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Hearing this “writer-downer” quote from a member of my mastermind made me feel like I’d jumped in a DeLorean and traveled back in time…

It took me back 25 years, when I made an empowering discovery that changed everything for me. 

And if you want to learn something new… even when you can’t quite figure out the “how”, this just might change everything for you too.

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14 Replies to “You May Not Know How, But…”

    • Roger Darter


      Yes I need one of this to work , do I need my on website page, and a online bank account??; And do I make up my on name for this buzz webpge

  1. This was so valuable, and one can always learn more. I appreciate your generosity, authenticity, and candor, Jeff. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  2. It is always heartening to have the JW Sunday check-in, thank you!

    Moving in the right direction…little by little and despite (perhaps even thanks to) all obstacles 🔆

  3. Fantastic Jeff ❤️ I can’t wait to be part of your Mastermind some day

  4. Hi Jeff,
    I love listening to your Sunday morning YouTube posts. Very inspirational indeed. And for some reason I generally find that your weekly messages seem to align with some issue that I was dealing with the week before.
    Todays post was particularly bang on, and here’s why.
    Four months ago I was struggling with a business issue. I was trying to figure out how to do it and I getting more frustrated the longer I kept at it. I’m a firm believer to always play to my strengths. I was Zooming with a friend about it and told him about my problem. He said read this and sent me the link to a super interesting book by Dan Sulivan and Benjamin Hardy, titled, “Who not How”. Well I have to tell you that it fundamentally changed my life. No kidding! I’ve completely abandoned trying to figure out ‘How’ to do stuff on my own. Mind you there are some things I absolutely love to do so I’ll give it a try. But for the important things in my life, whatever it is, be it processes, systems etc. that I need to run and scale my business I now look for the particular “Who” to help me, or better still, ‘do it for me’!
    Here’s a link that you and your listeners might find helpful.



  5. 100% universal truth. I am honoured to know you and have a living example of someone who believes it even more than me. It helps to keep me moving forward!

  6. Ramon Presson


    For the vast majority of my life I have operated by “Figure out yourself and do it yourself.” I’m an only child (thus inherently self-sufficient) and was raised by a very self-sufficient single Mom who succeeded by the above motto. I didn’t realize until early last year how much I had assimilated that message & modeling and how much it has actually limited me. Projects and products have taken longer than they needed to and should have. The quality of those projects and products were not what they could have been if I had enlisted (and God forbid, occasionally hired) support. Then I read Dan Sullivan’s book “Who, Not How” and the light turned on. For the past year I have consistently been enlisting “WHOs” for specific short-term projects instead of trying to figure out the “HOW” on my own, and it has made all the difference. I just wish I had learned this before age 61, but now that I know, I am applying it in multiple areas of my life, not just the professional/business side.

  7. Linda Illsley


    Jeff that is a very sobering reminder…reaching out and asking for help from those that know is not always easy, yet often the right thing to do

    Thank you for the reminder

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