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18 years ago today, August 30th 1996, I started my internet business. So today, I'm celebrating 18 years of internet success and FREEDOM (which is what this business really means to me.) And that's what this video is all about… freedom.

What does freedom mean to YOU? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below…

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110 Replies to “18 Years Of Internet Success (And Freedom)”

  1. Freedom to me is having enough money at all times, to do things with my friends and family without having to worry about a zeroed out bank account each month while doing something I thoroughly enjoy as a business.

  2. Freedom is living the life you dream of.
    Freedom is being a 100 pourcent oneself , free of guilt following the path you were ment to live being born as you.
    In total harmony with the universe.

  3. Very cool Jeff. The Grand Canyon is amazing. I love the wild outdoors too, my twist on it is my horses. I love going horseback. That’s what I’m going to be doing more of when I get this figured out. Thanks for the inspiration, Amigo.

  4. The freedom that I want is very much like what you said (if not exactly). Freedom to live the lifestyle of my choice for me and my family. Freedom from financial limitations (including the worry, frustration, & striving).

    You hit the nail on the head Jeff. I’ve been thinking about this topic in particular for the last few days and with a long weekend, I’m working on building a business that could provide what we all truly deserve…

    Thanks for your work and enjoy the Grand Canyon!

  5. Dear Jeff:

    It is enlightening to hear you relate on your internet success and the freedom you are enjoying.
    Would you like to share a little more about the internet business with me and others.?

    Thanks & rgds

  6. freedom…to be able to use and spread my own unique talents and not somebody elses, to travel and still be able to work, the absence of stress from working for somebody else for a too low salary. To design my life from want to and need to 🙂

  7. I’ve done the half river and the full river. Loved them both. Had a great time, hiking, running the rapids in the duckies, shoting horseshoes and getting to know complete strangers. A great way to forcefully disconnect from technology and relax, have fun in a stunningly beautiful environment…..each day brings a new vista. I look forward to being able to take more trips….once I get this first product sales funnel built out.

  8. Happy 18th Anniversary Mr. Jeff
    Freedom to me is really simple at this point … to get to the end of the month and not have to worry about the bills.
    I absolutely love your book “Launch” and want to say thank you for all the advice and motivation you deliver – for free.
    A good friend and mentor told me to pick one or two successful marketers and Do What They Do and you are one of the
    people I am following. Thank you for every tidbit … they are incredibly helpful and appreciated!

  9. Freedom is not just about financial freedom. If you can write about what you want, and publish anything you want without worrying about sales volume, or your ROI, that is what would be golden to me.

  10. Freedom… the Freedom to live, the freedom to love, the freedom to choose.

    Freedom, not money is why we do anything… whether we know it or not.

    Happy Birthday Jeff. It is always great to learn from and root for such a great dude.

    IT was great to talk to you at 25K in Newport Beach.

  11. Freedom, to me, comes in many areas of life:
    1. Financial freedom- the ability to have all the “things” that I want whether it’s a beachfront home, a luxury car or any other material thing I want for my family.
    2. Time freedom- having the time to travel whenever and wherever I want
    3. Mental freedom- knowing that I don’t have to be at a desk or office from 9 to 5 in order to “just get by” is a huge bonus for me
    4. Relationship freedom- the first internal launch I did allowed me to pay for a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in France for my wife and a friend.
    All the freedom that establishing an online business provides is what I feel life is all about. Thanks to you, Jeff, I am on my way to making that a reality!

  12. Congrats, Jeff!
    Love that rolling thunder. And that view.
    To me, freedom means working when I work and playing when I want to play. I think that’s pretty much the formula. I want to be in the business of love so that I wouldn’t have to call it “work.” But I also want to live fully and give of myself to my family and friends. And I’m on my way, Jeff 🙂

    Happy B’day to your business !!!


  13. Hey Jeff,

    It’s crazy you’re talking about freedom as I was just mentioning this to my friends and family yesterday! For me freedom is not only just being financially free, but also being able to help more people or as you would say…add more value in the lives of others. See I play the piano and I’ve been teaching locally at a school for a number of years and I’m looking to help more students learn the joy of music using a unique method I found while teaching. I’m in the prelaunch phase now about to do a seed launch using a fundraising campaign to raise awareness for my project. (Maybe you can pop in to view my final launch phase) :). Freedom for me is doing what I love (playing, creating and teaching music), it’s taking trips with my brothers to the great outdoors, visiting family in different places around the world, travelling, building relationships and running my own business…I feel I will get there after getting all the techniques down you’ve shared in PLF and your book.

    Thanks Jeff

  14. Jeff, Happy Birthday!!!
    I wish you a wonderful river trip filled with magical moments. For me freedom is living my unique joyous rhythm in every moment possible and to create experiences to celebrate life. Enjoy your day, Meilin

  15. Hello Jeff: My idea of freedom is to have an income based on my own products that would enable me to build and expand my business with no delays caused by a restricted income. I have sought financing for my business plans from the government in Toronto, and all they offer is a discount on their business plan financing. To have no dead ends or delays will be freedom to buy and build a track for my business.

  16. Hey jeff! I have redefined freedom to mean something that I heard Anthony Robbins say a while ago on one of his videos, and I’m paraphrasing but, “Freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want. Being able to live where you WANT, eat what you WANT, buy what you WANT, wear what you WANT, not what you HAVE TO because it’s the only hing you can afford.” That’s what freedom means to me. And to be able to do all of these things with my family along with me. It makes me work harder and harder just to be able to share the harvest with them, to be able to watch everyone be “full” so-to-speak from the fruits of my labor. Of course not in a handout kind of way, but in a thank-you-for-being-there-for-me-emotionally-while-I-created-my-dream-lifestyle kind of way.

    Thanks Jeff for all you do!

  17. Hi Jeff – Hope you are indeed having a great trip and prayerfully this week I will be ‘active’ on my website – a new beginning here! Blessings! Rick :=)

  18. My 12 year old daughter lives 700 miles away. Freedom for me was being able to run my business for 2 months while staying in her city for the first half of the summer. When she comes here with me I can go to all the fun spots during the week when the big crowds are at work. That is the freedom provided by my businesses.

  19. Ahhhh – freedom. That’s got to be one of the best words in the English language. I heard an internet marketer describe freedom this way, He said there are 4 types of freedom – space freedom, time freedom, financial freedom, and inner freedom (or peace of mind).

    Space freedom allows you to go where ever you want. Time freedom allows you to do whatever whenever. Financial freedom allows for many choices without thinking considering the money. And inner freedom – well, that’s a matter of the spirit and your inner disposition.

    I like that definition and it’s great to know that internet marketing could offer those freedoms (well, at least 3 of them).. You’ve achieved it Jeff – congrats! Thanks for sharing this video and I hope the river experience was amazing. Take care, Dan Tredo

  20. Dear Jeff – Freedom for me after many years of illness(ME) and now been well for 6 years, is to be able to live my life with a healthy body, to have the energy to be a wonderful and happy mother for my four geourgeous boys, to enjoy my lovely man, to have the best job in the world as a healthcoach..and the list goes on and on. I simply feel my freedom everyday now since I came out of the “prison” my body made for me with the illness. I love my freedom! And my big wish is that everyone in the world can find their kind of freedom. Lovely thoughts for all of you – Bente xxx

  21. Happy birthday and congratulations Jeff.

    I couldn’t agree more, there’s nothing like freedom. I quit my job in 1999 from rehabbing houses and enjoy helping others do the same.

    I love PLF, your LAUNCH Book, and your PLF live event. It’s because of you Jeff, and the Internet of course, that I’ve become a globally recognized authority on rehabbing houses.

    We all will be standing by on the rim world waiting for your return, have a great and safe trip.

  22. I agree with John, freedom comes in multiple ways and financial security is just part of it. Freedom is when you make choices not someone else makes them for you. The ultimate freedom is impossible but moving towards it is the right way.
    1. Do what you love, get challenged brings some fun
    2. Work and rest when you want
    3. Be with people you love

  23. Stanley Lang


    Freedom to me means above all to be free to do what I think that God wants me to do and not be constrained by somebody else’s plan for my life

  24. Thanks Jeff;

    We are alike in that we both love the great outdoors and freedom to work anywhere.

    I combine adventure travel, marketing and technology /internet to empower tourism professionals to realize their dreams by helping them grow leads, sales, profits and fun.

    From working and playing with projects ranging from mountain biking in Mongolia, helping Yanik start and grow Maverick Business Adventures or helping rafting companies like the one you just came back from in the Grand Canyon, this is my life since 1994.

    The one common denominator of freedom for me is using internet and smart marketing to help clients grow leads, sales and profits. I love the amazing technology we have that allows me to help people grow their business and mine, even while sitting deep in the mountains while camping. Brett Fogle with Cydec said I should call myself ” Mountain Man Marketing” because travel, adventure, marketing and the Internet is my life. Sitting in the Sierra’s drinking a fine wine and checking email to learn that some tour operator in Patagonia just bought my Tourism Marketing Success online course and US$497 has been deposit in my bank account rocks!

    I always gets me excited!

    I so agree with you Jeff on establishing a business and lifestyle that give you the freedom to make money when, how and where ever, is a big element of living life fully.

    Thanks for all you ( and your team) do to inspire and guide entrepreneurs both on and off line world wide.

    Happy anniversary, Tourism Tim ( aka The Adventure Guy, aka Mountain Man Marketing)
    PS My first Launch using PLF over 3 year ago earned me my first $2,728.00 day, over $5,000 for 1 week and 1/4 of those sales converted into cool consulting projects that earned me an additional US$25,000+

  25. To me FREEDOM means living at a time and in a country where I as a female am free to choose how and with whom (or not) I wish to live my life, am able to pursue whatever livelihood or business I wish , and have the ability to be completely responsible for my own finances and happiness.

    P.S. Jeff, my wilderness equivalent is working at home on my farm where my water cooler breaks involve horse chores. Their wisdom of living in the present renews me many times daily. And darn I get great eureka moments shoveling horse manure. Way better than taking a shower! (Plus I can pull out my phone and tap thoughts out.)

  26. Thanks Jeff and congratulations!

    Freedom: To use truth to set myself and others free doing exactly what they are wired and called to do. That freedom becomes hope that they can then teach and share with others. All while removing the preoccupation of finances.

    Not a life measured as success but that of significance and influence.

    Have an incredible trip.

  27. Jeff! Awesome!
    Freedom to me, is having the ability to move to Colorado (which has been a dream for about 20+ years). I’ll be a distant neighbor in Ridgway WHEN I get through the PLF4, launch a few projects I have in mind, and free myself of the 40 hour, working for someone else, making them lots of money, routine I am currently locked into.
    Freedom is hiking today, because it’s a beautiful day, going to a free concert in the park tonite, because it’s a great night, hanging with my laptop, supporting the local coffee shop while I am launching, launch after launch, staring at the beautiful fourteeners I’m surrounded by.
    Thank you for sharing your vision and the opportunity for the rest of us to gain our versions of freedom!

    • Kit Cassingham


      Dawn, when you get to Ridgway, please look me up. I’ve lived here with my husband for about 11 years now and think it’s a fabulous town to be in — or near. 🙂 Good luck in getting through your PLF4 launch. I’ll be starting mine quite soon.

      • Dawn Engler


        I would LOVE to look you up! How small the big old world is. I’ll be at PLFLive this year…and in Ridgway 2017. Please feel free to email me! Community at its best. Babybago at gmail dot com.

  28. Hey, Jeff–I hope you had an amazing trip down the river, from the present to the pre-Cambrian era geologically. Freedom for me is both internal and external, from the inner sense of need and worry about getting and having things I don’t have, to the external of being able to do what I want, go where I want, and so on, without regard for the slavish notion of, “How much is this going to cost”.
    Thanks again for this and all your great videos. See you at PLF 2014!

  29. Freedom means I get to spend my days living the life of my dreams. Work is play. Adventure is everywhere. New clients and friends join me as I go further and further, expanding into a global market. Freedom comes after all the hard work of laying the foundation has been done. My freedom comes from using your Product Launch Formula, Jeff, and I thank you!

  30. Michael Berrios


    Freedom to me means being able to travel with my family throughout the year and not be concerned with cashflow because my business and investments will provide us with the lifestyle that we design. Thanks Jeff

  31. Hi Jeff – congrats on your success of creating what you wanted for yourself and your family!!! And thanks for bringing this inspired life to the rest of us. For me, I want to be able to do something that helps the world change. I start with myself, and then help me sister. From there … options are open. Most of us want freedom from a 40 hour work week, even as much as I enjoy my work – I know there is much more I can and want to contribute to my community because it’s even more important to be involved with others, either for fun or something that gives back to our community at large. Personally, I want to build a net-zero home that has lots of space for an art studio; perhaps including alpacas, and growing lavender. I also need to live in a place of beauty. Colorado is a soul place for me, although Oregon and the west coast are wonderful as well. I’m am more than excited to live in this particular time when opportunities abound, like online businesses that you are teaching us about doing for ourselves. I’ve thought this ever since the 90s, when website / eCommerce was in it’s infancy, BUT now it’s available and can be done with less capital to become a successful internet business. I really am impressed with social media, for the most part, it’s connecting us in ways we never dreamed of happening, especially for those of over 50 and I’m 62, and love technology, as it’s really fun! I know it’s possible to have a joyful and inspired life … that leads me to end with Life is Good!!!

  32. Maria Breakwood Swap


    Hey Jeff,
    Come on up to British Columbia to enjoy some more freedom on the rivers. You can have some awesome wilderness adventures here. This might be the place to celebrate your 20th year in business. Congratulations on your continuing success!

  33. Freedom is being yourself. Set goals and plan what your purpose in life is. For me, it is to learn and become self actualized build a successful business where I can help people with solutions for them to live healthy lifestyles and in turn they help others. This means being in the business of empowerment where we lift people up long our paths.

  34. Happy Anniversary Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing another inspiring video from your secret world HQ!

    Freedom to me used to be about having the time and money to do what I want, when I want, with whom I choose.

    As I age, it’s now about two things. The ability to take a week off each month (time, cash flow and lifestyle needed to allow that to happen). And the ability to inspire my team and my family to pursue their passions. (seeing my seven year old pursue his passions with full intensity, and helping my wife share her parenting gifts with the world).

    See you in Scottsdale,
    Tom from Vancouver

  35. ken ca|houn


    Great topic…. agree freedom is what it’s all about; to make a big impact and not have to deal with corporate politics. Freedom to me is no more Dilbert-cubicle life and incompetent coworkers or bosses to deal with (I went fulltime online in 99 successfully and never looked back). To live wherever we want. Freedom to innovate and create, counts. Wrapping up my 2nd sequential product launch today, on track for highest sales $ ever for a summer launch, woot. Have a great trip.

  36. Freedom to me represents the deepest connection with my core.

    The permission I grant myself to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want while still being a full achieved professional who enjoys his personal work and that is well balanced inside.

  37. Hi Jeff. Congratulations on 18 yrs of success. Freedom is not free, and your hard work has paid off for you and your family.

    Thank you for the sincerity of all of your messages and for letting us know it is still possible to succeed.

    Freedom for me is more than just money and time, it is about impacting the world and those around you with nothing stopping you or holding you back. It is to live fearless knowing that nothing can stop you from achieving the dreams given to you by your maker.

  38. Freedom means everything that is good in this World. There are way too many Humans and Animals that do not have freedom . Jeff,enjoy the Grand Canyon and enjoy Life. You continue to be an inspiration to the rest of us, thank you.

  39. Christopher


    My definition of Freedom is the ability to go where I choose, when I choose and enjoy the things I choose with out financial, geographical or time limitations.

    Being a citizen of the world, traveling with my wife and kids, owning property on different contenents, while pursuing my interest and passions.

    Life should be a vacation! Everyday should be TGIF!

  40. Freedom means that that I have financial security and most of all that I can pursue who I am as an individual on spiritual level.To be able to enjoy nature and a higher purpose in life.

  41. Freedom, to me, would be the opportunity to wake up every day, and be able to enjoy the scenery in the background of this video!!

  42. Hey Jeff, thanks for sharing, and happy 18th birthday to Jeff walker Inc 🙂 I was nodding throughout – my new business, which I launched 1 month ago is for freedom and impact; freedom for me and my partner take off whenever and wherever we want, and make a positive impact on many many people’s lives.
    Thanks for sharing and for continuing to be an inspiration. Have fun.

  43. Hi Jeff, congratulations on you 18th bday! Freedom is having all the time to do the things you want and need to do, having the time and money to help others. It also means being as creative as you want and following your own path and not having a boss or anybody above you thwarting your ideas or efforts. Enjoy your trip!

  44. Hello Jeff,

    Just started reading your book and Freedom for me is being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I work in corporate America right now and even though I have a great salary and benefits I have absolutely no freedom. I think I am almost exactly where you were when you left corporate America. I do also want to make an impact on society with the knowledge I have gained in my almost 60 years of life. Enjoy your trip at the Grand Canyon.

    Kent Logan

  45. Hi Jeff, as I stand posed on the he edge of a transition from full time work for the Canadian government to launching my own career as a speaking/storytelling coach….what freedom really means to me is having the time away from cubicle land! My husband of eight years, my late in life true love, my fabulous friend is slowly dying of an incurable disease-pulmonary arterial hypertension. I want time with him, I want quality time with him while the medications that he is on are still working to slow down this life eroding disease. Only money buys time. Being a wildly successful online and offline speaker and entrepreneur….knowing how to successfully launch a business with almost No list…..learning how to do events ….this is my freedom dream. I am learning so much right now from your launch webinars and your online book…..I am also learning to be an advocate for awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension. If we have to face this diagnosis that has changed our “happily ever after” plans, then we are both committed to making sure that we impact and change lives along the way. I do it through storytelling. Congratulations on 18 years….I am 57 years old but can’t wait to see what MY success story will be one year from now let alone 18!!! Enjoy your celebrations, you have earned it!

  46. Hey Jeff!
    Great job of painting the Lifestyle picture for folks. Also, great job of showing success doesn’t happen in a straight line.
    Hope you had fun on the River. See you at PLF Live!

  47. Totally agree! I just bought a white water kayak a few months ago. I was in transition at the time between my local business that I’d built, and the new online business that I’m building. So, I watched that awesome kayak sit in my garage for 3 months without ever being used because I was working so much!
    10 months ago, I set out to destroy this cycle. I Learned tons about marketing, selling online and about the Product Launch Formula (I’m currently adapting it on a much much smaller scale for lower end physical products). 3 Weeks ago, I opened my online business finally, and have done $4,402.77 so far in sales! I’m way too excited to leave and go kayaking so far, but soon, I will haha 🙂

  48. In 1996, my daughter was born. How amazing is it that so much can happen…so fast.
    She just left for college this morning. From Wisconsin to New York City.

    I will continue to WORK HARD and build something for myself Online AND I encourage
    my 18 year old daughter to DO THE SAME! Now has NEVER been a better time to take
    and IDEA and turn it into A PRODUCT…that can sell if done right. But it is a process.

    A Process of elimination from all the “distractions” and of course the “new technology
    or training” out there. Also a process of patience, willingness to learn and re-learn.
    But I’m dedicated to helping others, helping myself and my daughter.

    Thank you JEFF for all you do. One day I’ll be able to afford to meet you in person.

    Peace, Love & Strength!

  49. Freedom to me means doing what I want whenever I want to. It also means helping those around me who have the same drive as me to succeed. Many people talk about success, but they don’t strive for it. But those that do that are stuck, I’d like to help. I’ve been trying for 16 years for financial independence but it has eluded me, which is my own fault I know based in either the fear of failure or even the fear of success (notation taken from Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich). This has now changed as I will now be following the LAUNCH formula. Thanks Jeff and CONGRATULATIONS ON 18 YEARS YOU ARE TRULY INSPIRING TO WATCH!

  50. Aaron Young


    Freedom… what everyone wants but few are willing to work for. It’s the ability to do whatever you want, with whomever you want, whenever you want, without any regard to how much it costs. You can only achieve true freedom by owning your own business and then, it has to be the right kind of business.

  51. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for still sharing your knowledge from your heart and even when you do not have to from the financial perspective. What a fantastic goal to have your business able to grow when you can step away and enjoy nature. So with you on this thought! Love to share idea’s and technology and love to move and be outside as well. All about balance! As they say sitting is the new smoking;0)
    Thank you for teaching us business creativity and walking the talk on Balance!

    Many Thanks,

  52. Freedom for me is living a life of doing what I love to do, helping others do what they were created to do and blessing the world with my gifts.

  53. Hi Jeff,
    This is Larry Gamboa from Manila, who ordered your book online but has not received it to date. Guess the Philippines is just too far from the USA to get to me. Just a gentle nudge.
    Freedom is making enough money to support myself and my remaining child (graduating this October) and using additional cash and cash flow to build my business (real estate and internet marketing) so that I can help create 1000 entrepreneurs the next 5 years from the Philippines. Will your book, live seminar and PLF4 allow me the chance to go for it? I’m banking on myself and your PLF4 to make it happen.

    So when is Betty going to get me my book Jeff. Half a great raft trip Jeff!

  54. To me, “FREEDOM is about feeling the certainty I live in a right state of mind, one that lets me (and encourages me) to create new and exciting opportunities, for me and for others”.
    Thanks for ‘living your call’! / Alejandro

  55. I have this saying hanging on my entrance wall:

    To live your life in your own way…
    to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself…
    to be the you that you want to be…

    I guess it is also FREEDOM..

    Actually sat with your wife briefly at last years PLF live. (Very sweet and kind lady.)
    And have contacted your staff..nice nice people. (I think it was Betty)

    Congrats on your 18th. Hope you had a fun trip.

    Sandy, from Wisconsin

  56. Freedom in my mind would be when I get life somewhat figured out. And I can switch from surviving to thriving. Then more of my skill-set and efforts can be pointed in the right direction to help others.

  57. Kit Cassingham


    Happy anniversary/birthday, Jeff! I love it that you take time to float the Colorado. I’ve heard you say several times that’s your trip of a lifetime. How cool to have so many life times!

    Freedom to me is to live my life as I want. To work and play as I want. To travel to places near and far. To take care of others in need through various volunteer projects. To live where I want in a style that suits me. In other words, to follow my bliss.

    Now that I’ve *finally* come up with a business that I think has legs, I’m ready to implement PLF4. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information and helping so many people realize their dreams.

  58. MY LIFE HAS BEEN NOTHING LESS THAN A ROLLER COASTER STEP OFF THAT ONTO THE MERRY GO-ROUND & BACK ONTO THE ROLLER COASTER AND FREEDOM TO ME WOULD BE TO GET OFF IT ALL, 1998 I BROKEN MY BACK IN A CAR ACCIDENT, could not work in construction any more after that! So I had to re-train my body to do something else. I never graduated from High School so I did not have much of an education. However I started to study at 50 years old, made it to university and at 58 got 2 degree in Psychology and Bach, Soc,sc. and I am still studying to find out how to make a dollar on the internet? Jeff Walker make a lot of sense and I admire the freedom he has found, so I hope to find it also. I have ordered this book also but not received the book as yet?

  59. Congratulations Jeff! You continue to be an inspiration to people across the world!
    What I love about your business model – no investors, no traditional sales. That’s what I call freedom in business!

  60. Hi and happy freedom to you and your family Jeff Walker.
    Freedom to me is a bit different. I am trying to figure this internet business out to eventually make enough money to set my elderly parents up comfortably in their remaining years. Anything else would be a bonus. I enjoyed your book “Launch” too…

  61. Thank you Jeff for being authentic, inspiring, and adding so much value to the world. Congratulations with your anniversary.
    Freedom is the opportunity at all times to have a choice. Even in tuff times you can choose how you react in the situation. For me mental freedom is a totally different thing than financial freedom. For mental freedom you don’t need a certain amount of Money, but a lot of personal insight.
    In the area of financial freedom, I am just about to launch a new online product worldwide and can’t wait to work with your strategies. Thank you for everything.

  62. HUGE congratulations Jeff, you’re only getting back what you give out my friend 🙂
    I’m part way through ‘Launch’ and loving it, in the middle of my pre-pre, will let you know how it goes.
    I love to turn peoples books into kindle bestsellers, I have 30 bestsellers for my clients already, and love seeing their reactions when they become published.
    Freedom to me is doing what you love best, then helping others do it too.
    Thanks for a great post and book, here’s to the next 18years.God bless

    Kevin Long(aka The Kindle King)

  63. Freedom to me is that you have the freedom to create your Life the way you want it. Not living under any dictatorship that rips you off of your choice of freedom. It also means living a Life where you virtually can do whatever you want, be wherever you want with whomever you want. Thank you for a great video!

  64. Brenda Williams


    Freedom to me is being financially independent while working at something I love, living where I want, and helping others (family, charities, going on mission trips) with the fruits of my labor.

  65. Thanks for the thought Jeff, it is good to hear about people who are actually “real” with their lives. To me, freedom is the ability to spend whatever time I would like with my family. To not have to worry about day to day grind, although necessary sometimes, and to have financial stability regardless of my day job. Enjoy everyone!

  66. Congrats Jeff! My wife and I are on a path to time freedom to serve youth in this country full-time. This time freedom will be used to plant seeds, so that young people will come to know the Lord. Blessings to you! Deuteronomy 28:1-14.

  67. Well deserved success for you Jeff.
    Freedom in a general way comes from having the courage to do what what you love. If a person has the guts to do that then all the good stuff follows on after.

  68. Freedom is the opportunity to live life as I choose, without accountability, and it’s the ability to pay my own way not dependent on some inheritance or nanny state handouts. It’s being able to get on a plane within 12 hours and never need to return to my so-called “home country”. Freedom is life, and the ability to live it to the max. Freedom is making money on my own terms, doing what I love regardless of the naysayers telling me there isn’t any money in my niche. I just proved them wrong! It’s what I do every single day and it took me 15 years to get all the bits in place. Gotta go…

  69. colleen reed


    freedom to me is the pursuit of the inner work of democracy -the pursuit of virtue. I am so grateful to live in this democratic experiment which was created to protect civil liberties in order that people could learn to self govern through continuous self-improvement. In my commitment to the common good, I am developing a collection of affirmation books to help people accomplish their goals and reach their inner vision by creating conditions that make the result inevitable. Each book focuses on a virtue which can be viewed on under the name Colleen A. Reed. Personally I think you would enjoy Book 11 which is focused on the virtue of being 100%er.

  70. Freedom………….. I love just saying or typing the word. I could go on forever, but to make it short. It means No Limits, at all, No Limits.

  71. Freedom is living the life I love to live, fulfilling my heart’s desire and destiny, being fully my authentic self. All with tons of money at my disposal!

  72. Freedom is very similar to success, in fact, success for me is not entirely possible without freedom, so here is my definition of success:
    Success is being happy and able to give generously of your time, money and experience to people who appreciate it, while still having a satisfying outlet for your personal creativity.

  73. Freedom for me is being content regardless of circumstances. Jeff, thank you for giving us the ability to be financially free but also be able to reach so many more people and help set them free.

  74. Freedom to pursue the things that are important to me, and to bring my family up into the adventure. And to have the resources, passion and love to bless others along the way.

  75. Patricia Gunnison


    Hi Jeff,

    Awesome video- hope you’re having an amazing time. At this point , Freedom to me, came along with the Deep Dive Seed Launch Formula- I am so looking forward to digging in and moving forward. To me freedom is the journey- of course the results will be great- it’s what I’m going to learn and the value for others that is in the products.

    Somehow-this is what I’ve been looking for….
    Thanks Jeff,
    Patricia Gunnison

  76. Freedom is the ability to say “Yes” to the things you want to do, and “No” to the things you do not want to do. Freedom allows choice.

  77. Congrats Jeff,

    Freedom to me means, the ability to choose how you spend your time without worry or lack!

  78. Freedom to me is going out for yummy food more often without having to curb the bill. It’s living in a house that not only suits my needs but has views of nature’s beauty from every window! Freedom to me means really choosing a car (or jeep haha) that I really want to drive, not just settling for what is in my price range. It’s being able to throw really fun parties to treat all of my friends. It’s about being able to make it more easy for my family to live and not struggle so much, & helping my mum to retire for good 🙂 Thanks for asking Jeff 🙂

  79. Jerry Perlmutter


    Congratulations to you Jeff. Your excitement is palpable–a storm’s energy is such a relevant fit to where you are emotionally.
    Freedom to me means being able to do work that is very meaningful and fulfilling to me–I relish helping others too. I feel gratitude that I have been able to do it for 46 years. I cap it off by writing my book and finishing it in about 6 months. No way was I going to wait till I retired to do what I really wanted to. And what comes next?–at 82?

  80. Aloha and Congratulations Jeff!
    Your journey is an inspiration to me. Freedom for me is the ability to live fully in the way that is aligned with who I truly am in each moment.

  81. Hi Jeff, for me freedom is when justice is done or when you finally come to peace with that it never will.
    Congratulations on you 18th. anniversary 🙂

  82. Freedom is escaping the gravitational pull of conditioning – no expectations, no judgments, no divisions, no self-and socially-imposed limitations – just possibilities, appreciation, high-vibrational energy and love.

  83. CONGRATS, Jeff, on 18 years … and wishing you many more!

    Freedom to me is being able to do WHAT I WANT WITH MY TIME. Of course, that is all mixed in with financial freedom, using my unique talents, etc.

    I’m being inspired by your LAUNCH book and hope to have something going soon. Thanks for the inspiration, Jeff.

  84. Ralph Stevens


    Hello Jeff. I’ve read your book several times and you did an excellent job of going through the PLF formula; however, on one of your blogs you explained , via video, Chapters 1-5 and I was wondering if you were going to continue on through the end of the book. If you have already, can you please direct me to the website or the link on your website. Freedom to me means having enough money to pay off my bills and home and build a business that allows me to travel and do other projects to help people. I appreciate your time and I hope that I hear from you very soon. Thank You!

  85. Happy birthday Jeff.
    Freedom for me is being able to do what I want when I want with little thought on how I will pay for it or whether I have the time to do it. You have inspired meand I see so many people who have used your products are achieving the dream. Thank you

  86. Just a short question, how much time – effort does it took you to acheive the life of your dream ?
    I started to make the first step 3 years from know, but still nothing cames up :s

    And trust me i put tons of effort in work !

  87. Congratulations Jeff! I read a quote from Bob Dylan once that said something like “if between the time you get up and the time you go to bed you have done the things you want to do with the people you want to do them with you are a success.” I may have the slightly wrong but for me that spells freedom too. It’s what will mark freedom for me as I begin my online business journey. Thanks for this video it’s like a breath of fresh air. I love being outdoors like you. Have a great time.

  88. Congratulations on your 18th anniversary! Freedom is doing what satisfies your soul through your full self-expression when you want to do it. Cheers to many more years of freedom!

  89. Happy 18th Anniversary. Your generosity is amazing and inspiring, I guess you truly get what you give 🙂
    I wish I was doing the PLF course, but I missed out!

    Freedom for me is being able to make choices and live by them. Knowing that my time is my own – in terms of how I fill it. Not feeling duty-bound and obligated in a negative way.

    Thanks again!


  90. Hello Jeff. Congratulations on 18 years of alchemy! Freedom eh? Hmmmm.
    Freedom is no-holds-barred active imagination. It is allowing yourself to feel blissful more often than not both because and regardless of your current “circumstances” (they’re always changing.)
    Freedom is closing your eyes, yet remaining awake.
    Freedom is a few slow, deep, abdominal breaths after complete exhalation.
    Freedom is lying about in the sun and dancing in the rain. It is playing both indoors and out.
    Freedom is our most primal and basic tenet of humanity…
    …and it is through the sharing of our common freedom that we experience love.

  91. Mitshiro Kato


    I have read until Chapter 5 of Launch. I do feel that my freedom is in this book.
    So, I will find my true freedom when I finish to read it.

  92. Freedom is living a life that is fully my own. This means that everything I do and every decision I make comes from an honest place deep inside my own subconscious. This existence is also completely in line with my values. Freedom is knowing that I am on the right path in life because with that certainty comes peace.

  93. Congrats on year 18 and counting, Jeff! Just read your book and LOVED it. Thanks for the valuable advice. For me, freedom is being able to hang out at a coffee shop this afternoon focusing 100% on building my list 😉

  94. Congratulations Jeff! I just saw you at Experts Academy last week in Santa Clara, and you were awesome! Thanks for being there and all the great info you shared.

    Not sure if you know, but the number 18 represents “Life” in the Jewish tradition. And you have so much to be proud of; keeping your business growing and alive for 18 years!!

    Freedom for me means being able to fly across the country and spend time with my daughter who lives in LA, or head to Florida to spend a few days with my folks, and still do my work. Freedom definitely is being my own boss, making my own schedule, all the time doing work I feel passionate about and love. I never imagined entrepreneurship could be so liberating and fun.

  95. Hi Jeff, I just watched your video, and I think what you have achieved is amazing. I too love to be out in the wilderness, I love skiing and sailing and rock climbing in particular, and for me, freedom is having the time and resources to do whatever you want, whenever you want to. That’s what I’m striving towards with partner, Christian, in our internet business, and I’d like to thank you for taking the initiative 18 years, because we wouldn’t be where we are today without you and PLF! Thanks Jeff! 🙂

  96. Hi Jeff, I just watched your video, and I think what you have achieved is amazing. I too love to be out in the wilderness, I love skiing and sailing and rock climbing in particular, and for me, freedom is having the time and resources to do whatever you want, whenever you want to. That’s what I’m striving towards with partner, Christian, in our internet business, and I’d like to thank you for taking the initiative 18 years, because we wouldn’t be where we are today without you and PLF! Thanks Jeff! 🙂

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