reframing perfectionism as a twisted from of procrastination is extremely helpful and motivating…once you get past rationalizing and defending your perfectionism (yikes!!).

  6. Thanks Jeff for the fruitful teachings. I appreciate the encouragement I am kind of one of the people that worry is my products going to please please or not. Have been procrastinating for 7 years now and this idea kept cracking in my head giving me no rest despite I am into something at the end of the day I see like I am wasting time and energy more on emotions on things I should have done. You always inspire me!

  7. Inspired me to keeo going into action! Despite I have done a lot of trials I keep in my mine that Coca Cola just sold 80 Cocas he first year.

    Thanks for your energy!
    Regards from Chile

    Cecilia Carrasco

  8. Inspired me to keeo going into action! Despite I have done a lot of trials I keep in my mind that Coca Cola just sold 80 Cocas the first year.

    Thanks for your energy!
    Regards from Chile

    Cecilia Carrasco

  9. Hi Jeff, this video really resonated with me. I am a perfectionist and I take forever to get started on something. The reason is, that I want to give myself the very best chance of success. I have to know everything there is to know about a particular subject before I move forward. I know I’m a nightmare and I need to change my thinking dramatically or I will never get anywhere. Thanks for putting out great videos like this. I’m off to work on getting my ass into gear.

  10. Great video Jeff,

    I have an ebook I have been planning to sell…but I don’t know exactly what has been holding me back for years now. However, you have just given me the kick in the butt I need to take the first step and launch it.

    Thanks a lot.

  11. Thank you! I am working on my membersite for a long time now… besides my my main business. I read your book in one day – it was great! My first launch will be in a few weeks and i hope i can do it the same way Susan did it and get your PLF after that, haha!

  12. So true. You’ll never fully understand the second step until you take the first one. I believe in the 90% rule… get your offering to 90% and go because it will never be perfect.

  13. Jay Gabrani


    Hi Jeff, helpful video as usual.

    Another Quote:

    “The pursuit of excellence is healthy and gratifying…the pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic and a terrible waste of time”

    Unsure who said it, but helpful anyhow.

    Happy Fathers Day.

  14. The ‘enemy’ in your example are the well-laid plans you have for product launching. Do steps #1 through #xx. We know, though, that priorities get shifted, crises arise – #16 now has to get done before #5. If you try to power through on your original plan instead of adapting, your launch could go completely off the rails.

  15. My wife and I have a little morning ritual. After breakfast, we each pull a card out of a deck that is full of positive messages, self affirmations etc. My card this AM was “take action”, with the messaging that “great rewards await you just around the corner”. Then, a little later, I was watching one of Jeff’s recent videos, and when it finished the autoplay started another one. Because I have a big chore list today and my coffee was empty, I was going to cancel out of it until I saw the title contained the phrase “take action”. In my world, that is a message from the universe if I’ve ever seen one so of course I’ve watched. I happily purchased PLF this last year and have at least half a dozen or more projects that are 80% or better completed…but they’re NOT PERFECT!!! I’ve always liked the phrase “sloppy success is better than perfect failure”. So I’m now thinking that there’s some pretty strong energy focusing in on me to take action and get something out the door. Thanks for the (un)intentional kick in the butt Jeff.

  16. Thanks Jeff., my name is Sonia, I just read your book and gave me clarity and focus. I will say is a zen marketing book.

  17. I was so motivated after this video that I read all the comments to see how motivated other people were after watching this video.

  18. Jeff, I’ve been following you for about a year. I’ve read your book and taken your course. This video was right on time for me. I’ve been slowly creating my product while running my other business. This week I got motivated to finish and begin the launch funnel. Today’s video was more GREAT motivation. Thank you!

  19. Thanks, Jeff. I would add that I had to develop a new way to frame “failure.” When I put out a new tool that shows how to navigate life transitions and create your life , I always think that this is the best tool I’ve ever created! More than 50% of the time I’m wrong and even when I’m right, the tool never works the way I thought it would. Your reminder that I’m always too far down the path and don’t connect with where people are is the best advice and reminder.

    So now when the product bombs, I imagine what Thomas Jefferson might have said on his long journey to invent electricity, “Well, now I know yet another way that electricity can’t be invented.” That of course meant that he was one step closer to finding what would work. “Me too,” I think and then I create again. If I never put the tools out there, though, I’d never learn and never discover what can succeed.

    Thanks for these weekly videos … they’re the best! As soon as I get over feeling intimidated by ageism about being 69 and doing this online work, , I’m going to produce a video too.

    • Please don’t feel intimidated Day, I happened to see a video put out by a guy who was at least 65 and it was a breath of fresh air, sincere, natural and filled with value – us older guys don’t have time for flim-flam! So thumbs up mate and get a video out there!

  20. Jeff,
    It’s not my product I’m working at it’s the marketing!
    There are so many moving parts even with a powerful platform and with the help of guys like you.
    I am not only a newbie but I am doing this completely alone and I find myself needing to go back over the information again and again to make sure things are linked in the proper process so that all of my pieces of my funnel work and progression.
    This has been a tremendous learning curve and I have been overwhelmed more than once. But I will launch. Each day I get something done and I am a little bit closer!
    Keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck!

  21. Your information is valuable Jeff, I always appreciate how you give from your store of experience. I am working on doing something along the same lines because I think you have to follow through with your authentic intentions. I find that if you just go ahead and put something out you are always much better off than seeking to find perfection-you can always update, edit and tweak once it is out there. Another thing, is that it sometimes takes longer than you anticipate to reach people. These days there is just so much more volume, but i think the 80/20 rule applies with this too-80 percent of materials are not so good 😉 Thanks again Jeff, i always look forward to seeing your positive videos.

  22. Is there a ‘right’ time to launch a product? Say, we are in the middle of summer and people are on vacation mostly, how willing or eager would they be to spend money on a course? What if it’s my first course and it doesn’t go as well as hoped and I lose the vision, get disappointed, discouraged because it was not the ‘right’ timing?

  23. Gregory Jay


    The notion that having something perfect is not the same thing as providing value is something to go on!! Thanks, Jeff!

  24. How do you just do something when you have no idea where to start, and everyone is selling their “secret” (e.g. Seed Launch, right?). There is no way of knowing what is useful, helpful, or legit. It’s really tiring to be constantly sold to. Like the video that started automatically after the one I commented on and have to listen to you bullshitting about another person with an initial for a last name that made $52000. OMG how do you all live with yourselves?

  25. Jeff

    Nice rephrase. It’s interesting to note that the military does planning ALL THE TIME! And, even with years to prepare, a plan is considered wildly successful if only 10% of it survives actual contact with the enemy. Besides, “working” on my product can also be a euphemism for fear.

    It’s tough to steer a parked car. Only with movement can we change the vector.

  26. Movement creates movement! You have confirmed something I notice more and more. Hesitation is really inertia of the mind. Thanks Jeff! Love your videos! Keep it up!

  27. Larry Knight


    Thanks Jeff…I’ve been “working on” a knowledge based product and have been waiting for all the pieces to come together. Getting all the info from “experts”… It’s time to just launch it and let it run! Thanks you.

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