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Interest rates are climbing… inflation is at its highest level for 40 years…

If you’re an entrepreneur, times like these are doubly challenging. Not only do you feel the effects, but you also have to think about how current events are going to impact your business.

How can you create certainty in an uncertain world – for both your team and your customers? What can you do to feel more secure, no matter what’s happening around you?

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. But there’s always one thing you can do to create more certainty.

In fact, if you’re an entrepreneur, this might just be your greatest certainty. Here’s what I mean…

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9 Replies to “Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World”

  1. Anna McKinlay


    Thank you Jeff for this message. It is very easy to get distracted by everything Jeff in the world right now and to get drawn into a maelstrom of pessimism by news media and more… which is the worst possible state for any entrepreneur to be in!
    Your message is a great reminder that no matter what is happening in the world, we always get to choose how we respond.
    Now more than ever it’s essential to take great care to focus on the things are ARE in our control… and to create more great value for those we serve – additional revenue stands and building great customer relationships.

  2. Steve Bright


    Thank you for this message. The fundamentals you shared are valuable and greatly appreciated. Tell the truth to yourself and your team(s). Be proactive (opportunity exists in the uncertainty). Build your skills (a powerful remedy for uncertainty). Great question: How can I create value and get paid for that value. Thank you Jeff Walker.

  3. I always appreciate your videos, Jeff. This one really helped me to make some space in my anxious mind and it reminded me why I want to do the work I want to do. I want to serve but I often find myself stuck in fear and lack, and from that place my desire to serve is really just about getting validation and security. But when I can flip my mindset back to one of abundance and the confidence that what I have to offer is valuable and truly of service, well, it’s like tuning a guitar and that moment when the strings come into tune. Thank you for this reminder and fir all your terrific work.

    • Thank for sharing this perspective with a musical twist! It truly is uplifting to hear that when faced with a challenge we can choose to truly listen for the disharmony which is so often rooted in fear!

  4. Thank you so much, Jeff

    In a split second decision we can decide to avoid getting into a spiral of uncertainty, that’s a decision that I’m gonna make, just for today… I’m gonna think of how I can create value and certainty for me and other people..


  5. Jeff,

    I wanted to thank you for posting this today. This has been a REALLY bad day for my business where I felt like everything was coming unglued on me. It was one of those days that happens every so often and I just want to say screw it and just quit. This helped me to refocus myself and know that there are at least someone cares enough to take the time to make these.

    It helped me refocus myself and press had on launching the product that I am ALMOST there with. I am committed to launching that product on July 5th. There I said it, it is out in the Universe.

    Thanks for always being there to encourage.



  6. Thank you for the reminder in these uncertain times! Provide value and get paid for it….I am always working on sharpening and up-leveling my skills, especially the tech skills, especially thanks to the Product Launch Formula that I signed up for last Fall. Thank you for helping me empower myself, and for always being a bright light in my day when I see a new video from you.

  7. Hi Jeff, my name is Andrey Steffens, I’m from BRAZIL and I recently read your book. Look at this, I’m 43 years old, 20 years in the financial market, with a degree in economics and a specialization course at MIT. But at the moment I’m looking to launch something, but I have no idea what can generate value for people in my area. Can you please help me find a way? A big hug, my friend.

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