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Can you really have a successful online business if you’re NOT teaching people to make money? It’s totally possible. Here’s how…

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38 Replies to “Will People Actually Buy This?”

  1. You made a good point Jeff. But Would love if you could provide an example of what you’d consider ‘tangible’. Would it simply mean communicating the outcomes or results the person would get from using this type of product or service?

    • As a writer and transformation artist, I make the plot and characters is a fiction story come to live by using our 6 senses to describe them. This is also used for any type of inner work, from healing to manifestation. For something to move from the mental or pure energy plane to the physical plane, it needs to be comprehended through our 6 senses (I include kinetic here)

      In this case, your audience needs to SEE the colors, textures, movements, shapes, expressions and results of living in Inner Peace, for example. A video of “before” and “after” were you get out of bed screaming to the kits and by the time you get to work you are pulling your hairs could be a way.

      Your audience could also HEAR the sounds of Inner Peace. “Do you hear yourself complaining constantly, find yourself huffing irritably as you face problem after problem, big and tiny? What if you could hear yourself singing as you wash the dishes and laughing with humor at the problems that now seem more of a trickster’s mischief quickly dispelled?”… In this descriptions you can hear your before and after.

      Your audience could FEEL Inner Peace through using the touch and kinetic senses. A video showing someone practicing energy work, yoga or zen dancing, or whatever practices you use to sustain or expand Inner Peace would do it. Or a video of “before” and “after” where you see someone running to take the train and getting off the train all disheveled and frustrated, and then that same person walking through the same street, breathing in the air, stopping to see the gardens, touching a tree and smiling and getting off the train with earphones and moving to a music that is the Inner Peace audio you are selling, for example.

      And so on, images, voice and sense-words that allow the audience to smell, touch, hear, see, taste and feel or move within with a movement you are showing, all of these make things tangible to us.

      Hope this gives you ideas.

      • Wow, Maria Mar, amazing description of how to show/express inner peace before and after using 6 senses.
        Is there I way I can develop a tiny fraction of that skill that you have?

  2. Yes its totally possible to make $$ without telling people how to make $$$ . A heap of the market just love your product/program/service to assist or help them personally. But your not teaching anything about HOW to sell !. They just want your thing. They aren’t interested in affiliate promo.. onsell… & they have nothing to promote…. they just like you & the product or program is what they want

  3. Thank you for answering this question. I have been asking that same question in my head for some time now. This was very helpful and ITV also gave me hope. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful Jeff! So true. Inner Peace is the force behind all kind of prosperity like health, happiness and enlightenment and lasting success in our endeavors. That’s how it becomes concrete and tangible. My work is about the ultimate inner peace someone can reach thru the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. And that a huge market already established.

    Thank You for PLF – you got me on your first sentence – “I want to talk to you about the surviving of your business.” 🙂 It took me 3 years to create 2 courses and a third one is on the way.

  5. Great information, Jeff. I have written marketing copy for dozens of self-development coaches over the years. Some are more successful than others, but I have witnessed how they sell “inner peace and fulfillment” quite successfully in some cases. So yes, it definitely can be done! Best – Casey Demchak

  6. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the videos. I like your fireplace.
    With respect to your ‘My Business is Different’ video, I took the Business Ignition Bootcamp by Danny Iny at Mirasee, and for that, we were asked to read ‘Getting to Plan B’ by Mullins and Komisar. In that book, and in the bootcamp, the concepts of business analogs and antilogs were developed. These are very instructive when considering how your business can fit into the marketplace. The guitar and piano comparison is a good example of a business analog, and you described well the thought process that goes into using an analog to help someone understand how that can help them with their business. Antilogs are very helpful in differentiation, since with those, you take a business process a company used to serve your prospective customers that didn’t work well, and solve the problem they had. I look forward to more of your great help. Thanks.

    • Wow Jeff you have some truly interesting and knowledgeable folks commenting on this. And I too like your fireplace. It’s now or never for my hopes and dreams as far as I can see. PLF has to be better than getting up at 5.30 am to line up donuts while all of my passion for what I love to do stays hidden under a bushel.

      • Well said Helen. I am praying you don’t hide it anymore. Donuts are evil….my body can’t eat them anymore. I discovered a tasty treat instead called The Warrior cookie.. dark chocolate plus 3 superfoods. Way better than any donut. coming soon

  7. This is absolutely BRILLIANT! I have realized that I the problem I solve is dissatisfaction with life for women in their early to mid-fifties and to “show” what it looks when when they find the FULFILLMENT (solution) to eradicate their dissatisfaction is something I have tried to convey in words… rather unsuccessfully. But to think of a video and what they look when they are living they way I coach them puts so many new ideas in my head and gives me a new perspective on how I can SHOW it in a way that women can identify with it, see it, taste it, hear it, feel it! Thank you so much! xo

  8. I think that ‘court of law video evidence question” is a genius one; I will use it with my customers. Thank you, Jeff.

  9. Merlina Waterworth


    Very timely for me to watch this, Jeff, as I’m literally in the process of launching my free online community, White Lions based on sharing ideas for alternative forms of wealth creation that bring together enterprise with social, community, spiritual values as well as sustainability. The slogan is ‘peace and prosperity’ which is what the white lion is said to herald within African traditions.

    So just today I’ve been trying to get clear about what pain or problem this offers to solve for people – and I’ve come up with anxiety about the future and growing economic and social divisions and threats to the planet. I’ve defined my target niche as being heart-centred activists and entrepreneurs.

    So my offer is concerned both with money – alternative forms of wealth creation, and at the same time with both inner peace and world peace.

    Monetisation will be in the form of sponsoring the percentage who are interested into a network marketing opportunity based on this ‘holistic’ approach, and promoting other relevant digital/physical products to the rest, based on a multiple income streams model.

    One tangible way to promote this will be through the symbolism and visual imagery presented in a book, based on using the colours of the rainbow to represent the whole spectrum of values on which an economic system can be based, and I’m hoping it will be possible to promote the book as one of my affiliate products.

    So I guess in a way what I’m actually selling is inspiration and vision, and a sense of empowerment where people feel they can make a difference in the world.

    I’m remembering right now about your involvement in the project in Ghana to build schools, which you have been able to support through becoming a successful entrepreneur – which is a good example of how entrepreneurship and wealth creation and activism can come together – so perhaps I can share something about this project within my community?

    • Merlina Waterworth


      Sorry – I just remembered, your project is in Kenya, not Ghana.

    • Merlina: I’m part of the “White Lion tribe,” which seems to be something . . . . Some of us just know we are a part of: I manage a pack of wolf dogs, many of which are WHITE wolves. And was a part of the early White Lion Protectorate Trusts early sharings. My greatest challenge to being an entrepreneur and working with Jeff’s formula is simply not having enough time. I believe for many of us women who may have children, wolf packs or other “beloveds” to share time; that we may need groups, and to collaborate in groups. I’d love to be a part of what you are doing.

  10. Thank you for answering this. I am interesting in selling the “soft topic”. The envisioning idea is great.

  11. I found this video envy informative, as usual, but more to what I would like to offer. My major question is: how does one make it tangible and concrete when “inner peace” and other abstract concepts tend to be individualized in terms of how 1 person may describe “inner peace” which can be very different then another person’s description. I imagine one would have to gather different view points and find common themes.

  12. I’ve struggled with this for some time. Recently I had someone suggest that I focus on expressing that I help people release resistance and subconscious blocks. I watched this video of yours twice. What comes to mind is that I teach my clients how to build a relationship with self-empowerment by learning how to release subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. I will work on learning how to express this clearly 🙂 Thank you!

  13. Yes great comment!
    We must be very clear ourselves first.
    But like you said, the reward is great if we do the work and get clear

  14. Thanks for the invaluable help here Maria Mar.
    I’m going to try and use your ideas in communicating my “inner relationship peace” app.
    I love how you’ve clearly articulated how to use the senses to sell the intangible.

  15. Daniel Kwintner


    As always, Jeff is the guy you go to, to get clarity about what works and what doesnt, and how to make it work.

    Thank you!

  16. Inner peace is a feeling, that’s why it’s hard to “see.”
    The transformation is from inner chaos to calm, from storms to smooth sailing.
    What real world metaphor best describes in transformation?

  17. Hi Jeff,

    I could use this information in all kinds of sales. In my business (IT Business; i don’t use the Lauch yet, because i don’t figure out how) it could work, because my product it’s intangible, it’s a software.

    Thanks for this video.

  18. Really appreciate this timely video, as I get myself organized to launch a program for nourishing committed relationships (leveraging my expertise as a couples therapist). So excited, and yes yes yes to thinking this through in terms of envisioning — concretely — the desired outcomes. Thanks for sharing so much valuable content, Jeff!

  19. Thank you for your videos! I’m looking forward to reading your book Launch, just ordered from the library.

    Just sharing my thoughts off the top of my head—

    I’m thinking how to apply your ideas and other lateral markets to art. In some ways the feeling and value of art comes from that “softer” topic you mentioned because art lifts the spirit, elevates you to feeling life and experience in the moment is valuable. Yes, it also provides beauty in the household/office/business/ but what I value about it, and think my target customer values is largely about feeling they have increased their sense of stability, of quality of experience day to day, of a sense of intellectual curiosity and aesthetic fulfillment. It feels very “soft” to me, and therefore potentially hard to describe.

    For some reason, I often like to pair my work with clearly utilitarian products, like calendars or daily planners, because I think the functionality can be a reassuring complement to that softer “fulfillment”/pleasure/inspiration that some get form the works (and of course, depending on taste, that some don’t, so its not a broad-based guarantee, but instead highly idiosyncratic qualification).

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