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The new year is a “season” built for entrepreneurs, because it’s all about what we do best – getting creative.

With that in mind, I want to share how I look forward and plan for the new year. It’s a positive, productive way to head into 2022 with a clear vision.

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17 Replies to “Creating Your New Year”

    • Shampa Sarkar


      Happy 😊 new year.
      Best wishes to all are with you.
      It’s important to get in touch with own future vision.
      Thinking 🤔 that vastly.
      I don’t know why I am here what am I doing here,but thanks that i can listen all important to bring success in my life first,all keys ways people need to go deeper day by day as it’s own success path,so it’s easy to give comments but it’s main that if he/she is on the way or not at all!!!!!!

  1. Hafiz Younis


    AmaZing stuff. A very grand 2022 to you in all the areas you wish to thrive in. 🤗😊

  2. Charles Buckley


    1st make a list of skills, interests, etc like you mentioned.
    2nd ask for what they want
    3rd Evaluate and do it.

    • Thank you, Jeff, I can see how debriefing everything, as well as the year, can contribute to my life. Good stuff!

  3. WW and DD. It really seems to be simple. 🙂
    I just wish you and your family a Happy New Year.
    I looove how calm and positive you are. I learn so much from you, bc you make me feel relaxed.
    Thank you

  4. Hi Sir Jeff! Thank you for that insightful message!
    Happy, healthy, productive, successful and impactful new year, too, Sir!

  5. As a project manager, I wholeheartedly agree with the need for a retrospective! It’s also important to not complete the retrospective and stick it in a drawer somewhere never to see the light of day. Before the next project begins, it’s good to reread so you don’t forget all of those lessons!

  6. Thanks for the great message, Jeff! I’ve tended to be very hard on myself, so I really appreciate the reminder to “do differently”.
    A small tech suggestion:
    Best not to wear dark clothing when filming against a dark background. Almost looked like your head was floating…

  7. Hello Jeff, you are so generous and authentic! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, vision and recommendations. I wish your family and your beloved all the best in the world. Enjoy your mountains!
    Warm regards from Serre Chevalier in France. 🇫🇷

  8. Rafael Alba


    thankyou jeff
    wish you to a successfull year.
    i find your book in 2021 (i wish i find it earlier) but its still my favorit book of all the books that i have.
    my goal is join at the endof 2022 to your platin masterclass to become your next successfull story.
    why? because you inspired my and you have the lifestyle that i want, so that is why i read your book, email and watch your youtube video.
    thankyou really much for the awesome content 🙂
    cheers from switzerland

  9. Wendy Raebeck


    A very Joyful and Exciting New Year to you, full of work, play and growth!
    Thanks for always keepin’ it real, and for your consistency.
    I’ve established my 2022 goals, but did forget to debrief, so thanks for the reminder!
    Yes, so beneficial to reflect back on our process and progress. Self-analytics.
    And what better occasion than holidays to carve out time for deep gratitude and reflection?

    If you’re ever wondering what else to vlog about, I think you’re the master of consistency, and could offer worthy insights there!

  10. Carol Coronis


    Joy to YOU Jeff !!! I have been spilling your name all over. I have never taken a course or lesson that is so fundamentally put together. There is an answer for every question and a solution to any problem in every platform. I’m excited and determined to Launch. I took some precious time over the last few weeks ~ I do the exercise that you described at the end and the beginning of the year, It’s so fulling to get a grip on the journey you have taken while creating the pathway to the next year.
    I’m taking those small steps so I don’t skip something important. I’m focused on February / March launch.
    Happy New Year Jeff


    I so needed to hear this and the previous messages today!

    Tuesday January 4th, 2022…

    Kinda my first day back in the office, and it really hit home how my Habits Make or Break my overall Productivity, Happiness and Fulfillment…

    “We as Entrepreneurs create things… we get to make up ideas that would Serve others well, and create them!” I Love It!

    So what also rang my bell in your share, is a realization to look at whether I am “At Cause” of my experience in the day, or am I “At Effect” of all the stimulus around me, like the pull of my phone, and the 10,000 things there are to do…

    Well the truth is it’s a little bit of being At Cause, but way to often I’m like a Pinball bouncing off of whatever flipper sends me flying, and at the end of the day, I have 15 Browser windows still open, never got to my Big Rocks, the most Passionate Projects… and then more tired than excited about what I did at the end of the day!

    So I commit to set my days up to win with the first two hours getting some proper head space to exercise, do some Yoga or meditate, and eat a good breakfast to start creating my day. Then I’ll do a couple of Power Hours using the “Relax Melodies” app that’s working for you, or some music, instead of the TV/News going… and a “Focus Keeper” app which uses the Pomodoro Technique to chunk 25 or 50 minute times with 10 min breaks, to be better disciplined with my time and attention, and see what outcomes I can create!!

    Thanks for helping once again to set up a great “Launch Pad” so this Rocket Ship of Passion Projects can take off!!

    With Passion and Purpose,

    Jimmy Z

  12. Yolette Anna Chamblin-Silva


    Thank you Jeff, I appreciate your sincerity, your insightful messages. A happy, healthy , impactful 2022 to you and your family.🙏🏽

    Yolie in Boston, MA

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