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So why should you launch? The obvious answer is to make money… I know that’s why I did it when I first started out all those years ago. And while money is nice (I don’t think anyone will argue with that!), there’s a bunch of other really cool things that start to happen when you launch…

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So, I love launches. I absolutely love launches. I love the, just putting something together that's just going to create massive value for people, and then just have them fall in love with you and fall in love with what you're delivering to them, and then making an offer. I absolutely love it.

On the other hand, the thing I hate is what I call “hope marketing,” and that's where you put all the work into creating something and you just put it out there and hope people will show up. It's like that movie Field of Dreams – build it and they will come. But the reality is, if you follow “build it and they will come,” they're not going to come. I've seen so many failed businesses where they just sort of created something and put it out there and hoped. It doesn't work that way. You have to launch.

There's an absolute magic in the start of anything, whether it's a baby being born or a marriage or a graduation. There's a magic in the start, and that's what a launch celebrates. 

I love the idea of the way we do launches, where you just create huge value for people before you ask for the sale. The reality is, most people aren't going to buy from you, but how cool is it that you create so much value in the world in your prelaunch, even for those people that don't buy from you. 

I think that's awesome, and that's why I just go overboard with my, like my launch master class that's coming up. That's why I'm talking about this. 

We're just a few weeks out. It actually starts… here's the date. September 12th is the start of the Masterclass. We're going to do a full live session. In fact, the entire Masterclass is going to be live. I'm going to deliver somewhere probably around 12 hours of free content plus downloads. On and on and on, it's going to be awesome. I can't wait to do it, because there's magic in a launch.

This is the deal… every business, when you're starting out, whether you're starting out in a new business or whether you have a new product line or a new offering or a new service or a new membership site or a new piece of artwork or a new book… when you're starting out, you need two things. One is momentum, and the other is cash flow. And when you do a launch right, that's what you get. You get all kinds of momentum and cash flow right from the beginning.

Plus, another huge benefit, generally you get a big list-build from your launch. It's, I think, the best way, and when I look back on … I've been building email lists since 1996. And if you added up all those people that have opted into my lists, those hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in all the different markets I've been in, I'd say about 80% or 90% of my opt-ins have come during launches. Because when you get out there and you start sharing great content, great prelaunch content, that becomes, well, it becomes viral. People start to sort of talk about you, and you start to get new leads in.

You also get incredible positioning. When you go out there and you start teaching in your prelaunch for free, and you're giving away great stuff for free, there's massive authority in positioning. People start to see you as the expert, as the trusted expert. How can they help but trust you when you're delivering value before you even ask for the sale?

And then there's the thing I call the “launch echo,” and that's all the extra benefits that come to you after launch. So again, you're putting yourself out there, you're creating great prelaunch content. The world is seeing you deliver that great prelaunch content, and all of a sudden, other things start to come up. Other things after the launch.  Things like, maybe it's speaking gigs, or maybe it's invitations to podcasts, or maybe it's people want to promote for you, they want to be your partner – your affiliate partner. Or maybe they want to be your content partner, or maybe they're asking you to be part of their product. There are all kinds of things that come to you that go beyond the dollars you make. Those are some of the reasons I absolutely love launches. 

My launch Masterclass is coming up. You should absolutely keep your eye out. I'm going to be sending an email out about how to join our notification list. It's going to be absolutely free. I personally think I could charge, just for this free training, probably between $500 and $1000. And I know marketers throw around all kinds of numbers all the time, but this is legit. Like last year, after our Masterclass, people were actually asking to buy the free material. They wanted us to package it up and let them download it because it was such a high value.

So the Launch Masterclass, save the date. September 12th. I think it's going to be 4:00 pm Eastern. I'm going to be live, I'm going to be doing a full out training and there’s going to be three more live trainings, plus there's going to be videos, there's going to be downloads, there’s going to be a Facebook group, it's going to be awesome. So save the date, September 12th, and let's go get ‘em this week.

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16 Replies to “Side Effects of Launching”

  1. Thank you for offering this free!
    We are a nonprofit. We provide a quick a easy way to teach kids the whole Bible. Super simple and fast. Adults can learn it fast, too.
    We sell our workbooks and accept donations to generate funds to teach and give workbooks free to underfunded children in the US and other countries.
    Up to now, all workbook sales have been by word of mouth. Greatest need is to learn how to market this product.

  2. Marcus Nolan


    Can someone explain to me the definite steps I should take engaging with Mr. Walker and his programs as I prepare for my very first launch of a potentially 8 figure a year product?

    I am starting from scratch & do not know the steps to launch so do I buy preliminary material to study and then attend the Master class on September 12th.

    I am willing to do whatever is needed and purchase whatever material is suggested.

  3. Jeff, I’ve been with you for several years, but have not launched yet. This year I’m going to launch, and I can’t wait to see what you do.
    I’m also in! You’re stuff is FABULOUS!!!

  4. Hi Jeff

    I have a Tax Prep Business in Canada. I am thinking of using your formula to do some sort of launch this coming tax season. I own a Franchise for this business would this work to relaunch a business and acquire new customers. We have been in business for ten years and have not done a great job , collecting e mails and some of our older clients would not have e mails.

    Also I have recently joined a MLM buisness that is just starting up in Canada.
    The products { CBD OIL from Hemp} cannot yet be shipped to Canada from the US. There is supposed to be some regulation changes that would allow that to happen. Heres hoping. I have a small team and would want to expand that. What do you think?

  5. Jeff – I’m in! Getting close to launching a program for authors on how to write book marketing copy. Wouldn’t miss this great opportunity. With gratitude! Casey Demchak.

  6. Jeff, that sounds so amazing. It comes at the right time. I’ve created a workshop with an 8 step methodology to declutter your space in 12 weeks following the general chakra system of a house. The beta testing went well and people are over the moon so to say! Now it’s time to launch the workshop to a greater audience and I have to admit, that I still struggle a bit with launching it. I am looking forward to your masterclass! Thanks so much, Kritara.

  7. Gotta do it. Gotta launch. My back is against the proverbial wall, so thank you for a way I can have progress with purpose not just be in a panic.

  8. Thanks, Jeff! I appreciate learning from you.
    I have a “Launch Echo” benefit to share with you or entrepreneurs who want to reach the active senior market. I’m working with a colleague on a national TV series, “The Senior Class,” a weekly one-hour show that provides segments of interest to seniors — from entrepreneurship, finance, nutrition and health to travel and hobbies. We’re looking for a few sponsors to be featured as guests on weekly segments. The show will reach 59 million households on multiple TV channels, cruise boats and tour buses. Would you or someone from your following like to learn more? Here’s a sample video:
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Best wishes,

  9. Terrific info, Jeff, and very timely for us. A mini-testimonial for everyone who’s wondering ‘will PLF work for me’: my team and I did a partial ‘seed launch’ recently to promote two things to our list: a big, pretty esoteric, and expensive book I’d written 25+ years ago, and, imagine this, a 50-session video and audio ‘recitation & commentary’ course I created in 2017-18 on that same book, with each session about an hour and a quarter long. Talk about unlikely products we’d be able to get a big response to!
    We knew we weren’t following all your basic rules for a seed launch, but we implemented some key pieces–asking our folks’ input (‘your two top questions’), making use of what came back, creating and sending out several videos with glowing testimonials and more key free content, and making both the book and especially the course available at killer discounts plus other elements in the direction of a ‘crushing offer.’
    Going in, I was figuring that in our previous format and effectiveness of promotion we would do well to sell maybe 5 books and even just 2 courses, which would have brought in maybe $350. A 3rd course, around $450 total. We’ve not been seeing much response lately from our list.
    Well, we sold 14 books and 11 courses–and grossed $1,830! And we didn’t even rigorously fulfill the formula.
    Got our attention to put it mildly! Thank you Jeff! We are definitely sold on PLF!

  10. Oh yes, another thing: recently I came across a book, ‘The Recession-Proof Business,’ by super management consultant Victor Cheng. I had been a member of one of Victor’s early mastermind groups here in the Bay Area around maybe 2008, I have tremendous respect for him, and was thrilled to find his book. It’s super timely for us to put it mildly, regardless of what happens with the greater economy.
    So I was thinking, ‘Hm. Victor and Jeff are right now two of my most important mentors. I am literally depending on these guys’ input to help us in ways we really need super-effective help. And I wonder if they are aware of each other?’
    So you can imagine how it hit me to see the Jeff/Victor reunion video today! I’d love to hear, Jeff, if Victor was literally the first buyer of PLF, I’d love to learn that. To know that he was one of the first six, and is still using the system, is no surprise (knowing you both) but also for me a huge surprise, and, as we say in the spiritual/mystical trade, a pretty cool sign, considering how much you both mean to me and my team.

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