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Happy July 4th! It's Independence Day in the U.S. – and this video is about YOUR Independence Day…

Please leave a comment below and tell me about your Independence Day – whether you've already had it, or whether it's yet to come…

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17 Replies to “Your Independence Day”

  1. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for sending me this e-mail…

    Your first sale… I can attest to the feeling, how
    wonderful it was to have made my first
    sale in my Sign Business years ago.

    My Independence Day will be , when I actually
    make my first dollar on line…
    July 1st. was celebrated here in: Canada…I
    think the overtones of that celebration continued
    over to: July 4th….


  2. Great story about the check. It’s so inspiring to me, Jeff. I also wanted to say, Thank You, because I’ve gotten so much value by being on your mailing list.

    To answer your question in the video: I’m believing to launch an online course this Fall. I’ve got my site, leadpages, etc. to get me started. Thanks for all the inspiring articles and videos you do for us. Happy 4th to you & your family!


  3. My Independence Day came April 1, 2014 when I really started pushing our online consultation program. It actually paid for a trip to the South of France and the Cannes Film Festival for my wife and me as well as one of her friends! It really is like printing your own money!

  4. hi jeff;
    for the past 10 years I have tried to make income for my family without sucess. The failure affected my health and my families well being. and I thought I am unemployable not for being lazy but for my age and not having a college degree .
    the last 1 1/2 years I have been in internet maketing , I have been listening to many top notch internet marketers and i was a sponge I absorbed numerous amount of information and am trying to put it all together in the proper order.
    but I feel I need the guidence to put that information in the proper order so I can start generating income since that day will be my independence day and I am waiting anxiously for it for a very very long time…I was wondering if you can help in guiding me?

  5. Hi Jeff!
    Congratulations on your new book and PLF 4! I’m truly enjoying the videos and looking forward to meeting you someday. I love your Martin in your video! Purchased my first Martin in Louisville, CO when I lived there in 2002. If you ever get over to the East Coast, check out their museum and factory tour…it’s awesome! Best wishes for continued prosperity to you and your family!

  6. Hi Jeff Walker I hope you don’t forget me! I am in Australia and still waiting for your book to get to me? I believe in you Jeff I think you are a great sales man and Australia would love to receive you! I am a Government Registered Reverend in Australia. Any time you want to come to Australia and show a bunch of us to get started I promise an audience bigger than you can imagine, and it would be my privilege to arrange SUCH A THING thanks (revbrian)

  7. Hey Jeff,

    I love the analogy with US independence, and that the DECISION comes well before the ACTUALITY of the independence. By that metric my independence day was probably one or two months ago, when I decided to build a business, or maybe two years ago when I decided to write a book…Hard to say. Since I don’t have a clear date and it’s been a gradual ramp-up to the fire that burns in my belly now, I think I’ll use the date you suggested and declare my independence day when I make my first dollar online. Next week I’m hoping my squeeze page and personal webpage will go live. Then a week of beta testing and making phone calls to help desks to learn how to integrate it all together with Facebook etc. Then emails and social media posts go out to everyone I know to start to build my list. Then I write guest blogs and try to get in front of other people’s lists so I can grow my list. And then the seed launch. So I guess when I Open Cart on my seed launch, that will be my independence day. Probably in 2-4 months would be my guess. I’m doing it all with your LAUNCH book, since my husband vetoed me buying Product Launch Formula until my business can pay for it by itself. So I’ll be a PLF customer after that first seed launch, I expect! Until then, the book is everything I need. The path ahead is clear. I have value to add to the world and your book is showing me how. Thanks for that.


  8. Thanks, I’m becoming inspired! May bring to life an idea that started
    back in 2008 but never new of the possibilities of the internet then.

  9. Hi Jeff,
    My last independence day was December 17, 2011 when I left the corporate cube-farm for good. It’s been an interesting journey these last three years and through a serpentine sequence of events learned about your new book today (through Michael Hyatt, actually) and ordered it. I’m hoping to learn some new things and look forward to the book club.
    All the best,

  10. Hey, Jeff! Got your book, but for now am working on my Signature Talk. But I’ll be reading and doing other “stocking of arms” (website, opt-in page, continued learning, etc.) before signing my Declaration in August, my “grand opening” which I hope (but not “hope marketing”) will be my shot heard around the world. Thank you for your continued encouragement with videos like this one. I consider you one of my coaches. (There’s some bonus that goes with having ordered the book prior to release, isn’t there?) Kathy L

  11. Independance day start when you see that your life goals or main inspiration will be possible.
    Thanks for giving us so much positive state of mind jeff !

  12. Great video, Jeff. I recently purchased Product Launch Formula 4.0 and having had hernia surgery last Thursday PLF is making the recuperation downtime a lot more productive. PLF 4.0 is a really useful product and education. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Bruce Whipple

  13. Celine


    Hi Jeff !
    I discovered about you and your Launch Book just a few days ago, through Janet & Chris Atwood email.
    I immediately ordered it, and I am going to read it as soon as I get it !
    I am immensely grateful to you sharing your knowledge and wisdom to all of us.
    Just watching your videos and reading your posts make me feel already independant and so joyful !
    I am on my way to launch my brand new website and for sure I already integrated as much as possible of your rules and precious tips !
    Wishing you a constant expanding success !!!

  14. My Independence day was in 2012 when I made the decision to fully GO for what I’m passionate about. That was a true feeling of freedom!
    In a timeframe, faster than I could ever imagine, things clicked! Now, after learning about all the technical – and marketing tools needed to bring OUR message out into the world (OUR because we are a team of 3), we look forward to create our big Independence Day September 1st this year. Still a lot to do, but with that clear “Toward” we find our way and I believe we will make it happen.

  15. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for your posts. It is interesting to think about a Personal Independence Day, when one makes a committed decision and never looks back. You mentioned that after the US made the decision to be independent of Great Britain is when the real test, the real struggle of courage, and hardship was fought, but because of that battle the world has now benefited from a committed decision for nearly 250 years.
    My Personal Independence Day was declared in the Fall of 2007. I had only been married 4 months. I had started working for a company after shutting down my own business. Looking back on my business that I shut down, it wasn’t a bad business, but I was in my business wrong. I was letting my business run me, rather than running my business. I thought that working for someone else was the answer and would solve my problems.
    Thanksgiving time was coming around and our team had to meet a certain quota to be able to get the day after Thanksgiving off. We worked as hard as we could, but fell short of hitting our numbers which meant I wouldn’t be able to leave town (6 hours drive) and celebrate the grand Thanksgiving holiday with all of her family.
    Wouldn’t you know it that the company had mercy on our souls and decided on Thanksgiving day that working the day after Thanksgiving was optional. This didn’t help me much since I didn’t get the memo until Friday morning at work. Nobody was in the office except the tech guy and maybe 1 other person on our team. I was very upset because not only did I miss Thanksgiving with my sweetheart, but more than that I didn’t feel in control of my time and my freedom. I freely gave up my rights when I went to work for that company and they fully exercised their power.
    That was the time! No more was I going to settle for mediocrity! No more was I going to allow somebody else to decide when I could or couldn’t spend time with my family. No more was I going to allow my own fears and inadequacies bind me down and hold me back. I declared my Personal Independence.
    I would be lying to say that there hasn’t been any struggle since then, that there hasn’t been a heavy burden of responsibility, that it has all been easy and everything has fallen into place. No, on the contrary it has been a challenge ever since that decision and a challenge well worth it. It has been a challenge that has shaped me into the man I am today. I can sincerely say that the greatest battle I have ever fought has been within my own mind.
    The founders of our country and the new Americans questioned the decision that was made in 1976 to be Independent of Great Britain and rely solely upon their own efforts and the grace of God to stay the course, to fight the new battle of freedom that they had chosen – and they did it! And thank Heavenly Father they did. How grateful I am to them for fighting and never giving up. I am thankful for examples like you Jeff Walker for fighting and pioneering the hope that we too can make it and it simply comes through following your step by step success formula called the Product Launch Formula. God bless America and God bless you Jeff Walker!

    Talk Soon – Brandon Nielsen

  16. Jeff –

    I declared my independence this past Saturday when I finished reading Launch.

    Going to get ’em this week!


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